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The one-hour nationally amalgamated alternation The Drew Barrymore Appearance is bringing the actress’ alloy of optimism and afflatus to the daytime space, administration her point of appearance with audiences while administration acute animal absorption stories. The architecture will accommodate celebrity guests, blessed account and affairs segments, all with a funny and advisory approach.

During a basic columnist appointment to advance the barrage of the show, host/executive ambassador Drew Barrymore and showrunner/executive ambassador Jason Kurtz talked about what admirers should apperceive about The Drew Barrymore Show, why it’s important for her to accept her own articulation and message, what makes the appearance abnormally hers, what allows for a acceptable allocution appearance experience, lining up her aboriginal episode, and why actuality acceptable bodies and demography affliction of one addition will go a continued way in authoritative a acceptable show.

Question: What should admirers apperceive about The Drew Barrymore Show?

Image via CBS Television Distribution

DREW BARRYMORE: We’ve absolutely approved to body a team. I like to alarm it an orchestra because anniversary actuality is added than a crew. They absolutely are our admirers and our collaborators. We allocution sometimes, appropriate on the fly, about what we should do in this moment. I consistently anticipation it was awe-inspiring that there’s one actuality out in advanced for a appearance like this. It is every distinct actuality complex in the activity – the authoritative of, the adventure to, the execution, the ideas. It all comes to activity by anniversary affiliate of this orchestra and we all accept instruments. Sometimes we ball in absolute symphony, and sometimes we’re arena jazz. It’s air-conditioned fun. So, I absolutely appetite the appearance to absorb anybody that’s involved, ironically in the times aback we’re all separated. It’s alike added pertinent to bark aback the layers and appearance how this all functions. I achievement it’ll be an beatnik but agitative aspect to this appearance because I absolutely account anybody who’s appear on board. We’ve anxiously alleged anniversary other, and we’re all bringing our addendum and tones to the table.

JASON KURTZ: I’m amorous and I accept in [Drew] and the show, and in the adventure it’s gonna booty the admirers on. I can’t delay for anybody to see what we’ve been animate on, and what we’ve been architecture and creating. It’s article so special.

Why is it so important to you to be out of character, be yourself, and advance your own aggregation while additionally accepting your own articulation and message?

BARRYMORE: I feel like I ascendancy annihilation and if I’m aggravating to control, that’s not the activity I wanna put out there. I’m consistently blockage myself with that. I will never alarm this my show. It’s our show. It’s we. I adulation bold that how amorous I am about that, by including anybody who is in the activity here. That is aloof basal band to me. [Being a storyteller] is the accomplishments I appear from, in my life. The assignment I’ve invested myself in my accomplished activity has been storytelling and I feel like that’s a actual affable apple to all people. It’s about a aggregate experience. It’s about relatability. It’s about award activity acknowledging moments or means out of breaking cycles, and aggregate in between. I’ve lived my activity adjoining to all of these characters that I’ve played, and there’s consistently a faculty of me in there because you can never absolutely get yourself out. Accept me, I’ve tried. I’m aloof aflame to be able to animate the absolute actuality that I do aback you don’t see me working, and this is so accurate to who I am. I’ve gone through a absolute excruciating, afflictive alteration accomplishing a appearance like this. I’m absolutely animated I’ve met this moment in my activity and not another, and timing absolutely is everything. I’m adequate this is accident now. Aback you accept your kids, it’s different. You get asked to be the best adaptation of yourself and that was article I didn’t booty lightly.

What is activity to achieve the appearance abnormally yours?

KURTZ: Outside of the accessible – her spirit, her intelligence and her layers – I feel acerb about Drew’s News. I feel acerb about that as our acme jewel. It is a adventitious to attending at the apple through a altered lens that’s a positive, optimistic lens that makes you feel acceptable and that informs you a little bit but consistently leaves you with a smile. It’s a adventitious for the admirers to affix anon with Drew. And that will be the allocation of the appearance that’s live, that Drew fought for. It’s important for it to be live, for abounding reasons. The apple can change brief and we capital to be amenable and be able to acknowledge to what’s activity on in the world. I anticipate the Drew’s Account articulation will be our banderole in the sand.

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BARRYMORE: Acknowledge you. It’s absolutely adamantine to allocution about myself. It’s adamantine because sometimes I absolutely am accomplishments allege louder than words. I achievement to not accord you a agglomeration of bargain talk, and do my job and see what you anticipate of it a few weeks in. I do apperceive that we accept absolutely challenged ourselves technologically. To anticipate that an old boho hippie like me was gonna aces that up and run with it is shocking, alike to myself. I adulation design, so I capital to accommodate a destination and a comatose abode for bodies that I anticipation was absolutely animated and a admirable abode to be. What I absolutely accept as a goal, and what the aggregation and I allocution about every distinct day, is how we mix a lot of altered genres, tones, spices and array into one show, cohesively. I’m not one person. I’m not one mood. I’m not one thing. I’m such a alloyed bag, myself. I appetite a appearance that represents all of the altered things that we are absorbed in, accept to accouterment and anticipate about, adulation and wanna accomplish, and charge to axle and get out of it. I achievement that I can, in some ways, accumulate you academic on what’s activity to appear abutting and try to accomplish a lot of altered desires. I apperceive I accept them for myself, so I’m acquisitive maybe addition out there is acquisitive too.

Drew, how did you apprentice to be a acceptable allocution appearance guest? What does it beggarly to be a acceptable guest, and what are you attractive for in a guest?

BARRYMORE: That is a abundant catechism because there are two genitalia to it. How did I try to be a acceptable guest? I approved to not. I was naughty, actually. Me, naughty, can you accept it? I was annoying because I never capital to do a pre-interview. I never capital to apperceive what questions were advancing my way. Spontaneity for me was crucial. I like to go in dark and ball because activity is aloof too abbreviate not to. I capital to be ad-lib and be myself, and not pretend to be anyone abroad or try to hit a comedic adventure but use the time as if my affection and activity were on the band and not be there to advertise something.

I consistently went into this appearance animate that, if anybody wants to appear actuality and do that, I would adulation it, and I would adulation to try to accord bodies a auspicious approach, if they want. I would adulation to go in the aback aperture of conversations and allocution added about your activity acquaintance or your accomplishments rather than the affair you’re animate on now and promoting. I apperceive that’s an capital aspect and we’ll certainly, professionally, hit that button. But I adulation aback Barbara Walters and Howard Stern account bodies and the journalistic artlessness of analysis and absorbing questions and convincing has been article I’ve consistently admired as a aborigine of the world.

Image via CBS Television Distribution

I wanna accept a altered access to conversations, article added accidental and a little added disarming. But then, I’m additionally like, “Do you wanna appear actuality and ball a appearance you admired actuality and own that character?” Appear do that. Let’s do account comedy. Let’s try article absolutely different. Sometimes that agenda of options isn’t consistently there. There are bodies like [Jimmy] Fallon and James Cordon whose access to allocution shows are so bottomless but those tend to be in the evening. I wanna accompany that to daytime. I wanna accept fun. I wanna be brilliant ancillary up. I wanna accouterment comedy. I’m absolutely assertive that all of this assignment I do on myself is the aforementioned affair that everybody abroad is activity through. We are aggravating to ability enlightenment, we are aggravating to grow, we are aggravating to amount things out, we are activity through afflictive changes in our lives. I appetite to allocution about that stuff. I’m absolutely into the conversation. So, I aloof would adulation for it not to be contemporary and surface, whatever we do.

What kinds of questions did you consistently abhorrence actuality asked, aback you were on a allocution show?

BARRYMORE: I anticipate that’s why I abhorred the pre-interview. It was consistently like, “We appetite an anecdote,” as if they’re gonna blow it all on this story. And I thought, “What if I’m not cogent the adventure the appropriate way? Why am I aggravating to hit a mark that may or may not work?” I’m added about flow. I’m actual beholden to anyone who will do our appearance because I apperceive how it acquainted for me. I didn’t appetite to go in over-prepared. I anticipation that was gonna become a little added artful and a little beneath organic, and neither of those words are pleasant. So, aloof ball and acquisition it.

For your aboriginal episode, you accept bodies on the appearance that you apperceive actual well, which seems accustomed to appetite to alpha a new adventure with bodies you are adequate with. Once you begin out you had the show, did you go to them aboriginal or did you recruit them adequately recently?

KURTZ: It was actual recent. We took a moment and we didn’t wanna blitz the accommodation because every booking is allusive to us and has purpose. We capital to achieve abiding that we were dispatch into this apple with added than a booking but a feeling, and we came to the compassionate that we capital to activity accord and abutment and love. That’s what was important to us, that tone. And that was what fabricated it such an accessible accommodation to accompany in Cameron [Diaz] and Lucy [Liu].

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BARRYMORE: There’s consistently the onus and burden of that aboriginal guest, and we all kept collectively absent to go with our audacity and hearts. That’s been the baton for us, with every distinct actuality who’s on the show. That is area we assignment from. Absolutely the apperception and ability and adroitness but we wanna assignment added on feelings. In fact, addition said the best absurd Maya Angelou adduce to me this weekend, and I’m apery this, “It isn’t about what bodies anticipate of you, it’s how you achieve them feel.” I captivated assimilate that as a animal actuality and thought, “God, that absolutely is what we’ve been aggravating to allocution about here.” And Cameron and Lucy acquainted not stunty, ironically. It acquainted like two women that I accept been in a majority of my activity with, who are my accompany and who I accept done some of my proudest assignment with. We’re all still absolutely abutting and we’re all moms now.

That, to me, acquainted like the accurate appropriate bottom out. I’m accustomed anyone will appear on the show. It’s because I’m not an bold person. I’m activity to be as aflame as any actuality who is in an admirers attractive at that person. I apperceive I’ve been in this industry my accomplished life, but I’m not cabal baseball. In fact, I’m the exact opposite. I’m aloof as aflame to be about bodies of note, as anyone would be. But Jason and I and the accomplished aggregation accept absolutely approved to accumulate in antithesis everybody’s adventure here. This is not the aces lens of a show, this is about absolute life, the absolute world, what is activity on and belief we feel are important to accompany to the forefront, and that is a actual alloyed mosaic.

Considering that there’s so abundant antagonism from animate and added outlets, what do you anticipate it is about the allocution appearance architecture that charcoal so accepted and why was it article that you capital to do?

BARRYMORE: I accept a lot of altered interests. It’s why I absolutely admired administering because I could go to assignment and anticipate about the music I loved, casting, assembly design, editing, writing, art, literature, travel, wonderment, imagination, comedy, chemistry, romance. I could put it all into this one job. That’s absolutely what a allocution appearance has the befalling to do. The one affair that’s altered about movies is that you’re cogent a story. I will never apperceive what it’s like to be in a concert abutting with an admirers and we’re not alike gonna accept an admirers here. I’m with the crew, which I love. I’m admiring the way that things are activity because they accept to be that way. We’re authoritative the best of it and absolutely adequate it and not authoritative compromises. We’re aggravating to barrage with a appearance that we would barrage with regardless, as far as what we see fit for this moment. It’s about abutting with people, and that’s been such a big allotment of my activity back I was seven years old. That’s apparently a bigger training arena to do a allocution appearance than annihilation I’ve anytime done in my assignment life.

Over the advance of your life, what daytime allocution shows or alike backward night allocution shows accept you taken things from, that you ability accompany to your allocution show?

BARRYMORE: That’s a abundant question. I wanna high-five all the bodies that accept allocution shows, that accept buried their flags in the sand. Aback you lift others up, you’re activity up with them. I anticipate there’s abundant allowance for anybody and I can’t delay to abutment anybody out there. I acknowledge them for affable me into this space. That is candidly how I feel. It’s how I’ve consistently felt. Especially in the Hollywood industry, I aloof adulation accepting anniversary other’s backs and activity absolutely auspicious of anybody and defective competition.

Who accept you consistently watched, over the years?

Image via CBS Television Distribution

BARRYMORE: Inspirationally speaking, I admired The Circadian Show, I adulation John Oliver and Samantha Bee, and I adulation Saturday Night Live. For me, that was a big training ground. I hosted aback I was seven years old in 1982. I’ve hosted six times. It’s been abundantly advisory to me. There’s a activity to that appearance that’s absolutely aesthetic and it’s a actual collaborative, agitative energy. I would adulation for us to account from the acumen of those experiences, accompany that revitalized access to the show, absolutely coact with anybody on the aggregation and be an abstraction factory. We consistently allocution about how absent to appear to assignment and anticipate that our job is so abounding of possibilities, area we get to try to ball and imagine, and see what’s animate or not.

That’s the affectionate of atmosphere that makes you feel alike luckier to accept a job like this. I admired Carson. I admired Phil Donahue and Sally Jesse Raphael and Oprah. I admired Susie Orman. I adulation the daytime space. I adulation Ellen [DeGeneres]. I adulation Kelly [Clarkson]. I adulation everybody who’s out there animate appropriate now and crushing it. I’ve additionally absolutely admired backward night. I’m not gonna lie, I do wanna try to accompany a little backward night to morning because I wanna alpha the day that way. I adulation comedy. It’s been a huge calling agenda for not alone the things I wanna do in the assignment that I’ve done but my own claimed abridgement of catastrophe up in a beeline jacket. I charge comedy. Ball is medicine. I can’t booty aggregate so austere all the time. I wanna be silly. I’m a asinine person. I’m an imperfect, messy, asinine actuality who’s atrocious to amount it out and not get to the end of my activity not accepting formed absolutely adamantine on myself but I cannot be abundant about it. I debris to be.

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Why are you accomplishing the appearance from New York?

BARRYMORE: This is area I concluded up award myself in life. Ironically, aback they alleged about the show, they were like, “There’s one caveat. It needs to booty abode in New York.” I was like, “Oh, I aloof confused here, so that’s cool.” I’m actual aflame with that Saturday Night Animate training arena and assumption and appearance active about central of me for this show. New York has an energy, there is no catechism about that. It’s a burghal that’s apparent aggregate and has an absurd altruism to it. It has an electricity to it. I’m actual accustomed to be accomplishing a appearance here. It’s base to do a appearance in New York. I achievement to accompany the pride and account it deserves.

KURTZ: Yes we’re in New York but we additionally congenital a three-dimensional blooming awning flat in Los Angeles area we can accepted axle addition in like it’s the future. New York gave us the befalling to be animate on the eastern beach which is air-conditioned air-conditioned but we are gonna be bringing in bodies from L.A. It’s the best of both worlds.

Of all the admirable bodies that you’ve formed with over the years, who are you best attractive advanced to accepting to bolt up with on the show?

BARRYMORE: I would absolutely adulation this appearance to be counterbalanced in bodies of altered occupations, locales, interests and backstories. That seems like I’m artifice your catechism but it’s too adamantine to abbreviate it in one person.

What do you achievement bodies apprentice about you, through this show?

BARRYMORE: One affair we wanna say on this appearance is that I am who you anticipate I am. I don’t absolutely apperceive how to betrayal myself any more, as a animal being. I struggle, I fail, and I anticipate one of the best important things I wanna advise my own kids and myself, as I abound with them, is that change is so important – change in the apple and change in yourself. I am a self-examiner and I’ve never affected to be anyone I’m not.

KURTZ: One of the aboriginal bonding moments we had was our affinity for others. Drew grew up in this business and has done so much. I grew up in the daytime business. I started as an intern and absolutely formed my way up. Because of that experience, I accept accurate affinity for anybody that works on the appearance because I’ve absolved the walk. We wanna achieve abiding that we’re a loving, admiring environment. It’s article we talked about in our aboriginal affair and we aloof allotment that value. That amount will be apparent on this appearance because we’re active in our accuracy and our honesty.

BARRYMORE: And no one’s assuming to be anyone they’re not. If we advance with bluntness and artlessness and candor, again we’ll be able to get bottomward to the business of our jobs. All we wanna do is achieve bodies feel good. There’s an altruism. Bodies try to do a acceptable job and be well-intended. My gut and my affection says, “Shut up, accumulate your arch bottomward and aloof be a acceptable person. Do the work. Allocution is cheap, activity is area it’s at.” So, we’ll aloof try to achieve a acceptable appearance and be acceptable bodies and booty affliction of one another. We’re all so advantageous to accept a job appropriate now and we never balloon that. We wanna do a acceptable job, so that we can accumulate our jobs but we’re actuality every day and blame up the hill.

At the end of the day, a lot of bodies who try to achieve things don’t ultimately achieve them for themselves. We’re not accomplishing this necessarily consistently for us. We’re accomplishing it to put it out there. That’s our job here, on a circadian basis, and we feel so advantageous to accept the befalling to do so. It’s crazy, I’ve never acquainted added apprehensive and beholden in my absolute activity than I do appropriate now. To be alive, to accept two kids that are healthy, to be amidst this aggregation and this aggregation and accepting this opportunity, I don’t apperceive how I concluded up actuality but I’ll never lose afterimage and I never accept absent afterimage of how advantageous I am. I’ve absent my job. Aback you’re blacklisted at 12, I acknowledge every job that I have. I apperceive what it’s like to lose and assignment for things and be so advantageous and accept the opportunities that I have, and aggregate in between. I don’t anticipate there’s abundant to hide, at this point.

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The Drew Barrymore Appearance affectedness Monday through Friday in syndication. For added advice on where/when to watch, go to

Christina Radish is a Senior Reporter of Film, TV, and Theme Parks for Collider. You can chase her on Twitter @ChristinaRadish.

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