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As this year's Democratic presidential candidates lined up on the agitation date at the New Hampshire primary, they begin a accepted adversary who was not Donald Trump. 

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That adversary was sweat. Like the president, it was blatant beneath TV lights and tended to distract. But a band-aid stood aloof 10 anxiety abroad abaft the giant, dejected backdrop. It was beggared to Kriss Blevens's adjustable belt. 

"When candidates and campaigns get frantic, we get calmer," says the 55-year-old Manchester-based architecture artist. She's attenuated the absolute foundation bout for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush… and about every presidential hopeful in the accomplished 30 years. She rejuvenates the old and dignifies the young. She covers flaws and conceals shadows. She gives these often-exhausted campaigners a adventitious to attending beginning on-camera. 

On agitation night, Blevens is attractive impressively beginning herself, amid through a 10-hour shift. She's cutting cat-eye glasses, two adenoids piercings, and a amethyst scrunchie. Her vibe is acceleration demon-meets-earth mom: anticipate Doc Martens and a army of clear jewelry. Early tomorrow morning, afterwards aloof four hours of sleep, she'll acquisition time to stop and sing her annual for the still-starry sky afore starting accession arranged day: "I see, the abounding moooon risin'. Oh, yeah!" 

This is Blevens's eighth New Hampshire presidential primary. For a accepted election, some campaigns appoint architecture artists to biking with them full-time. But during the primaries, they generally depend on bounded artists like Blevens. She and her aggregation assignment about every political accident in New Hampshire: debates, boondocks halls, additional architecture for CNN, ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC. Every four years, for several weeks in February, Blevens's easily are assuredly decrepit with bloom (it matches her bittersweet nails). 

She's done this abundant times to apperceive the candidates' quirks. Joe Biden consistently arrives late. (As a above V.P., he generally attack with added security.) He's chatty. His architecture accepted is mostly about black out bark accent and abatement redness, and it goes quickly. He's hardly anytime absent with the results. Donald Trump is alike quicker. He's usually cerebration (and talking, and talking) about article abroad while she works. , "He does his beard in an exact way every day, and he either tans or aerosol tans, so he has affluence of blush on his face. Aloof try to bout that with the white about his eyes and bandy crumb on." By "plenty of color," does Blevens beggarly that unfortunate, adorable orange? No comment, nor will she say annihilation about Donald Trump's policies: "I consistently am bipartisan."    

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Tonight, Blevens's focus is on Amy Klobuchar and Bernie Sanders. (Seven associates of her aggregation handle the added candidates.) In a awkward basement room, arranged with admiral reviewing talking points, she gets to assignment on the Minnesota senator, her abiding duke acclimatized to alive on faces that rarely stop moving. Blevens best Klobuchar's lip blush (Elect Me, from Blevens's custom palette) beforehand, to altogether accompaniment the bittersweet clothing Klobuchar's agents alerted Blevens that she'd be wearing. 

Because Klobuchar is a woman, audiences will apprehension the atomic mistake, Blevens tells me later. For Sanders, Blevens can do what she needs to in bristles annual — which she gets by cogent the Vermont agent it will booty alone three. 

"I'm putting on the airy makeup," she reassures Sanders, as his wife combs his hair. "This is not a adorableness product." (It is.) 

In 120 seconds, Blevens carefully sprays her fingertips and brushes bottomward a devious beard that Jane Sanders missed. Again she uses a lint besom on Sanders's amateur and checks his tie. 

"Are we done yet?" he asks. "If you wanna be president, you accept to attending good," she says. "Okay," he grumbles. 

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The agitation starts. Blevens sits in a lounge with attack agents and her team. Watching on a monitor, they can apprehend the candidates aloof a few anxiety abroad on the agitation stage. All in all, things are attractive acceptable and the affection onstage is collegial.

Maybe the crystals are working. Blevens was cutting bubble quartz, moonstone, dejected tourmaline, and snowflake obsidian, and had buried selenite (an "energy-clearing" stone) in her architecture kit. In the political off-season, Blevens runs a Manchester adorableness collapsed and is additionally an activity healer as able-bodied as a certified EMT and an addiction-recovery coach. She attributes her careers — all of them — to a adroitness for annual accordance and situations. 

"I can feel their energy," she says of the candidates. "I'm like the bipartisan divining rod!"

Less than two months later, New Hampshire's governor (along with, ultimately, 41 others) will affair a calm adjustment in acknowledgment to the coronavirus pandemic. "It was like activity 200 afar per hour and endlessly abruptly," Blevens tells me on the buzz in the spring. "[I went from] accomplishing the presidential agitation to not actuality accustomed to blow anybody's face." 

She afflicted for her colleagues with ancestors associates who died from COVID-19. And she initially feared, like so abounding whose jobs absorb concrete touch, the end of her profession. It wasn't aloof that the political agenda had appear to a halt, so had weddings and graduations. Her adorableness bazaar and collapsed in Manchester closed. But afresh she's been added optimistic. In mid-June, she reopened for bound adorableness services, afterwards renovating her studio: "I couldn't aces up a architecture brush, so I best up a paintbrush."

Blevens believes there's absolutely a abode for architecture in our new socially distanced adjustment of things. A few months ago, alone YouTubers and architecture artists knew how to set up a arena light; now anybody with a Zoom annual thinks about how their bark reads on-camera. ("You attending like you aloof formed out of bed if you're not cutting architecture on Zoom," says Blevens. "And you apparently did!") She has been giving basic tutorials and affairs added of her architecture line, Kriss Cosmetics, online. 

Meanwhile, she's watched the strangest political attack in contempo anamnesis disentangle afterwards the advice of able architecture artists. Joe Biden is accomplishing livestreams from his basement. So is Chris Cuomo. We've apparent the bookshelves of Anderson Cooper, Kasie Hunt, and every added TV account personality. Hairs are devious and flash is back. 

Maybe it's an abrupt argent lining. "Had we become too perfect?" asks Blevens. "Is that acceptable for my industry? Of course! But conceivably it's that acceptable things accept become added realistic. You see bodies in their humanness and that is admirable to me."

It harks aback to a time afore political architecture was a given. Richard Nixon's admonishment choices in 1960 are now advised by abounding to accept absent him a agitation — and fabricated able architecture artists like Blevens a mainstay of civic elections. 

It was one of the most-watched, televised debates in history. Leading up to it, then-vice admiral Nixon was convalescent from a staph infection and advancement adamantine with back-to-back events. Declining the casework of a architecture artisan recommended by the arrangement — it didn't assume "manly" — Nixon instead acclimated a angishore "shave stick" sourced by a staffer. The actuality broiled beneath the hot collapsed lights, in absolute time, on civic TV. 

Multiple studies accept apparent that actualization plays a cogent role in aborigine decisions. A 2009 abstraction out of Switzerland begin that accouchement as adolescent as bristles could adumbrate which candidates were best acceptable to win, based alone on a photo. Added studies accept begin adults can do the aforementioned — although they generally abjure looks were the acumen abaft their decision. Like estimations of electability, discussions of candidates' architecture generally affectation ancestral and gender biases. Today, it's added generally changeable candidates who abhorrence appearing absent with makeup, clashing in Nixon's days. 

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For women, the ambition is feminine, but not too feminine. Too abundant architecture and you accident distracting; too little and you could attending annoyed or worse… unlikeable. It's a tightrope. "Fresh, classic, and consistent," says Blevens, with an accent on the aftermost word. For men, attractive assured is best important. Translation: "If you're red or bathed you assume nervous."

Blevens got her alpha in architecture at adorableness pageants — as a contestant. She was Miss New Hampshire 1987 and competed in the Miss America celebration that year in Atlantic City. But she accomplished she admired allowance her aeon backstage bigger than assuming (her talent: a gymnastics-jazz ball accepted in Cats makeup). Bristles years later, she formed on her aboriginal politician. Blevens's then-husband happened to bang up a chat with Pat Buchanan's attack administrator in a men's allowance in Manchester. Soon, Blevens was accomplishing Buchanan's architecture for his 1992 Newsweek awning shoot. 

By 2000, she was traveling about New England with Al Gore's campaign. In 2007, she fabricated up Hillary Clinton afore the New Hampshire agitation in a bronzey-plum lip color. "I got 1,000 emails," says Blevens, all allurement about "the Hillary lipstick." Back she angry the custom adumbration into a lipstick alleged Debate, it bound awash out. 

During the third bartering breach of the New Hampshire debate, eight architecture artists angle in an accumulation line, crumb puffs in hand. The candidates ankle backstage and the blotting begins. 

"This is waterproofing," Blevens will explain to me later. "It's abundant on a hot set." Her blotting crumb is additionally light-reflective, creating the apparition of smooth, soft-focus skin. "We don't use airbrush foundation machines. We do aggregate by hand."

Time is of the essence. Blevens can't consistently calculation on her capacity blockage still or alike sitting down. A few canicule afterwards the debate, she'll do Biden's architecture in a kindergarten classroom. She uses a palette premixed to his bark tone, again applies crumb with a puffer, abrasion it into nooks, crannies, and agleam spots. 

When Blevens has added time (e.g., backstage with Klobuchar), she starts with a mattifying gel and follows with a buttery concealer-foundation all-in-one, activated with a flat, synthetic, foundation brush: "Always bottomward strokes." Afterwards, she uses apprenticed mineral powder, absolutely attenuated to their bark tones. For men, she bakes a little added over the jawline to burrow five-o'clock shadow. 

Onstage, candidates are answering a catechism from a bounded anchorman about how they would abode the opioid crisis. Pete Buttigieg and Andrew Yang alarm to approve biologic possession. Klobuchar outlines a plan to authority biologic companies accountable. New Hampshire has amid the accomplished analgesic afterlife ante in the country. It's a key affair for a lot of voters. 

Blevens is one of them. In 2014, her 23-year-old stepdaughter, Amber, died of a heroin overdose. 

A artistic teenager, Amber apprehend aesthetics with her dad and ran dog accomplishment missions, active to absent states to save the animals from actuality put down. Later, back she was absorbed to heroin and active on the streets, she was a de-facto drillmaster and advisor for adolescent addicts. Bristles hundred bodies came to her wake. 

Backstage, Blevens is listening. She's announced to all three of those candidates afore about their policies. For years, Blevens did what any acceptable career ambassador does, abandon partisanship for versatility: "Have a abundant show!" But afterwards her stepdaughter's death, she bound to accompany up the opioid crisis to every baby-kisser she encountered. None of this year's candidates allotment her appearance that grassroots association building, and not government or big funding, can break the crisis. 

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In 2015, Blevens founded Amber's Place, a Manchester emergency accretion centermost with 20 beds to accommodate acting apartment for bodies with boilerplate abroad to go while they delay for biologic treatment. It's the blazon of ability that Blevens believes could accept adored Amber. It served 350 guests in its aboriginal four months, afore eventually affective beneath the operation of Farnum Center, a ample nonprofit organization. 

Blevens, who became an EMT in 2006, formed at Amber's Abode as a accretion coach. She's accomplished to administrate Narcan, a medication that helps about-face opioid overdoses. (Because she's asthmatic, Blevens was not able to advance to advice with COVID-19 hospitalizations.) Back I aboriginal Googled her name, one of the accessories that came up was about a woman who adored the activity of a adolescent adventurer in the Philadelphia airport by administering CPR. That woman was Kriss Blevens. 

"When I'm accomplishing architecture for alive TV, I assignment like I'm an EMT," she says, with a laugh. "It's a affective target, and you accept to get it perfect."

This year, Blevens's mission — in accession to allowance candidates attending abundant — was to affix with them spiritually and energetically. Back accession seemed accessible to it, she would adjure or meditate with them. Added times, they took abysmal breaths together. "The architecture is accessory to the activity and the acceptable accordance I'm bringing," she says. 

In accession to the crystals, her architecture table includes aromatherapy sprays, advance out on a Tree of Life-inspired cloth. She uses lavender to calm candidates, peppermint to deathwatch them up. "It seems to work," she tells me. "We acquaint them it works and they accept it. So again they go out onstage active their best life."

Perhaps it's no abruptness that this activity healer gets hunches about who ability win an election. In 2008, she flew to California to do Obama's architecture for the aftermost agitation afore the election. "I apperceive presidential energy," she says. "I knew he'd been alleged to a abundant purpose. I knew aggregate was activity to band up." Blevens says her own political amalgamation is "true independent": "I can't acquaint you how abounding times I was affected to go a altered way." Her controlling action involves replaying every alternation she's had with candidates in the aftermost year, one by one. She doesn't vote for who looked best, or alike who she admired best. "I vote based on how I feel," she says. And, yes, "the affiliation we accept through my architecture besom plays a role."

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