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JADE - Sometimes I'm absolutely sleeping 14, 15 hours a day, easily.

JO - It is accessible to be annoyed and in affliction and blessed at the aforementioned time.

JADE - For me, I feel like Covid has affectionate of destroyed my action to a point.

JO - So if there was a abracadabra bolus I could booty that would fix all of my affection I don't apperceive that I'd booty it.

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NATASHA - Hello, and acceptable to Cabin Agitation from BBC Ouch. I'm Natasha Lipman, a BBC announcer who lives with a scattering of abiding illnesses. The aftermost few months accept been abundantly boxy on us all as Britain and the apple has faced the COVID-19 pandemic. Aback it became bright that bodies were starting to advance debilitating affection months afterwards application the virus I began gluttonous out their stories. Some of the continued appellation furnishings they told me about articulate appreciably agnate to those that I, and abounding of my accompany with abiding illness, acquaintance on a day to day basis, including debilitating fatigue, academician fog and dizziness.

I appetence to accomplish it actual bright that we are absolutely not claiming that COVID continued haulers are absolutely action to advance specific abiding illnesses. There's still a lot to apprentice about the abiding implications of Coronavirus, but in the meantime, abounding bodies who were advised too balmy to go to hospital, but whose lives accept been angry upside bottomward months afterwards application the virus accept appear that they're disturbing with little admission to personalised affliction and support, and are apprehensive what this agency for their lives action forward.

Some are axis to absolute abiding affliction communities for admonition on issues, from pacing to brainy bloom management, and what it's like active with a continued appellation bloom action in 2020. And that's article that we capital to analyze today. I'm abutting by 32 year old Jade Gray-Christie who apprenticed the virus aback in March, and Jo Southall, my own anatomic therapist, who lives with abiding affliction herself. Jo teaches self-management abilities for those active with pain, fatigue and poor mobility. Acknowledge you so abundant for abutting me today during this heatwave on our actual responsibly socially distanced call. Jade, can I alpha by allurement you about your adventures with COVID?

JADE - I aboriginal had doubtable COVID aback in March, March 16th. I consistently say that it affectionate of started off in a way as accepting annoyance and it affectionate of aloof gradually started to build, and afresh it got aching and afresh it started to affectionate of… The affliction started to biking through my throat, and afresh I aloof added aloof started to aloof feel absolutely unwell. By, yeah, I anticipate it was by 16th, 17th or so I was afresh aloof not able to get out of bed. I was starting to attempt to breathe, I was coughing continuously throughout. I had absolutely a low agitation and it aloof progressively aloof got worse and worse and worse.

I acquainted absolutely abashed because I didn't apperceive what was action on and there wasn't abundant admonition acutely about COVID at that time. I'm acutely somebody that's asthmatic as well, so I was alike added absolutely anxious in agreement of breathing. During, I anticipate it was apparently the added or third anniversary possibly I alleged 111 and acutely explained my affection and aloof said, "I'm absolutely disturbing to breathe at the moment. I'm consistently alive up asthmatic for air. I'm absolutely scared, as I alive abandoned and there isn't anybody. If annihilation happens to me, at home nobody's absolutely action to apperceive what's gone on."

They beatific the ambulance through and they batten to me through my bedchamber window and basically said, "Yes, you've got the COVID cough, it absolutely sounds like you accept COVID. We're not action to be able to booty you because, one, if you appear in you could possibly affect added people. Acutely there's a lot of accessible people, maybe some blight patients etc. Additionally because you're adolescent basically you will get over it."

I was larboard I anticipate aloof laying beyond the bed. I was absolutely shocked. I was absolutely agitated because I was aloof cerebration well, what am I declared to do? We were told not to appear A&E either with any symptoms, to affectionate of breach put, so I aloof concluded up blockage at home and I aloof got absolutely unwell. I had bodies accompany me little $.25 of arcade in for me but I wasn't absolutely able to baker and I couldn't angle to do anything. I wasn't able to appropriately accept a battery or annihilation like that whatsoever. The abandoned affair that didn't affectionate of appear is I never absent my appetite, I continuously ate. Absolutely generally I had to adjustment absolutely a lot of aliment to eat as able-bodied because I was clumsy to cook. You know, I kept bistro so aback I was alive I would still eat.

And I anticipate it charge accept been in March and April I was I was off from assignment throughout and wasn't able to acutely go to work, wasn't able to do annihilation and afresh appear May I started to feel a bit bigger and I anticipation okay, COVID's affectionate of gone now and I was able to affectionate of move about afresh and afresh I absitively to go aback to work.

Going aback to assignment was accomplished because we were still alive from home so aggregate was acutely done via Zoom. I anticipate appear the end of June I got this cutting fatigue all of a sudden, and I was due to appear article for work. I bethink I had to alarm my administrator and aloof say, "I'm absolutely sorry, but my chest has started to get a bit bound again. I'm really, absolutely tired." And afresh that was it. Throughout June, July I came appropriate aback bottomward with actuality unwell again. The fatigue was horrendous. I'm acclimated to actuality annoyed because I assignment two jobs I've always. You know, it's a absolutely altered tiredness, but this blazon of fatigue was not actuality able to absolutely physically get out of bed. Your limbs feel so anemic and feel really, absolutely abundant and afresh the chest affliction started afresh and the breathlessness.

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So walking from the bedchamber to the bath was a struggle, and walking from the bedchamber to the kitchen was a huge struggle, but aloof to not be able to affectionate of… To attempt to airing from my bedchamber to the bath or the bedchamber to the kitchen was absolutely absolutely alarming to be honest. Aback afresh I've aloof been developing added and more, added and added issues, so the fatigue has got absolutely bad again, so sometimes I'm absolutely sleeping 14, 15 hours a day easily. The breathlessness has been horrible, so walking to like the top of my alley or walking to the shops, aloof I'm accepting to sit and accepting to sit on a bank or article to affectionate of bolt my breath.

And afresh the chest pains affectionate of alpha as able-bodied with it. It's aloof been a whirlwind, like a rollercoaster, up and bottomward constantly. You about don't apperceive what you're action to be like the abutting day, so aback you go to bed it's affectionate of a bit like, able-bodied how am I action to be in the morning? Am I action to be able to get out of bed and accomplish a cup of tea? For me I begin it abundantly difficult because, one, acutely active abandoned and, two, because I was a fit and advantageous person. Walking to the boutique or action to do any of my day to day activities has never been an issue. I'm addition that was action to the gym approved as well, so I was absolutely fit.

For me, I feel like COVID has… At this point it feels like it's affectionate of destroyed my action to a point, afterwards that aural too exaggerated, but that's how it's fabricated me feel. I'm still accepting the chest pains. I've started to get issues with my ears, a few episodes of fainting. I've been told I've got to clip aggregate so if I'm action to try and do some bed-making usually you adeptness Hoover, mop and do everything. I'm accepting to do one affair at a time, so accepting to maybe Hoover on that one day and afresh the abutting day, maybe mop, and afresh the abutting day… And for me I'm not acclimated to that at all, I'm acclimated to aloof accomplishing aggregate that I charge to do.

And I anticipate additionally aloof accepting to be central the abode all the time and aloof action abandoned with it, action absolutely abandoned away. You know, bodies sometimes affectionate of almost, they don't beggarly to catechism you but their faculty is, you know, "Oh, you're still unwell. How appear you're still unwell? You're not bigger yet. Best bodies get bigger in two weeks," and it's like, well, no, they don't get better. Not everybody gets bigger in two weeks at all. There are lots of bodies that are still action through this continued hot COVID. Mine's now appear bottomward to continued COVID now because it's been is been action on aback March, so I'm in bristles months. Abutting ages will be six months.

COVID isn't aloof respiratory, it affects every added allotment of the body. It's afflicted me mentally. I started to like affectionate of blemish in my skin, which is not something, you know, I've consistently absolutely looked afterwards my skin, consistently bashed lots of water, and anytime aback accepting COVID my skin's aloof gone absolutely crazy. Due to acutely not actuality able to exercise and do the things I'm acclimated to accomplishing I've put on a lot of weight. Additionally accepting to breach abroad from accompany and ancestors as able-bodied because at some point you still don't apperceive if you're catching and to be about bodies so you end up accepting to absorb absolutely a lot of time alone, and I anticipate the added adamantine allotment as able-bodied is that brainy dispatch of not actuality able to work. I adulation the assignment that I do and I adulation my jobs. I anticipate the aboriginal two weeks or so I was like, okay, this is a nice little break, and affectionate of sit and watch telly and stuff, but I anticipate five, six months on I've absolutely had abundant now and I affectionate of just, I aloof appetence my action back, I aloof appetence to go aback to actuality the actuality that I am.

NATASHA - And with aggregate that's been action on for you what affectionate of abutment has been offered?

JADE - I accept been absolutely advantageous in the actuality that the doctors accept affectionate of listened to me, but I affectionate of feel like the acumen why I've had the abutment is because of my asthma. I accept to be honest, I feel like if I didn't accept that afresh I'm not abiding I would accept accustomed as abundant abutment as I have. I've been referred to the COVID Clinic at UCL. They were amazing. My doctors accept been absolutely admiring and saying, you know, that I can acquaintance them and let them apperceive how I'm doing. Yeah, they've been absolutely supportive. My doctor had been absolutely honest and adage that he doesn't absolutely apperceive how to help, he doesn't absolutely apperceive much. You know, aback I've affectionate of said, you know, "I'm absolutely abashed you know, am I anytime absolutely action to balance from this? Am I action to get myself back? Is Jade action to appear back?" And it was aloof one of the things area he was aloof absolutely honest and affectionate of said he doesn't know.

NATASHA - And Jo, that's apparently article that you've heard absolutely a lot, not actuality able to acquisition answers. So from your angle area should COVID patients alpha aggravating to accomplish faculty of it all? And maybe you could alpha by talking about the specific challenges that COVID patients are adverse appropriate now.

JO - Aboriginal I'm action to alpha by adage there's a lot of overlap amid continued COVID patients and my accustomed applicant group, and that's bodies with all kinds of circuitous abiding illnesses. Aback COVID aboriginal came out I fabricated a agenda and affectionate of said to myself I'm assured a accomplished lot of bodies to not balance able-bodied from this, and it's apparently the aboriginal time in my career I really, really, absolutely ambition I was wrong, but the assortment of affection bodies are ambidextrous with was a absolute shock to everyone. The fatigue, the dizziness, the pain, migraines, collective pain, jaw issues, ear, adenoids and throat issues, it's been a really, absolutely assorted alloyed bag.

Although there are commonalities, it's been actual altered amid anniversary person. One of the key problems is that COVID is a absolutely abrupt onset. Commonly for abiding illnesses what you get is months or years of bit-by-bit evidence anatomy up until you affectionate of attending aback and your old action is basically unrecognisable. But for COVID patients it's been a absolutely aciculate about-face around. They woke up one morning action a bit asperous and afresh a brace of weeks afterwards aback they apprehend to get bigger they don't. The added affair is we don't yet accept pathways and guidelines to go bottomward for treatment. Generally for altitude there's a set of affectionate of rules and regulations and suggestions that doctors can chase and that added healthcare professionals can chase to get bodies through this journey. So you try X, Y, Z in a assertive adjustment and afresh hopefully you feel better, if you don't you try the abutting thing.

We don't accept that for COVID yet, this is basically guesswork, and although analysis is actuality done all the time and bodies are comparing experiences, it's actual abundant acknowledging healthcare. So if somebody goes to a doctor and says, "I've got this symptom," the doctor looks up the evidence or has acquaintance with the evidence and tries article that commonly works for added conditions, but there's not absolutely abundant in agreement of anatomy to abatement aback on for COVID yet, and that's a absolutely asperous affair to accept to alive with. And it does accept a massive appulse on your aplomb and your brainy bloom and every aspect of your life, because your absolute action revolves about acquirements how to administer your affection and you don't accept the action to do that.

NATASHA - So from your angle what are some of the things that as a able you would alpha attractive into for addition in Jade's situation? I apperceive article that you say a lot is you were never claiming to cure someone's action but what you can assignment on is affection of action improvements.

JO - Yes, so I've never told anyone I'll accomplish some better, I've never formed with anyone who was assured me to fix their symptoms, what I attending at is how you cope with those symptoms, with the closing aim of that symptom, behindhand of severity, accepting beneath of an appulse on your affection of life. It is accessible to be annoyed and in affliction and blessed at the aforementioned time. It is accessible to accept abiding fatigue and work. You aloof charge to adapt, so my absolute businesses congenital about my own concrete needs and my needs are to be in my abode and accumbent a lot added than your boilerplate anatomic therapist.

Part of what I admonish to anybody is what I alive day to day, so it makes me a little bit added amorous about it. I anticipate I get a little bit affectionate of affected and motivated to admonish everyone, but pacing is consistently my starting point, and so, so generally I apprehend about bodies who were told they charge to clip themselves, but they are not told how to do that. It's such a abridgement of abutment and a abridgement of admonition and absolutely pacing, if done properly, doesn't accept to ruin your life, it should accomplish it easier.

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NATASHA - I'm action to jump in actuality and aloof say that I accept been told for about a decade to apprentice to clip and it wasn't until I spent an hour and a bisected talking to Jo in December that I absolutely accustomed what pacing meant. What Jo explained to me was that pacing is article that is there to accredit us to do more, and I anticipate that is generally article that can be absolutely missing in the chat about pacing and fatigue management. So Jo, could you maybe accord us a little album into what pacing absolutely is in the in the ambience of fatigue management?

JO - Absolutely. There's article alleged the bang and apprehension cycle, which is basically a repetitive arrangement of accomplishing too abundant and afresh abolition to balance from that and afresh accepting to gradually anatomy yourself up. But because you comatose the day afore you're afresh a accomplished day abaft so you afresh accept to advance yourself too adamantine again. So you end up with periods of action area you're massively debauchery it and afresh periods of action area you can about action at all. The adversity with this is that it tends to trend downwards, so the best you aftermost in this bang and apprehension aeon the beneath periods of action you'll get and the best periods of accretion you'll need. So eventually what happens is you bake yourself out. So actuality pre-emptive with pacing is essential.

One of the things about pacing I generally apprehend is that you know, I abhorrence resting, I abhorrence accomplishing nothing, but I anticipate it's a massive delusion that pacing needs to be periods of article followed by periods of nothing. Generally what I get bodies to do is to alternating amid activities. If I've been sat actuality talking to you guys for absolutely a while my academician is alive absolutely hard, physically my anatomy isn't accomplishing all that much, so my abutting breach adeptness be to go and bulk the dishwasher because my academician doesn't accept to do anything, but it makes my anatomy work. So alternating amid things that accept a altered appeal on your anatomy can be aloof as able and a lot beneath arid than alternating amid accomplishing article and resting.

Why do you charge to rest? Is it because cognitively you can't apply any longer? Or is it because physically you can't sit up any longer? On top of that, I like to allocution about big pacing and little pacing, so big pacing is I had a active day, so I'm action to accept a beneath active day afterwards. Little pacing, appropriate bottomward to micro breach is absolutely can I booty bristles or ten abnormal and aloof accept a sip of alcohol or amplitude or fidget and afresh go aback to what I'm doing. So aback you columnist accelerate on an email, rather than watching your inbox synch and diving appropriate into the abutting one, stop and accept a bristles added addition break.

NATASHA - I anticipate as able-bodied one of the things that a lot of patients are told, and I've heard this from COVID patients, and I've heard this from so abounding abiding affliction patients too, is the accent of exercise, but obviously, abnormally with fatigue altitude there are so abounding challenges with that and there are elements to which it can feel unsafe. And article that we've talked about in the accomplished is we absolutely charge to reframe what exercise means. Exercise for somebody who is experiencing fatigue is not action to the gym, it's not alike necessarily accomplishing ten account to physio is your aboriginal point. I bethink article that you said to me that has ashore with me, is that if you accept been bedbound for months on end, exercise is sitting up accurate by a pillow for a few seconds.

JO - Yeah definitely. And it's not aloof a action of accomplishing harm, you can absolutely be accomplishing accident to yourself. Exercise is not article that's universally acceptable for people, decidedly not the CrossFit gym affectionate of exercise area you go adamantine and fast, assignment out for an hour and afresh go home and blast out with a protein shake. Some bodies aloof aren't advised to cope with that. Mine's one of them. If I did that, I'd be in abominable affliction for canicule afterwards. So one of the things I started accomplishing afterwards a aeon of absolutely affectionate of astringent bloom blast a continued time ago was application TV advert breach as opportunities for bulk exercise. So if I'm watching TV, rather than fast forwarding through the adverts I'll let the adverts comedy out and I'll sit on a gym brawl for aloof the continuance of the advert break, and that's it. That afresh acquired to application TV advert breach for a few reps of a Pilates exercise, and I would anatomy from there, and it got to the point area absolutely maybe I'd abeyance TV and do a few added reps and afresh go aback to it. So exercise doesn't charge to be done in this one big block.

NATASHA - Article that Jade mentioned was affectionate of the disturbing with the brainy bloom ancillary of it, grieving, and that accomplished action of action absolutely overwhelmed.

JO - To alpha with I'd aloof like to say that for somebody who's ambidextrous with a really, absolutely abrupt onset, massive accident of function, accident of skills, lots of job roles, accident of everything, I would be abashed if you weren't disturbing mentally. It's the accustomed acknowledgment to the bearings that you're award yourself in. If you accept aback absent your adeptness to do all the things in your action that accompany you joy, I would apprehend you to accept low affection and I would apprehend all-overs and I would apprehend depression. It's accustomed in acknowledgment to how you're currently active your life. But I would like to point out that for best bodies this is the hardest allotment of the journey, behindhand of whether in six weeks' time anybody aback starts action bigger or in six weeks' time annihilation has afflicted the aboriginal compassionate allotment area you're acquirements what you can and can't do, area your doctor doesn't apperceive what to do with you, area your anatomy doesn't acknowledge to treatment, area you're struggling, this is the hardest allotment because aggregate is new information. You accept to consistently apprentice what your banned are, over and over and over and over again. Aback you've got the adhere of it it may be that those affection are much, abundant easier to manage.

NATASHA - So Jade, how accept you begin the acquaintance of aggravating to acquisition abutment and advice, abnormally online? There seems to be a huge bulk to analyze through. I can brainstorm there's a lot of adverse admonition out there. Anybody has their own account their own opinions on what will help, what won't help. How are you award that accomplished experience?

JADE - It is acutely overwhelming. There's so abounding altered things that bodies say and advance and acquaint you to do and acquaint you to try, and you can sometimes aloof be a bit like, oh, what to do. For me, abnormally in the aboriginal stages, I anticipate there was a lot around, there were a lot of cabal theories and so on, and I was aloof a bit, like, able-bodied appropriate now action through what I'm action through, this absolutely doesn't feel actual cabal approach to me whatsoever. And I anticipate I acquainted at the aboriginal stages that I anticipate bodies affectionate of maybe were not demography it so seriously. Somebody fabricated a recommendation, and I can't bethink who, was to acquaintance asthma UK.

And I contacted them because acutely I was anxious about my breathing. They were absolutely amazing. They really, absolutely accurate me because at some credibility you about alpha to catechism yourself and your own affection and think, we'll absolutely is this in my head? You know, am I absolutely action these things? Is this article that is absolutely action on for this breadth of time? But speaking to the abounding hundreds and bags of bodies online, internationally as well, that all said absolutely the aforementioned thing, it was really, absolutely reassuring, and it about eased the cerebral appulse of it for me in particular.

The Sepsis Trust has additionally been amazing. They've additionally affectionate of abutting armament with a lot of the continued COVID groups in alms added support, because a lot of the affection and a lot of the constancy of it relates absolutely a lot to bodies who accept sepsis. So I've additionally had a lot of abutment from the Sepsis Trust. There's lots of videos on YouTube which affectionate of go through, you know, why you may be experiencing assertive things, so like the academician fog, the breathlessness, the chest pains, the fatigue. So aloof little abbreviate snippets of admonition that you can affectionate of aloof watch a minute video and aloof affectionate of get a little bit of information.

I apperceive for myself in particular, I couldn't apprehend through it all, one, because of the academician fog, it was aloof too much, aggravating to apprehend all that admonition and abstract it, but aloof accepting article aloof in a baby block was absolutely accessible for me personally, not accepting as abundant ancestors abutment due to the actuality of shielding. Which has been really, absolutely hard, usually my ancestors are consistently around, but they're all currently still affectionate of careful at the moment as well. So I haven't absolutely been able to accept that added added abutment that I'm acclimated to getting. So that's been absolutely hard.

And additionally aloof accepting absolutely acceptable neighbours as able-bodied has fabricated a huge difference, you know, appear in and affectionate of blockage in and if they don't see me for a brace of canicule they will physically beating on the aperture and analysis to accomplish abiding I'm accept and maybe appear and angle in the garden and maybe aloof accept a chat with me. Aloof little things like that accept fabricated a huge aberration to me.

NATASHA - I anticipate a lot of what you were adage articulate absolutely accustomed to me. I don't apperceive if you could relate, Jo? Yeah, she's animated and comatose her head. I anticipate the axis to the online association for that akin of support, and it fabricated me anticipate a lot about what I absolutely acquainted was missing, for me, alfresco of the medical was actual accurately how do I accord with relationships while active with a bloom condition? How do I accord with assignment while active with a bloom condition? How do bodies accord with apprenticeship while accepting these bloom challenges? And I anticipate that for me was area online communities absolutely afflicted my life. And accepting these conversations with bodies that got it.

JO - I like to anticipate of affectionate of bloom in accustomed as a network. So you do charge a GP and you do charge consultants and you do charge physiotherapists and anatomic therapists, but that's not enough. You charge to accept somebody who understands what it's like, and somebody who's been there and done that and is active it. Otherwise, you aloof don't get that affectionate of akin of acceptance, and actuality about added bodies with a aggregate acquaintance is a massive allotment of compassionate affectionate of the afflicted adventure and the affecting acquaintance of accepting a massive action alteration illness. Because it is a adventure and you'll gradually get to grips with it and you'll anticipate you've accustomed your new accustomed and you're absolutely accept with it and afresh article will appear on TV that makes you realise you're missing article else.

You apperceive it is absolutely accustomed to be affectionate of blindsided by affecting animosity about your action afterwards bottomward the line, but to alpha with, don't be abashed to adeptness out to added charities who've got acquaintance with agnate conditions. So what Jade was adage about episodes of accidental out and blackout and dizziness, these are action to be things that bodies with postural tachycardia or blackout disorders are very, actual accustomed with. So organisations that accord with these affection will accept the arresting strategies that are useful, behindhand of the base account of the symptom. And it's one of the things I like best about actuality an anatomic therapist, is that annihilation I do is analytic based, annihilation I do is specific to a accurate diagnosis, it's admonition on managing affection and situations. And those are abundant added universal, so it's abundant added easier to accept if you booty the affectionate of analysis out of it about and aloof get strategies that are action to admonition you, behindhand of what acquired the botheration in the beginning.

NATASHA - Jade, if you accept any questions feel chargeless to ask.

JADE - I anticipate apparently anticipation for Jo I assumption with what affectionate of abutment maybe you would advance for myself in agreement of, you know, aggravating to go aback to work. I appetence to go aback to work. I absolutely appetence to go aback to work. I'm aloof absolutely a bit abashed about managing the fatigue. It's not article acutely I've anytime accomplished afore so, you know, my job can be absolutely demanding and absolutely intense, and I can accord with some absolutely absolutely acute matters. So I affectionate of accept to be on the point and on the brawl absolutely a lot of the time and I'm absolutely abashed that, you know, if I'm accepting a day area the fatigue is absolutely bad how I assumption I can affectionate of administer that. I'm acquisitive it will eventually go away, but at this absolute moment I'm not too assertive it's action anywhere aloof yet. So I assumption it's aloof what abutment you would maybe admonish with me affectionate of action forward.

JO - You can advanced things like active and hydrating. Accept a alcohol abutting to your board if you are on buzz calls. Can you angle up? Can you agenda two minute breach amid calls? Absolutely rather than accepting say, an hour for lunch, would it be bigger to accept 15 minute breach advance analogously throughout the day? Can we attending at absolutely adjustable alive times or adjustable alpha times? Are you currently award aboriginal affair in the morning really, absolutely rough? If so, can you assignment abounding day but starting at 11 am, or are there $.25 of your job that you can go aback to you now, anatomy your backbone up and afresh will add in added $.25 of your job later. But additionally things like hobbies. You know, if gym acclimated to be a big allotment of your action and you're missing out on that, can we alpha you off with like abiding affliction aimed affectionate of Pilates sessions in the active room, aloof to get you article that makes you feel like you're accepting a bit of yourself back? Or are there any interests or hobbies?

So afore my bloom took a absolute catchbasin I was a bedrock aggressive instructor, but one of the things I did aback I started accepting a lot added time in bed was to apprentice attach art because I've never had nice abundant nails to absolve a mani-pedi. But now that I wasn't accomplishing the bedrock climbing, accept I'm action to amusement myself, I'm action to accept a new amusement based about a change in my life. All of my accompany and ancestors apperceive that if they appear annular for dinner, it's a pyjama party, because if I did a banquet affair there's a lot of basic work, there's a lot of continuing up, there's a lot of organisation, there's a lot of sitting in afflictive chairs often, admitting pyjama parties, accidental laying on the sofa, no basic work, much, abundant easier, abundant beneath of a cesspool on my energy.

NATASHA - One of the things I will say as well, aloof on aggregate that Jo was speaking about, is affectionate of that aplomb that you charge to say that these are the adjustments that I charge to accomplish that can appear with time. I anticipate alike in a assignment perspective, alike admitting I accept dealt with bloom issues for appealing abundant my accomplished life, it has taken the aftermost few years to be able to say, absolutely these are the adjustments that I need. I anticipate it takes time to, A, apprentice what they are for you, and afresh already you've abstruse what they are to feel assured abundant to ask for them. Because I think, you know, abnormally if you're aggravating to fit in to a non disabled society, essentially, and you're aggravating to advance yourself to accumulate up with everybody else, you're captivation yourself to standards that health-wise you adeptness not be able to it, but it's accept if it takes a while for that aplomb to appear to feel like you can ask for it, alike with your friends.

I don't socialise actual abundant because it takes a lot of action from me, but my best acquaintance knows that about aback she is actuality I will say, "Okay, you can leave now," and she leaves. It will be in the average of a affair that I'm done, or if we accept bodies over for banquet parties I'll absorb absolutely a lot of it in my allowance resting. So I usually aloof airing out, so if it's addition new they'll be like, "Is she okay?" They're like, "Yeah, she'll be aback in a bit, it's fine," and I'll go and lie bottomward and afresh I'll appear aback in.

JO - It's account address in apperception that it's not all accident with abiding illness. You do accretion things, and one of the things that you accretion is affinity and the adeptness to accept bodies in agnate situations. I alive with Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which is a abiogenetic ataxia that basically agency my anatomy doesn't accomplish collagen actual well. So I accept austere collective abandon and collective hypermobility. I can break best of the joints in my body, and do so on a semi approved basis. So falling over from collective dislocations is appealing abundant a circadian accident for me. On top of that is abiding fatigue, abiding pain, but these are the affectionate of things that I alive with, so I'm a allotment time wheelchair user. I additionally accept beheld processing issues, so I use a white pikestaff sometimes as well, but basically a lot of that filters in to how I assignment and why I assignment the way I do, but a massive account of that is that the bodies I assignment with can appear to me and say, "I apperceive you'll get it and I apperceive you understand," and they can lay affection out that a lot of healthcare professionals adeptness avoid at. Do you know, we adeptness allocution about collective dislocations or affectionate of awkward scenarios area they've had abominable injuries, but in a actual affectionate of blasé and circadian way, because that's how it is for us. That's our normal.

Do you know, if there was a abracadabra bolus I could booty that would fix all of my affection I don't apperceive that I'd booty it because I anticipate I'm a bigger healthcare able for accepting lived all of these experiences. So column COVID is action to be a massive common phenomenon, apparently for absolutely a continued time. All of these bodies will be adverse a abridgement of compassionate in their own workplaces with their own ancestors with their own friends, and if one of them happens to appear beyond you in a assignment bearings and you instantly accept the adeptness to accept their adventures and to empathise and to accomplish adaptations for them it is action changing.

Empathy is article that's massively undervalued in association as a whole, and it does accept an appulse on your work, and it does accept an appulse on your amusing interactions, but additionally ambidextrous with a anatomy that doesn't necessarily abet with what you're aggravating to get done teaches you artistic thinking. It teaches you to be a botheration solver. This has been action changing, but it's not necessarily all bad. It will accord you abilities and adventures that you can use to admonition added bodies and to use in your abode as well.

NATASHA - That's absolutely absurd advice, Jo, acknowledge you so abundant for administration that, and a huge acknowledge you to Jade for actuality so accessible with your experiences. Already we accomplished recording this adventure and hopped off of our Zoom call, Jade told me that for the aboriginal time in months she acquainted hopeful for the future, which candidly fabricated me absolutely affecting to apprehend and it absolutely shows aloof how important it is for patients to accept the appropriate affectionate of admonition and support, because ill bloom can blow every distinct aspect of someone's life. If you accept a abiding illness, we actuality at Ouch would consistently adulation to apprehend from you. You can email us at You can acquisition us on Twitter at BBC Ouch, or you can chase on Facebook with BBC Ouch. You can additionally subscribe to the Ouch podcast on BBC sounds. Remember, Ouch accept some abundant podcasts to accept to if you appetence to booty some time out or accept some aggregation aback you're demography a affable walk. A contempo adventure alleged 'Did anyone abroad absence sex during chemo?' explores dating online aback you accept cancer. Alike if you've never approved online dating before, it's amusing and it will absolutely accept you bedlam out loud, article I anticipate we could all do with a little bit at the moment.

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