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My Chemical Romance aloof arise what may be the longest and best abundantly hyped-up bout advertisement of all time, “A summoning…” Granted, they did aloof advertise their aboriginal U.S. bout in nine years. The 13-minute video is over six times as continued as “An Offering…,” which was a promo for MCR’s U.K. Milton Keynes announcement. 

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As expected, it’s accommodation with bags of throwbacks and references to accomplished albums, songs, account and tributes. The video starts with a man in his room, acutely activity through a accustomed routine. But afresh we alpha seeing My Chemical Romance references everywhere.  

Here’s aggregate you ability accept absent in “A summoning…” by My Chemical Romance, from the audible nods to the abstract possibilities.

From the “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” music video.

Seconds in, we’re reunited with Frank Iero’s white Gibson Les Paul guitar with the chat “PANSY” accounting on the anatomy in cogitating stickers. This was Iero’s mainstay during the Revenge era.

We’re met with a corkboard featuring an analogy of an eye blocked by a channelled allotment of anthology paper. This could possibly be a nod to MCR’s scrapped fifth album, The Cardboard Kingdom, with the eye apery the commonwealth of heaven and the cardboard representing…well…paper. The analogy additionally resembles the eye on the mailbox in the “Na Na Na” video. There’s additionally a casket symbol, which could be alluding to Three Cheers. A chicken smiley face is affianced to a account of a moon landing, which could both be referencing the Danger Canicule era with the Killjoys awning graffiti and American banderole references on the band’s accouterment and car. The lath additionally actualization a photo of a snake and a photo of admirers captivation a assurance that reads “THANK YOU.” This could be a nod to the song “Thank You For The Venom.” Added on snakes later…

As the camera pans up, added of the corkboard shows a pentagram—imagery present in this accepted acknowledgment era—that army of admirers and two Polaroid pictures assuming a sky and a sunset. The closing angel may represent “Early Sunsets Over Monroeville.” There’s additionally an Ice Palace patch, which is additionally potentially a advertence to that clue and best acceptable belongs to frontman Gerard Way. Aback in 2013, Gerard answered a fan allurement if he had an “original escalator piece” from the Monroeville Mall area the Dawn Of The Asleep was filmed. The vocalist, who loves the blur so abundant the bandage called that song afterwards it, responded, saying, “That’s an odd question: The acknowledgment is no! I do, however, accept a best application from the Ice Palace skate amphitheatre in the movie.”

The coffee mug says “NJ Dept. of Corrections.” It’s able-bodied accepted that My Chemical Romance are from New Jersey and accept a adulation of coffee. They already arise in an account with Nardwuar that they could “survive off of coffee, atom and video games.” This could additionally be referencing Revenge clue “You Apperceive What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison.” You can additionally see a account of King Diamond on the fridge, which could referene a diamondback snake and in about-face be the additional nod to the reptile. 

Next, we access the capital character’s closet area the anorak of Jet Star—the Killjoy portrayed by guitarist Ray Toro—is acutely displayed, featuring the Ace of Spades on the sleeve. The Ace of Spades additionally frequently represents the battle created by the amalgamation of the airy and banal and experiencing activity through death.

A red flannel is up next, which could potentially be apery Iero. You can additionally see an Army blooming anorak in the accomplishments agnate to what Gerard wore onstage for the acknowledgment show.

While agnate to The Atramentous Parade-era jackets, this could additionally represent Mikey’s Revenge-era attire.

As the advocate removes his called cloak, we can see a skeleton hoodie off to the side. This could be referencing the dagger-wielding ashen amount we aboriginal met in a brain-teaser photo and got added of the adventure from in “An Offering…”

Similar to that of the much-teased skeleton amount from “An Offering…”

We’re advised to a quick beam of a gas mask—a nice nod to the Atramentous Parade character, Mother War. The gas masks additionally arise in the “Teenagers” video as the cheerleaders accomplish at the pep assemblage from hell. 

The advocate is flipping through My Chemical Romance vinyl records, including 2014’s greatest hits album, May Afterlife Never Stop You, and 2016’s MCRX rerelease, The Atramentous Parade/Living With Ghosts, afore assuredly landing on the alpha of it all, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love. He afresh plays the aperture track, “Romance.”

Our Lady of Sorrows is accession name for the Virgin Mary, which can be apparent abaft the candles. This is additionally the name of a clue off Bullets and an afflatus for one of Iero’s tattoos on his larboard arm. Here, we can additionally see a baby head, which resembles the Accommodating from The Atramentous Parade era.

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We see a quick attempt featuring Gerard’s analogy “Just The Way It Goes” on the wall. You may admit this art from the central of the Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge CD tray as able-bodied as from account discs of Three Cheers vinyl repressings.

The video pans to the chiffonier afterwards the advocate lights candles, and we see a account of My Chemical Romance’s backward administrator Lauren Valencia and A&R controlling Craig Aaronson who active the band. There’s additionally Iero’s dogs Sweet Pea and Mama, who additionally passed. Gerard and Mikey’s grandmother is additionally present, who serves as the afflatus for “Helena (So Continued & Goodnight).” One of the photos ability additionally be Iero’s grandfather, which he got active by Kat Von D on an adventure of LA Ink. Plus, this is absolutely a shrine, which could be a nod to their acknowledgment actualization venue.

We get a fun nod to the My Chem fandom with a way added badass adjustment of “the pentagram meme.” A few years ago, a meme alike online of a agnate vibe with accession attempting to arouse My Chemical Romance aback afterwards their breakup. The meme had all of their albums on the corners of the pentagram as well. There’s additionally yet accession snake on the Ouija lath planchette. 

Much like the static-filled brain-teaser acquaint Tuesday, the TV flips on and begins cycling through the acknowledgment logo symbols and the ones we aboriginal saw on the merch bivouac at the acknowledgment show. TV changeless is additionally accepted as “snow.” These allegorical apparitions are accurate “ghosts in the snow” and allude to the closing spoken-word outro of “Vampires Will Never Hurt You,” additionally heavily referenced after in the video. These symbols were decoded as those activate on tarot cards such as Reversed Ace of Swords, the Reversed Moon and more, which you can apprehend about their meanings in abounding here. The TV assuredly flickers to the sigil above, which spells out My Chemical Romance on the Witch’s Wheel. MCR admirers will anamnesis seeing this as allotment of Gerard’s acknowledgment accouterments Dec. 20.

We get accession adulation letter to MCR’s admired New Jersey as the top of the Ouija lath spells out the accompaniment on the Witch’s Wheel alphabet.

Their accumulation in this accurate blow could potentially be an allusion to the old superstition of “Death advancing in threes.” Afterlife comes ripping and animadversion on the aperture in the anatomy of a leash of Draculoids. These are the Dracs who serve as hunters of sorts for the capital antagonists during the Danger Canicule era, Better Living Industries and their leader, Korse. Furthermore, the Draculoids’ beating on the aperture in sets of three. Historically, three knocks on a aperture is accepted as “three knocks of death,” cogent that accession abutting to you has died.

We get a quick but air-conditioned advertence to The Atramentous Parade Is Dead! The skeleton affectation is in the corner—similar to one of the masks that anniversary MCR affiliate advised for collector’s editions of the album.

The aboriginal red aperture appears, aflame the aforementioned candle symbol, Clarity, that the bandage aboriginal aggregate on Halloween advanced of their acknowledgment actualization announcement. 

We’re apparent a auberge keychain with the byword “Hotel Bella Muerte” printed on it. This translates to “Hotel of admirable death,” and it’s a lyric in the Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge song “The Jetset Activity Is Gonna Kill You.” The allowance cardinal 519 is best acceptable apropos to the band’s final pre-hiatus show, which took abode May 19, 2012 at Bamboozle. The abode printed on the keychain, 61 Willet Street Passaic, New Jersey 07055, is that of Amateur B Fabricating. If you try calling it, the alarm doesn’t connect. Our best assumption is that the acceptable bodies at Amateur B are already annoyed of answering the buzz abandoned to apprehend “Killjoys, accomplish some noise!” and accept broken the line. 

The aboriginal allowance is a representation of their vampire-themed era and the anthology I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love. It’s captured as the advocate enters a bar abounding of vampires—dripping in claret and absolutely accepted in a atramentous light-bright. We’re accepting some austere The Lost Boys accordance from this scene.

A WWII helmet featured in the music video “The Ghost Of You” rests on a shelf. There are additionally four glasses, two on anniversary side, conceivably apery the collapsed associates in the video.

As the advocate moves through the bar, we can see an Alien Blaster arcade bold in the corner, which could be referencing the Killjoys’ ray guns. You can additionally see “She Loves You” scribbled on the bank abaft his head, which is the aforementioned delivery the bandage added to their date bureaucracy during the 2007 Projekt Revolution tour. “Saints assure her now” is additionally on the wall, which is a bandage the Three Cheers clue “Interlude.”

What appears to be Apple War II footage is arena in the background, which, like the helmet, is a advertence to the Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge music video “The Ghost Of You.” There’s additionally a banknote annals present, which could be a advertence to Danger Canicule clue “Vampire Money.”

Orange Is The New Atramentous extra Jackie Cruz makes a adornment as one of the blood-sucking vampires in the bar. This abandoned is air-conditioned for any Netflix fan, but what makes it alike sweeter is the actuality her character, Marisol “Flaca” Gonzales, absolutely name-drops the bandage in division 3 adventure 1. Afterwards giving a kid an acute eyeliner-heavy makeover, she says, “You could, like, leave actuality and go beeline to a My Chemical Romance concert and be the boss.”

In accession to “Saints assure her now” and “She Loves You,” the walls of the bar are abounding with graffiti that advertence added MCR lyrics and accepted phrases. “Die in the desert” is a advertence to both the lyrics and affair of “Demolition Lovers.” “XOXO U.S.” is best acceptable kisses and hugs, United States in affiliation to the bout announcement. There are additionally added abeyant options for XO in the lyrics of “Mastas of Ravenkroft” or Gerard Way’s signature. And “And as always, innocent like roller coasters/Fatality is like ghosts in snow” is the aside outro of “Vampires Will Never Hurt You.” Furthermore, the byword “Unleash the bats!” is apparent as an abridged adjustment of Gerard’s Bullets-era adage “Unleash the fucking bats!” As explained in a 2004 interview, this is an allusion to the bandage the Birthday Party and stylishly encapsulates Gerard’s attraction with afterlife and dying. This absolute video is about artifice afterlife and dying.

The “Starved to afterlife in a acreage of plenty” assurance is captivated by Mother War in the music video for “Welcome To The Atramentous Parade.”

The additional red aperture is aflame with the MCR raindrop attribute acceptation courage, which was the additional attribute to apparent during the acknowledgment lead-up.

Also actualization on the commodity bivouac at the acknowledgment show, the behind of the aperture actualization the Upright Tower symbol, which is taken from a tarot card. Reddit users decoded this aloft the reveal, stating, “When the Tower agenda appears in a Tarot reading, apprehend the unexpected—massive change, upheaval, abolition and chaos…Just aback you anticipate you’re safe and comfortable, a Tower moment hits and throws you for a loop. A lightning bolt of accuracy and acumen cuts through the lies, and illusions you accept been cogent yourself, and now the truth, comes to light.”

We see the aforementioned angel teased in Tuesday’s clip, assuming the aback of what will be arise as the Demolition Lovers.

The advocate picks up a allotment of cardboard from one of the pews, absolute the aboriginal advertence to “Helena.” As it rises into frame, we can see it’s one of the adoration cards anesthetized out in the music video’s aperture scene.

It may be difficult to accomplish out through the tears you were absolutely shedding, but this absolute arrangement is a august acknowledgment of the Demolition Lovers, altogether reenacting their affectation on the awning of Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. The brace were aboriginal referenced in the closing clue of I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love. The abbey atmosphere is additionally agnate to a accepted beam bold Sweet Revenge!!! that’s set during the era. The duo additionally arise in accurate anatomy on the awning of Three Cheers-era alive anthology Activity On The Murder Scene. While they do attending agnate to the aboriginal models on the awning of Activity On The Murder Scene, the actors aren’t the same. Lola Blanc and Nick Pillot portray the brace in “A summoning…,” while Jaime Andrews and Jamisin Matthews were the models on the alive anthology cover.

The “Helena” music video actualization a ballerina who’s apparently Helena, as the adolescent woman ancestor out of her casket and begins dancing during her eulogy. In reality, “Helena” was accounting about the casual of Gerard and Mikey’s grandmother. While she dances bottomward the alley aloof as the aboriginal Helena portrayed by Tracy Phillips, “A summoning…” introduces Adele Pomerenke in the titular role. 

The matchbox says “Fire at will,” which is a lyric in the Three Cheers song “Thank You For The Venom.” It’s additionally a bifold entendre because it’s a box of matches, absolutely giving you fire…at will.

This arrangement is committed to The Atramentous Parade. The advocate additionally exits through a casket, which is how the Atramentous Parade starts metaphorically with the Accommodating dying. This could additionally be referencing a bandage in “Mama:” “And appropriate now they’re architecture a casket your size.” It’s set in a hospital agnate to the Patient, and the abiding beeping of the affection adviser resembles the aperture track, “The End.”

This area of the video is inherently accountable to estimation as we’re apparent a Rorschach pattern. This could represent a few things, the aboriginal of which is a bright nod to the band’s awning of Bob Dylan’s “Desolation Row” for Zack Snyder’s 2009 cine adjustment of Alan Moore’s banana book alternation Watchmen. Furthermore, the alive from one arrangement to accession is agnate to the beheld burden Moore activated to allegorize the connected alteration of ethical appraisal and acumen of altruism of Rorschach, one of Watchmen’s capital characters. Here, we see the aboriginal arrangement that’s agnate to a Rorschach arrangement that’s frequently apparent as “a bat.” As we know, Gerard has a historically referenced afterlife in the anatomy of a bat. Then, the arrangement accouterment to a bowl that’s frequently interpreted as a augment cloud—more on that later… The top bisected of the additional analysis additionally resembles Gerard’s MouseKat amulet helmet beat as his Party Poison actualization during the Danger Canicule era.

The advocate hears the connected affection amount adviser and makes his way to one of the accommodating rooms. Already entering, we’re presented with the aforementioned bureaucracy that My Chemical Romance teased beforehand in the ages with the vampire caption. At the time, admirers theorized it was giving a nod to the Accommodating in the “Welcome To The Atramentous Parade” video, and its attendance amid this allotment of the video backs that up alike more.

We can apprehend a amount breath from beneath the blanket, but aback the advocate removes it, there’s no one there. “This Is How I Disappear,” anyone?

Unlike the antecedent two red doors, which congenital Accuracy and Adventuresomeness from the band’s acknowledgment logo, this aperture lights up with a tarot attribute off the band’s acknowledgment actualization merch trailer. Decoded as the Upright Ace of Wands, a Reddit user explained this symbolizes creativity. “It is not the affectionate of adroitness that you apprentice from academy or as a hobby,” the user writes. “It is bravely award your own voice. It creates a abode area you can advance your own vision. In added words, it is associated with discipline and adroitness in the catholic sense…The Ace of Wands calls out to you to chase your instincts. If you anticipate that the activity that you’ve been absent of is a acceptable idea, afresh aloof go advanced and do it.” The aperture swings open, area the Draculoids abide their pursuit.

The logos for Better Living Industries (stylistically depicted as ‘BL/ind’) are apparent on the Draculoids’ identification badges. Better Living Industries is the apocryphal association that the Killjoys argue in the Danger Canicule cosmos and the Draculoids act as lower-lever henchmen who aid the S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/’s in their following of extermination.

Skipping the third symbol, Sacrifice, this fourth red aperture lights up with the adherence attribute from their return.

The advocate avalanche out of the iconic Trans Am car from the Danger Canicule era apprenticed by the Killjoys. As he’s accepting up, we can apprehend the tailend of Dr. Afterlife Defying’s addition in “Na Na Na,” adage “It’s time to do it now and do it loud/Killjoys, accomplish some noise.”

The car begins to acceleration off, absolute three bonanza stickers. “Look Alive Sunshine” is a Dr. Afterlife Defying adduce and the aperture clue to Danger Days. Mad Gear And Missile Kid is both a bandage who the Killjoys accept to and an EP that MCR recorded for the Danger Canicule era. The third bonanza sticker is Dr. Afterlife Defying’s radio station.

The Danger Canicule song is arena as the VAYA car drives, spotlighting the arena the bandage aboriginal hinted at the U.S. bout with. While the disciplinarian is never apparent up close, it does run the advocate off the road.

In the abandoned boscage of Killjoy California, we see a accustomed nod to the music video for “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” in the anatomy of the croquet advance that the bandage comedy through in advanced of the school. You can about apprehend Gerard say “I am the adept of the wicket” as the camera boring advance along. 

The Draculoids return, sending the advocate active against a fifth red door. This one lights up with the Reversed Moon tarot attribute off the band’s acknowledgment actualization merch trailer. According to a Reddit user, this “indicates that you accept been ambidextrous with illusion, fears and anxiety, and now the abrogating influences of these energies are subsiding. You are alive through your fears and anxieties, compassionate the appulse they accept on your activity and how you can chargeless yourself from such attached beliefs. This is a absolutely liberating and transformational experience.”

A nuclear access kills the Draculoids, which could beggarly that the Danger Canicule era is asleep or all accomplished eras are dead. MCR already claimed that the Atramentous Parade is dead.

If we’re befitting in bandage with anniversary aperture apery a new era, this one represents the accepted one. Abundant like the U.K. brain-teaser video, “An Offering…,” we’re presented with assorted buried abstracts basic a spirit circle. The aboriginal video has our skeleton amount active through the dupe to accompany three others about a pentagram. 

However, this blow actualization one amount abutting four others with a sixth, the protagonist, in the average of an eight-pointed star. The brilliant is present in assorted cultures, including Judeo-Christianity area it’s interpreted as a alpha or resurrection. Is this alluding to the alpha of MCR’s abutting era?

The advocate exits the spirit amphitheater and makes his way bottomward a begrimed hall. He opens accession door, which actualization the MCR sigil that appeared on the static-filled TV and Gerard’s acknowledgment outfit.

The advocate walks bottomward a aisle of candles, catastrophe at the pentagram from his allowance with the snake planchette and Ouija board. The planchette moves to the top appropriate bend to “Yes,” which is placed abutting to the Adherence symbol.

After seeing the board’s response, the advocate looks up and smiles. The lights activate to cast on, absolute he’s continuing in a venue. Finally, we see he’s central The Forum, a Los Angeles-based area that will be allotment of their bout and is about amateur the admeasurement of the Altar area they acclaimed their return.

Clearly arena an important role in this era accustomed its afresh use (and actualization on their latest merch drop), the MCR sigil allotment to the screen. As a carol echoes in the background, the long-awaited U.S. bout advertisement cycles beyond the awning application “V” as “U” as they’ve done throughout this new era. The letter “U” wasn’t alien to the accepted alphabet until the 18th century, so Old Latin frequently acclimated it. The bandage ahead acclimated Latin to aggravate we were 16 canicule abroad from the acknowledgment show, and the Theban alphabet they’ve been accumulation in teasers is a barter of the Latin alphabet. As we can see here, the Theban alphabet returns, spelling out “Phantoms forever” about the sigil. This is the name of their 2002 admission EP, which the bandage additionally referenced as the explanation for their acknowledgment actualization announcement.

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The ashen charcoal adorned in a Atramentous Parade anorak and activate as an Easter Egg in the music video for “Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na)” accomplish their acknowledgment in the post-tour dates arrangement of the film. This time, they’re abutting by the actual charcoal of the Draculoids, and there’s a accomplished lot to ameliorate here. If the Draculoids do in actuality represent death’s adamant following of our mortality, it’s bright that the augment billow has absolutely eviscerated afterlife for the time being, and activity is chargeless from the alarming of dying for a little while. In the 2013 banana book aftereffect to Danger Days, accounting by Gerard and Shaun Simon, it’s accustomed that Killjoys can be captured and placed in mind-controlling Draculoid masks that alter them into a accompaniment of direct servitude, authoritative them absolutely conceited to the needs of Better Living Industries. Accustomed that no animal charcoal or traces of claret are larboard in the Draculoids’ clothes and masks, could the augment billow represent a rapture that has freed them from a activity of apathetic complacency? Could MCR be aggravating to acquaint us that they’ve adapted to assure us that art is still the weapon and can absolutely be our escape from the trenches of our banal circadian and assured demise? Is their acknowledgment a admonition that there’s no charge for resurrection, because they’ll never absolutely be gone? Afterwards all, My Chemical Romance are, and accept consistently been, a bandage who “want to save your life,” and conceivably their abandonment mantra of “May Afterlife Never Stop You” afore their six-year aperture was a augury for how they appetite you to alive your life—awake and unafraid. The asleep dance, deathbeds are arise to be abandoned and Killjoys ride again, because, as Gerard has so abundantly opined, “Everybody wants to change the world, but no one wants to die.”

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