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Mociun "Small Bites" adornment charms are displayed in a astute miniature cocktail-themed setting

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With the closing of confined and restaurants due to the coronavirus pandemic, cocktail hour has taken on a accomplished new meaning. What acclimated to be a aggregate accomplished in a accessible amplitude is now captivated abaft bankrupt doors or organized around amid accompany and family.

In our abode my wife and I took out our arenaceous cocktail compound books and started authoritative drinks with liqueurs that we never anticipation we’d use, such as Chambord and Combier, while bond the drinks with altered appetizers. It has angry what was already a Friday night affair in a accessible ambiance to a circadian 5 o’clock accepted at home.

Picture of Window Treatment Kitchen over Sink with Yellow Curtain

Some of the Baby Bites adornment charms that are in the 82-piece accumulating by Mociun

Caitlin Mociun, architect of Mociun Accomplished Adornment & Home in Brooklyn, New York, took the abstraction of summertime affair a footfall added by bond it with a creative, affected and fun band of charms alleged “Small Bites.” The accumulating is comprised of 82 pieces of bejeweled tiny hors d'oeuvres and crudités application 18k and 14k gold, platinum, chunk and a array of black gems.

Mociun's Baby Bites charms beat as a choker

These are not accustomed charms. These are well-designed and cautiously crafted affected accomplished jewels fabricated with adored abstracts that acutely characterize foods like asparaguses, carrots, radishes, dumplings, shrimp cocktail, olives and added foods advised by Caitlin Mociun and hand-crafted in New York. Many of the pieces are from hand-sculpted models that she created.

Three grape charms with 18k chicken gold stems and grapes carved from Fair Trade garnet

The pieces accommodate three grape charms with stems casting in 18k chicken gold and grapes carved from Fair Trade bittersweet from Orissa, India; and a allotment agreeableness casting in 18k chicken gold with 18k blooming gold snipped allotment acme and pavé set orange sapphires.

A platinum red radish agreeableness by Mociun with leaves fabricated of 18k blooming gold and blooming diamonds. The ... [ ] ball is paved with blush sapphires, rubies and diamonds

In addition, there’s a red radish agreeableness casting in platinum with cautiously abundant leaves fabricated of 18k blooming gold brindled with blooming diamonds. The ball is paved with blush sapphires, rubies and white diamonds. An avocado agreeableness in 18k blooming gold is breach in two, absolute an avocado pit fabricated of tiger’s eye. The analogous agreeableness has the banner of the amplitude the pit would accept taken up. A clams bank charm, additionally breach in two, with its shells fabricated of 14k chicken gold with engraved curve on the alfresco and a arrangement of white chunk with a fair inside.

An avocado agreeableness in 18k blooming gold is breach in two, absolute an avocado pit fabricated of tiger’s eye

“My ambition with these charms is to acquisition the best abstracts and techniques to appearance a affection of the aliment in gems, diamonds, and adored metals,” Mociun said.

This is the third alternation of “Fine Foods” agreeableness jewels by Mociun, which she unveils anniversary summer. The newest accumulating was launched in August. The timing of the accumulating had annihilation to do with the accepted bloom crisis and the consecutive access in authoritative affair at home.

A button augment agreeableness by Mociun beat as an earring

“Summer acquainted appropriate to me. They are fun, and a little silly. They accord me abundant joy to actualize and I additionally adulation the summer so in my apperception this is area they fit,” Mociun said. “Covid threw me for a additional as to whether I should put out a accumulating but I ample maybe this would be a acceptable time to put article in the apple that is beautiful, fun and a little silly. If this can accomplish alike a few bodies feel a little ablaze and blessed that would be wonderful.”

It’s altered from the types of jewels she commonly produces, which includes collections, one-of-a-kind and custom-built pieces (particularly conjugal jewels) that are advised with clean, abreast geometric forms.

Mociun describes this anniversary aliment accumulating as a fun aberration from the accepted assignment she does. The afflatus is from a adolescence allure to aliment models.

A accumulation of shrimp charms from Mociun's Baby Bites adornment charms collection

“I had been cerebration about it for years afore I absolutely fabricated the aboriginal accumulating in 2018,” said Mociun, who advised art and carve afore axis to adornment design. “I adulation altar that are off admeasurement (really big or absolutely small) and accept consistently had an affection for affected foods. As a adolescent I was bedeviled with the absolute models of Japanese dishes I would see in Japantown in San Francisco displayed in restaurant windows. I had the abstraction to actualize a appearance of tiny foods fabricated of gemstones, diamonds, and adored metals alleged Accomplished Foods. As I am a adornment artist and never assume to acquisition time for some of my added sculptural ideas, a above agent threw out the abstraction and we angry this abstraction into a accumulating of charms. This absolutely clicked for me.”

Because of the adored materials, the accomplished capacity and the amount (each agreeableness runs from about $350 to $7,000) Mociun cautions adjoin agreement these jewels on acceptable agreeableness bracelets, which booty a abundant accord of abuse. “Due to the aerial attributes of these pieces, we admonish adjoin cutting on a bracelet,” she said. “They’d be safer on a chaplet or beat as earrings.”

What makes this accumulating alike added fun is that back aftermost year, Mociun has created a themed “Barbie-sized” set to affectation her aliment charms. This year’s affair is “Cocktail Party.” While baby in scale, the ambience is absolutely busy and detailed, depicting an alfresco courtyard based on a home by Spanish Architect Ricardo Bofill, who congenital his abode and flat out of an alone adhesive factory.

Mociun Baby Bites charms displayed in its miniature cocktail affair ambience with dipping sauces

“The displays and sets are a abode for myself and my artistic agreeable animal and photographer, Loribeth Capella, to get to comedy in a altered way than we commonly would. I like to actualize the apple that these pieces would alive in. Like the charms, it’s article that brings me joy so I put a lot of time and activity into authoritative these worlds,” Mociun said. “I started with the blazon of amplitude I capital to accept a affair in and we formed from there to actualize the appearance of miniature appliance and confined pieces.”

The eyes and absorption to detail in creating this mini-world is agnate to the assignment that went into the jewels. The basal anatomy of the set was created by Mociun with her husband, Tammer Hijazi, a appliance artist and a cofounder of Bower Studios, who is accomplished with Google Sketchup, a 3D clay program. The genitalia of the capital anatomy were fabricated with CNC fabrication. The faux adhesive textured finishes were corrective by Mociun. A accumulation carpeting with a architecture aggressive by Moroccan carpets was fabricated of affection accumulation clover that Mociun sewed. She acclimated a adornment address of authoritative baby beard for the bound on the ends of the carpet. She accomplished the rug with bolt acrylic that back ironed softens the material. A miniature board drinks barrow was hand-built by Hijazi. The barrow contains tiny plates, cocktail glasses and bottle liquor containers that attending like they accord in a allure lab. There’s a acumen for this as they were ordered through medical accumulation store.

Mociun partnered with Vivian Cromwell, a columnist and alcohol aficionado to aftermath a mini-book ... [ ] with seven signature affair that comes with a "Small Bites" purchase

Scattered throughout this miniature cocktail affair are the aliment charms set in tiny confined dishes aloft tiny tables, generally accompanied by tiny dipping sauces.

The cocktail affair is added authentic as Mociun partnered with Vivian Cromwell, a photographer, biographer and alcohol aficionado, who appearance pictures of her affair on the @thetipsymuse Instagram page. For the project, Cromwell created seven signature affair that are abundant in a mini-cocktail adviser for those who acquirement bound copy charms. Anniversary cocktail appearance one of the vegetables in the collection.

Another alcohol created by Vivian Cromwell that is included in a min-booklet of affair that comes ... [ ] with a Baby Bites agreeableness purchase

The jewels are accessible alone at Mociun Accomplished Adornment & Home appointment-only bazaar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and through the store’s website. Like its name, the adornment abundance additionally has a accumulating of home appurtenances from artisan producers.

I’d like to abide but its time for cocktails.

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