Outdoor Kitchen Ideas to Create an Al Fresco Cooking Oasis

Dining al fresco is only half the fun when it comes to summer entertaining. Outdoor kitchens also make the prep work easier and infinitely more fun. Convenience aside, they can also dramatically improve your backyard or patio space. Whether you're designing your own outdoor kitchen or just want to get inspired for your future home, we rounded up 15 innovative design ideas, renovation tips, and more to suit any outdoor decor style. Get ready to pin these breezy cooking havens to your summer Pinterest board or get ready to call your contractor. And don't forget to invite us to those epic summer dinner parties you'll definitely be throwing with these outdoor kitchens on deck.

Designed by Nicole Hollis Studio, this space hits the outdoor kitchen trifecta: stylish, practical, and timeless. With neutral colors, nature-inspired materials, and sleek bones, it's a lesson in both designing with restraint and prioritizing use-case without compromising style. The decking for the outdoor kitchen extends seamlessly to the poolside area for a visual appeal and cohesion as well as easier maintenance.

First things first, think about convenience before you fall in love with a layout or location plan. You should scout the outdoor kitchen for convenience and think about plumbing lines and electricity. For example, this outdoor kitchen in a home designed by Jenn Feldman sits right up against the exterior of the home.

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