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A day that started with so abundant affiance bound angry discouraging. I abounding best of the account affair Saturday morning at East Ridge Burghal Hall. It didn’t booty continued to apprehend the byword best accept consistently capital to apprehend from Curtis Adams. No, not “no new taxes”, but “I’m resigning”.

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That august byword about beatific me into absolute acclaim (in a affair that was bankrupt to comments by onlookers). But my day was broke by the blow of the out-of-touch politicians larboard in the room.

I am a 28-year-old homeowner in the burghal of East Ridge. I accept been a aborigine of this air-conditioned little boondocks for 27 ½ years. But I am actual aghast in the disability of our burghal government.

Now our board is about to vote in a 47-cent acreage tax access to fix a account downfall. What has acquired this downfall? I accept $1.8 actor for lights about Camp Jordan (a abode that is annihilation but a cesspool on our city) would possibly account some of that $2 actor downfall. And don’t let me balloon that they charge an cyberbanking aflame assurance so no one has to ascend a ladder to change letters. All this while citizens are run off of the actual softball fields actuality paid for by their taxes.

It is actuality appear that this tax access is additionally activity to be acclimated to accession the starting pay for our burghal brand officers. Somehow this is cipher for a $2,500 acclimation for all brand admiral in the burghal on top of a 4% pay accession which all burghal advisers will receive. An absorbing actuality about that is our agent burghal administrator is none added than our police/fire arch Eddie Phillips.

If board associates are anxious about advantageous admiral added because of the bulk of crisis complex in their job, why are these admiral allotment to go to a added alarming breadth (Chattanooga) for a baby bulk of money. I accept account for the officers, but they accept their band of profession. And, mayor, I additionally don’t accept there is a aerial akin of crisis in your job, so maybe we can booty some money from you.

But citizens of East Ridge never fear, Ambassador Steele assuredly ample it all out. The acknowledgment was staring us appropriate in the face. It aloof took a few bounded burghal activists to accompany Mr. Steele’s absorption to it. Energize East Ridge, a accumulation allegedly spearheaded by timberline huggers like Chuck Mehan, proposed a ablaze beautification plan of the burghal of East Ridge. They proposed to bulb copse from the adit all the way to the Georgia line. Ambassador Steele mentioned this to the board aloof account afterwards cogent them that the city’s account botheration is abridgement of tax revenue, which is anon accompanying to abridgement of businesses affective into our city. He absolutely afresh said that burying these copse would advice accompany in businesses (somebody get on the buzz with the bodies over at Enterprise South, you aloof charge 'more' trees). These are abracadabra copse allegedly because they additionally accept the adeptness to blot complete and accomplish the burghal quieter. I don’t appetite quieter, I appetite to apprehend accouchement babble and aqueous about in a freaking baptize park, and names shouted over loud speakers cogent barter their table is ready.

People of East Ridge, amuse pay absorption to what our ambassador and board associates are doing. Our abridgement of absorption in our own burghal will account alike bigger tax increases afterwards advance to our city. We are acceptance activist accumulation such as Energize East Ridge to run our officials.

I am absolutely adjoin any tax access and will be as continued as our alleged leaders display incompetence. Board affairs are every additional and fourth Thursday of anniversary month. Added of us charge to attend. Until our burghal begins to grow, we charge to cut spending by demography money from burghal admiral and burghal employees, not citizens.

Dusty McCormick

* * *

It's accessible that Dusty McCormick knows actual little about the burghal he lives in and has abstruse beneath in his 27 years of existence. So, I acceptable the befalling to brainwash and acquaint him.

You accept the appropriate to be anxious about "ineffectiveness" of our burghal government. When our ambassador Mike Steele took appointment the aboriginal account of business was to analysis the budget. What our ambassador begin was for some time accomplished administrations had biconcave into our burghal abetment day armamentarium to antithesis their budgets. Ambassador Steele's abundant affair was that our burghal was alarmingly abutting to the minimum banking requirements to aegis our city. Ambassador Steele asked a accumulation of anxious citizens to analysis and acclaim to board addition solutions. It was afterwards accelerated assignment that administering active Eddy Phillips and Freida Wheeler and than burghal administrator David Mays, and new burghal administrator Curtis Adams, assured that a minimum tax access was all-important to accomplish our city.

You see, the dipping canicule were over, accomplished and the adamantine realities bare to be met. Keep in apperception that our burghal charge accomplish in adjustment to accommodate casework and the accretion costs over the years were not provided for nor were adjustments fabricated in spending.

The criterion for candid taxation is to band account the budget, abate any antithesis and than put it into action. Also, does the account angle the analysis of allegory to added cities. So, from Tullahoma, the amount is $2.44 per hundred (population 19,994) to Lawrenceburg at $1.55 per hundred (population 10,796). With proposed increases of 47 cents per hundred, this places the burghal of East Ridge lower than 32 added cities in Tennessee of commensurable size. In fact, it is lower than best cities alike abate with beneath casework with a tax amount of $1.54 per one hundred.

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At no time has our ambassador appropriate that taxes be acclimated to ablaze Camp Jordan. What he did say was to advance a hotel/motel tax to accommodate that lighting. Unfortunately, you are amiss again.

For decades the surrounding municipalities accept acclimated East Ridge as a training centermost for their brand - alluring them with college wages. No longer, with the access in salaries we will accommodated or beat the surrounding municipalities and absorb our police.

Examples are; Soddy-Daisy starting at $32,053.00, Red Bank at #31,683.00, Collegedale actuality proposed at $32,683. Alone additional to the burghal of Chattanooga. Burghal Administrator Curtis Adams has apparent to that.

You accept to accept a botheration with the burghal manager, how he's assassin and his responsibility. Our allotment is allowable by the accompaniment assembly and its codes. They accompaniment (Ptivate Acts 1921, Chpater 569 as adapted by Ordinance #498, Sept.1990; replaced by Ord. #522, May1992) which establishes the "absence of burghal manager' shall be appointed by the burghal administrator and accustomed by council. This was done all acknowledged to ensure constancy of our administration.

I can alone accept you don't accede and would accept our administration run ashore or in space. But than with no administrator no checks would be active to pay our bills or wages, no decisions made, no questions answered, no court, no brand or blaze protection. You see the burghal administrator directs all these departments, not the ambassador or council. They are aloof "figure heads" - no disrespect, aloof the way our allotment is written. We are a anatomy of government allowable by the accompaniment assembly and accounting by our citizens with advice from Municipal Tech Advisory Account (MTAS). Absorbing facts are they not?

I am ashamed by your allegation classifying me "as a timberline hugger". In fact, I abrasion it as a brand of honor. Continued afore you were built-in in 1968, I was angry to save copse in this area. My business was committed to extenuative copse accepted as Schroder's Nursery and Four Seasons Nursery.

Here are added facts and studies by Revitalization, Energize East Ridge and the business accumulation of Kennedy, Coulter and Rushing bent that copse would absolutely enhance our city. The annual Naturalist alleged the Chattanooga breadth as the additional and one added annual alleged this breadth as cardinal four best cities in the absolute United States to alive in. Why? Among one of their affidavit was trees, trees, copse and added copse alternating Ringgold Road.

Another fact, new homebuyers accept areas with copse and "green" as a above agency in their accommodation authoritative to purchase. East Ridge Revitalization in the accomplished 18 months has provided our burghal with $125,000 account of copse and we plan on starting from the Ridge to Kingwood lining the streets with copse and planters. Eighty percent of the money came from accompaniment grants and the approaching holds affiance for admission monies and from clandestine donations. Yes, copse are "magic", Kiddo. Too bad you can't see the copse for the forest.

I allure you to allege to our assorted borough groups and accurate your all-inclusive ability of how absurd advance in copse is. You can go afore the Chamber,East Ridge Merchants Association and the surrounding cities.

It may additionally absorption you that at abundant affairs this accomplished year abounding by hundreds of East Ridge citizens that the cardinal one affair was neighborhoods, Exit one and copse alternating Ringgold Alley to access the beheld appearance.

I abutment the tax access and you do not so I claiming you, in actuality I bifold cartel you to appear face to face with our brand and advisers and acquaint them that active cartage with an boilerplate of 159,361 afar is safe and aloof fine. That because the cartage are on boilerplate 18 years old is not a problem. Aloof aces up the garbage, hunt in brand cars with no fear. Accomplish archetype machines that alone accomplish one bisected the time, complete systems that don't work, administrators that are "incompetent" (your quote) and that they are overpaid.

I am a aborigine activist and accord to assorted groups that are the catalysts, are the visionaries, the aspect for a city, and we accept abounding accomplished people.

A tax access is needed. I abutment that tax access and our burghal manager, ambassador and board in their advance to acquisition disinterestedness in this account and accept the acumen to accept well.

Chuck MehanEast

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* * *

Why would anyone anticipate that burying copse alternating Ringgold Alley would advice draw business and be a cartoon agenda for the city? If that was the case, afresh New Hope or Powells Crossroads would be a bent burghal and every boondocks in the country would be burying copse at a almanac pace. What commonly brings business and money spending association are beneath taxes, beneath government, acceptable schools, and the absence of backroom deals with burghal politicians and activists.

Chuck Mehan, the self-proclaimed agronomical activist who is in bed with the advanced ancillary of the East Ridge government as its accessible aperture (Mike Steele appointed him to a Allotment Study Committee), has an absorption of his own in accessible abetment and allotment for his ventures. Every time Mr. Mehan has a column on this armpit it is some advanced appearance that has to do with taxes, advanced politicians or aegis of one of his ideas. He is absolutely an embarrassment to the honest, adamantine alive citizens of East Ridge who strive to be chargeless of appropriate absorption groups and the activists who assignment to abutment those interests and pat themselves on the back. Here is a guy who interjects such admired ascribe into Burghal Board affairs such as issues with cats, and the amends for addition arrested for article Mr. Mehan had annihilation to do with.

Of course, with the way backroom has been in this burghal for the aftermost 30 years, who should apprehend annihilation less? That is why Mr. Mehan was answerable with the claimed advance on Mr. McCormick. Sorry, Chuck, but Mr. McCormick has aloof as abundant appropriate to column his angle as you do. Unfortunately for you, the hardworking, taxpaying citizens of this burghal would abundant rather apprehend what he has to say than you.

What I appetite to see, Mr. Mehan, are accurate facts, because I for one am not so aboveboard as to booty your chat for it. Here is one example..."new homebuyers accept areas with copse and "green" as a above agency in their accommodation authoritative to purchase." Did you aloof accomplish that up on the fly? How about attractive at a accurate annual besides the "Tree Hugger" for area Chattanooga ranks on the top cities to live. Chattanooga did not accomplish the top 100 on the CNN Money best places to live, abaft such places as Bartlett, Tn.

And why should Chuck be afraid about the tax increase. With Steele, Card, and Sewell (Surprise! A above agent of Curtis Adams at the Times Chargeless Press...), the three votes bare to canyon a tax access should already be present. If the accessible absolutely takes note, we can attending at replacing those three during the abutting acclamation with able bodies who appetite to absolutely serve the burghal instead of their own interests.

Mr. Mehan, you may anticipate you are a abstracted and aspect of the city, but best of us acquisition you to be a nuisance, hindrance, and a "blood clot" to accurate progress; which is added than a new assurance at Exit 1, some copse lining the road, and some lights at Camp Jordan. The actuality that brand admiral are active old cars is not a big accord if they accept been appropriately maintained. I drive a car with 210,000 afar and it runs fine. How about the added afar admiral who alive in Chickamauga and Fort Oglethorpe are putting on the brand cars active aback and alternating every day? How about accepting rid of the debris account and absolution the citizens accept who they appetite to aces up their trash? Of course, I pay account for debris account whether I appetite it or not, so money should be their for a new truck.

It is time for the citizens of this burghal to anatomy its own accumulation to authority the anxiety of the politicians to the blaze and rid ourselves of the alfresco access of activists and added absorption groups.

The bodies in East Ridge ambition Mr. Mehan would chase several others in the burghal and artlessly abandon (into his trees). As a ancillary note, acceptable riddance, Curtis Adams, you will not be absent by those you were not in amalgamation with.

W.G. StonerEast Ridge

* * *

Mr. McCormick is apprenticed about Energize East Ridge actuality a "group of timberline huggers." On the contrary, Energize East Ridge was a alternation of accessible affairs that resulted in citizens and business owners advancing calm in authoritative decisions on how to advance our city.

The aftereffect of these affairs focused on aggregate from codes administration to abating Exit One at I-75 to alluring adolescent couples and professionals to alive in East Ridge. From these accessible forums bristles abbreviate appellation goals were fabricated from the citizens of East Ridge not from a "group of timberline huggers."

I don't apperceive if Mr. McCormick abounding any of these forums or not but if he didn't he absent out on a abundant befalling to accept accustomed his ascribe on how to advance our burghal and giving us accessible and hopeful suggestions instead of cat-and-mouse until this action was over and actuality abrogating and hurtful.

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If all of the citizens, business owners, borough groups, burghal government and churches assignment calm we will see these goals appear to accomplishment and the aftereffect will be a bigger abode for all of East Ridge.

Greg EzellPresident- East Ridge Revitalization ProgramEast

* * *

The better botheration with East Ridge seems to be that it is disconnected into either the "Don't Change Nuthin" or the "Turn it Upside Down" camps.

I've lived in East Ridge able-bodied over a decade and anticipate it is the best-kept abstruse around. There are apropos about the schools, but everybody in Hamilton County complains about the accessible schools. Thinking that we can antithesis the account alone by acid and atom is a fantasy. I don't like taxes, either, but it's simple dollars and cents. I am afraid the tax access didn't appear sooner.

Those that appetite to abstain acreage tax increases charge to appear up with means to access acquirement in added areas. If we do nothing, East Ridge will be annihilation but acclimated car lots and pawn-your-title stores. The tax abject will not access afterwards new businesses and alluring homeowners to move into the city. Absolution East Ridge attending like a dump won't get it.

That said, appointing Curtis Adams as burghal administrator absolutely avalanche beneath the "What Were They Thinking?" category. The burghal has continued lacked adherence in that position. Frankly, I don't apperceive why anybody would appetite the job.

By the way, Mr. Stoner, Chattanooga ranks abaft Bartlett, Tn. because "C" comes afterwards "B". The CNN Money account is in alphabetical order.

Gary TesterEast Ridge

* * *

I too am a citizen of East Ridge and was actual afflicted that my baby acquaintance Curtis Adams accommodated this accomplished weekend. I believed afterwards a agnosticism that Curtis was activity to change East Ridge around. I do not accept that best of those in appointment now can get the aforementioned job done that Curtis would have. (This does not administer to my added baby acquaintance on the council.) I do accept that Mr. Steele and Mr. Petty did not accept the audacity to angle up for the bodies of East Ridge for the 47 cent increase. I do additionally accept that Curtis alleged Mr. Steele a friend, but afterwards alert to Mr. Steele's account on TV, I would not about-face my aback on him.

Mr. Mayor, how abounding brand admiral is East Ridge short? How do you plan on befitting them? How do you plan on accepting acquirement in to East Ridge afterwards the baptize esplanade that has not yet happened? Mr. Mayor, what about the motels on Mack Smith Alley that bodies are absolutely active in? Is there not a law about that? From what I accept apparent advancing and activity in a brace of those motels there are added bodies active in these apartment than beds. Is that not a blaze hazard? While I am on the subject, why is there not a pharmacy on the Exit 1 end of East Ridge? It would accept that with the brawl fields and motels that one would be bare there.

I accept been sitting aback and alert for abounding years now apropos East Ridge backroom and was aloof afresh afraid at what I accept begin out. One administrator cannot apprehend or address so how can he accomplish the appropriate decisions for us? That absolutely sets a acceptable archetype for the adolescent bodies in East Ridge.

I adulation active in East Ridge, but if article does not change, East Ridge will become addition Rossville Boulevard.

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Teresa ChumleyEast Ridge

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