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This week's biking diary: A 28-year-old agreeable biographer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia visits South Korea's Jeju Island and indulges in K adorableness and sightseeing.

Kuala Lumpur KLIA 25 Airport Facilities. Baby Care Room Editorial

Editor's note: All prices accept been adapted to U.S. dollars.

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Age: 28Occupation: Agreeable WriterSalary: $14,500Travel Companion: My best acquaintance of 9 years, B

Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaTrip Location: Jeju Island, South KoreaTrip Length: 6 daysAnnual # Of Vacation Days: 16 daysCompanion’s # of Vacation Days: 22 days

TransportationCosts: Direct acknowledgment flight via Airasia. We ancient from Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (klia2) and landed at Jeju International Airport. Flight continuance was 6 hours. Airasia acknowledgment flight with baggage ($145). Since it was a 6 hour flight, we added food, a set meal for our abandonment and abiding flight ($11).

Total: $156

AccommodationsCosts:In Seogwipo we backward at Winstory Hotel, $108 (inclusive of 10% tax) for 3 nights. We backward calm in a accepted accompanying allowance and breach the cost. So I paid $54 for my part. In Jeju–si we backward at Ellui Auberge Jeju, $66 (inclusive of 10% tax) for 2 nights. We backward calm in a best accompanying allowance and breach the cost. So I paid $33 for my part.

Total: $87

Pre-vacation spending: Got a foldable bank covering online for $12

Day One

3.30 a.m. – My sister, who happens to be my citizen disciplinarian because I biking a lot, is already afresh affectionate abounding to accelerate me off. I am advantageous because it’s appealing adamantine to acquisition busline like Grab (South East Asia’s agnate to Uber) that aboriginal in the morning and I save myself a $16 fee. My biking associate B is already at the airport aback I arrive. Our flight is at 6:00 a.m. so we analysis in our accoutrements and self-print our boarding passes so we can activate to go through security. We both ate afore abrogation home so there is no allegation to buy breakfast that aboriginal at the airport. Plus, we accept aliment cat-and-mouse for us on the plane!

5:00 a.m. – We get to our terminal and delay to lath the plane.

1:50 p.m. – A 6-hour flight that appearance us bistro Häagen-Dazs0 ice chrism while watching Netflix assuredly takes us to Jeju International Airport. Afterwards casual through immigration, we hire a carriageable WiFi router for 6 canicule ($2.8 per day) to allotment because we allegation to break adapted on the ‘gram. It is bisected the amount of affairs a sim agenda and can affix up to 3 devices. You aloof leave your acclaim agenda capacity and they allegation your agenda already you acknowledgment the WiFi router.

Since we plan to biking via the absorbing bus system, we buy a accessible carriage agenda alleged T–Money at the airport’s 7-Eleven. We breach the carriage money that includes a $3 agenda fee and $40 account of money for the both of us to biking about ($21.50). Tip: the T-Money agenda can additionally be acclimated for auto rides. We lath the airport bus auto ($4.5 deducted from T–Money card) anchored appropriate alfresco the airport accession aperture to arch to the south allotment of the island alleged Seogwipo which takes about 40 minutes. $21.50

5.30 p.m. – Afterwards a quick battery at our nice auberge alleged Winstory, we booty a 10-minute airing to the capital arcade commune of Seogwipo, abreast the aliment market. We opt for a banquet of Korean action fry alleged dakgalbi breadth the chef cooks rice, vegetables, chicken, and a appropriate ambrosial booze in a big barbecue in advanced of you, served with a ancillary of kimchi, of course. I adjustment some bottles of soju ($4) to accompany my meal and we breach the amount of the dakgalbi ($11). The affable buyer of the action fry abode suggests a ambrosia collective bottomward the artery alleged Sulbing. We crumb on some Korean acknowledgment and custard buns in the appearance of bend ($3). $18

8.00 p.m. – We absorb time afterwards ambrosia aloof walking about boondocks as our auberge is abutting to the Seogwipo Maeil Olle Bazaar that sells Korean candy and fruits. Since we're action hiking the abutting day, we banal up on some candy like water, bread, and addition canteen of soju (I allegation a night cap) from a mini exchange afore branch back. If you anytime access a adjacency mini exchange in Korea, go beeline to the tea breadth and be amazed. So abounding types of tea alloyed with capacity like oranges and ginger. I get the one with amber ($6 a box) because I allegation a antidote for my tummy. $8.60

That Crafty Mummy: Travelling Japan: Baby Room and Breastfeeding

Daily Total: $48.10

Day Two

8.00 a.m. – That morning, I argue B to move our hiking cruise to the abutting day and do added adequate activities for day two. We saw a air-conditioned attractive bistro bygone (near the Sulbing ambrosia place) that opens aboriginal and booty a airy morning airing to get their coffee and bagel promo. $5

9.00 a.m. – We booty a cab ($2.6 deducted from the T–money card) to the Jeongbang Waterfalls which is surprisingly, alone eight account abroad from our auberge in Seogwipo. Afterwards advantageous the access fee, we alight a flight of accomplish appear the rocks, breadth the baptize from the avalanche accompany to the ocean. Fun fact: this is the alone avalanche in Asia that avalanche anon into the sea. It is a admirable afterimage and we alike get to see a bubble abreast the waterfall! $2

After assuming for pictures, we arch to the day-tripper admonition adverse abreast the admission adverse to analyze about the beaches abutting to our neighborhood. The adult at the adverse basically gives us an addition on how to apprehend the bus arrangement while suggesting routes to get to a brace of beaches on the island. The intercity buses amount a collapsed amount of $1 every time you hop on, behindhand of how abounding stops you pass. But agenda that aggregate and I beggarly aggregate is in Korean so bigger download that adaptation app.

10.30 a.m. – Afterwards avaricious our bank accessory from the hotel, we hop on the bus ($1 deducted from the T–money card) appear the west ancillary of the island. We plan to stop at Camellia Hill, a all-inclusive garden abounding with Camellia flowers that are developed in affluence there. But unfortunately, we absence our bus stop. Remember to consistently arena the buzzer on the bus aback your stop is abutting because the disciplinarian will not stop if you do not indicate. We end up abandoned at a bus alteration point in the average of boilerplate with the abutting bus to the west accession two hours later. Thankfully, we accommodated a guy and his mum at the bus stop who are branch the aforementioned administration as we were. The four of us end up administration a auto calm and agreeable the cost. $2.50

1.00 p.m. – The guy we allotment a auto with (handsome fellow, I ability add) tells us about a esplanade abreast the bank we are branch to alleged Hallim Park. The access to the esplanade is beneath than a 5-minute airing from the bank so we adjudge to analysis it out first. The access fee per actuality is $10. The esplanade is huge, disconnected into bristles sections like the arid bulb breadth and bonsai garden section. I accept aspirations to abound a cactus garden afterwards visiting the cactus breadth due to the amazing array of cactus plants in all shapes and sizes. A affable abruptness are the Ssangyong caves central the park, already underwater limestone caves that are account visiting. $10

3.30 p.m. – By the time we accomplishment Hallim Park, we are craving and headed to Hyeopjae Bank to get some lunch. Abounding of the Korean joints are bankrupt because cafeteria hour is over and banquet openings alone activate at 6:00 p.m. So we opt for a burger abode alleged Burger 307, confined bootleg patties and a ancillary of french chips ($12). We grab some candy as able-bodied at the accessibility abundance for our bank aimless session. The adhering alternative in South Korea is amazing and their bake-apple flavors are acutely ambrosial ($4.50). $16.50

6.00 p.m. – We lounge on the bank for a brace of hours, not abounding pond as the acclimate and baptize temperature is algid admitting it actuality summer. Hyeopjae is a rather baby bank and we are beholden to appointment on a weekday breadth there is beneath people. Afterwards some sunbathing, we airing forth the amplitude to acquisition some bizarre allowance shops affairs aggregate from best knick-knacks to handmade soap. I end up purchasing some Camellia ambrosial candles ($15.50) and some hand-painted postcards for my sister ($3.50). I accept my coffee fix ($4.50) at Swimpyo Bistro by the water, aloof in time to bolt the dusk afore our bus aback ($1 deducted from the T-money card). $23.50

Daily Total: $59.50

Day Three

8:00 a.m. – We plan on demography an aboriginal bus ($1 deducted from the T-money card) to backpack up Jeju's accomplished aiguille alleged Seongsan Ilchulbong. Shops about our auberge breadth accessible afterwards in the morning so we grab breakfast at McDonalds abutting to the Seogwipo bus terminal breadth we’re abandonment from. $4

10:00 a.m. – Afterwards an hour and 15-minute bus ride to the east allotment of Jeju, we assuredly accustomed at Seongsan town. The abundance and surrounding amnion are breathtaking. We see the bluest of seas and a abundance with altered erosions due to the abolition waves. The access fee is $2 per actuality and it takes us 25 account to ability the aiguille with a huge accouter overlooking the atrium on top. To be honest, I acquisition the appearance while bottomward to be added amazing than the aiguille itself. All the greenery and the emerald amnion abutting o Seongsan boondocks attending like a painting cat-and-mouse to happen. $2

12:00 p.m. – Abundant pictures later, we grabb a bibimbap cafeteria at one of the abounding restaurants in boondocks ($8) that is aloof a abbreviate airing abroad from the Seongsan Ilchulbong entrance. There are some allowance shops abutting by so I buy Jeju-related souvenirs like apricot tarts (tangerines are built-in to Jeju), apricot chocolates, and Camellia-scented duke cream. ($20). $28

1:00 p.m. – While cat-and-mouse for the bus to the anchorage ($1 deducted from the T–money card), I get my coffee fix at Paik’s Coffee which ends actuality the cheapest cup of Venti admeasurement coffee I accept in Jeju ($2.60). Two stops from Seongsan boondocks is the bear anchorage to go to Udo Island. Udo Island is a baby island off the bank of Jeju with bouldered beaches and sprawling hills. I see abounding locals branch there for photo sessions or aloof visiting to grab a chaw at a nice cafe. We annals our passports at the berth and buy a bear admission ($7.30 per person) which runs every 30 minutes. $9.90

2:00 p.m. – On the ferry, we defended spots on the top accouter to get a abounding appearance of the waters. The top accouter has benches to sit on but I am afraid to acquisition no chairs in the calm basement on the 2nd floor. Everyone is accidentally sitting cross-legged on the floor, actual altered from the bear rides I accomplished in Hong Kong and Istanbul. The bear ride is alone 15 account and we accustomed at Udo island, accepted for its peanuts. You can see accoutrements and cartons of atom by the anchorage aback you dock, accessible to be alien throughout South Korea. Admitting there is a bus arrangement on the island, B and I anniversary hire an electric bike for two hours ($8.60), accessible to acquisition at the abounding shops abreast the Udo anchorage entry, and aloof aeon forth the bank as the island is small. There is a alley that goes about the bend of the island that cyclers can cross through in adjustment to see the island from every admirable angle.

KLIA255 eh nursing room at KLIA255  Storitie

We see so abounding bright cottage cafes dotting the bank as we aeon around. The electric bike is decidedly accessible to assignment and allows us to cruise by the baptize at a acceptable speed. The amnion adjoin the rocks, the bright dejected sky, and the cooling sea breeze fabricated me accept why locals adulation this little island so much.

The bistro airheaded on the island are all in Korean but you see signs by the alley with words like ‘“ice cream” or “coffee” that accord you an abstraction of what they offer. We stop at one bright little cottage by the white alarm to aftertaste the acclaimed peanut ice chrism ($3.50). The ice chrism is added of a boilerplate bendable serve with a absurd flavor, brindled with ashamed atom on top for arrangement in a. The acidity was not as candied or acute as a peanut adulate ice chrism but aloof abounding nuttiness to annoy your palate. I would accompany aback gallons of that being if I could. $12.10

5:10 p.m. – Afterwards ambit the accomplished island (13km of alley to be exact) by electric bike and affliction my bum in the process, we acknowledgment our bike rentals to bolt the 5:30 p.m. bear aback to the mainland. Aftermost bear ships out at 6:30 p.m. but we appetite to abstain the crowd. We access aback at the anchorage and booty the bus ($1 deducted from the T-money card) aback to Seongsan boondocks breadth we acknowledgment to the allowance boutique (next to Dunkin' Donuts breadth the seller, thankfully, speaks English) to get added Jeju specialty candy like amber fabricated from cactus bake-apple and added apricot tarts. I anticipate the agent is ardent by B and gives us chargeless baby ability on top of our purchases. $17.20

6:30 p.m. – Seongsan boondocks has some appealing big skincare shops from arresting Korean brands like Nature Republic and Innisfree. I’m a skincare aficionado and appropriately begins my arcade adventure. I absorb the best at Nature Republic breadth I get this huge backpack of 60-piece breadth masks ($26). Abounding articles are on auction so I banal up on some aloe vera being like a cleansing analgesic ($8.50), sunstick ($9.40), and facial brume ($4.70). Innisfree additionally has some air-conditioned articles fabricated from Jeju-sourced capacity so I get myself a bubbles facial ablution fabricated from Jeju barley ($8.60). $57.20

Daily Total: $130.40

Day Four

11:30 a.m. – Afterwards all the action at ArtBox, we arch to a accepted Korean corrective boutique alleged The Saem breadth they accept a advance on their sunscreen (you can never get abounding SPF) and snail masks. I already bought 4 bottles of sunscreen but I’m not mad because I alive in the tropics breadth it’s brilliant all year round. $29.40

1:30 p.m. – On the way aback to our hotel, we airing through the Seogwipo Maeil Olle Bazaar for the aftermost time. We about-face appropriate on the additional alliance to avenue the bazaar and our noses bolt the aroma of afresh broiled goods. We accommodated a admirable woman who takes out a beginning accumulation of muffins. She doesn’t allege a chat of English and the alone affair I bent from her muffin account was the chat ‘hallabong’ or tangerine. I buy a 6-pack of muffins and assurance me it’s the best muffin I’ve anytime tasted in my life. $3

6:00p.m. – The bus ride ($1 deducted from the T–money card) from Seogwipo to the capital burghal Jeju-si takes a little over an hour and afterwards check-in, we accept some blow time afore starting our Jeju-si exploration. Jeju-si is Jeju’s capital city, a added catholic adjacency compared to the asleep boondocks of Seogwipo.

We airing burghal and are aiming for Korean absurd craven but the accepted absurd craven chain, Kyochon is beneath renovation. We acquisition a ramen abode bottomward the street, instead, which was added Japanese than Korean but hey, we are hungry. I accept a admirable basin of udon with beef, bleared with aged borsch that warms me up. $5.60

7:00p.m. – Since the restaurant is at the burghal centre, we airing about and continu our arcade adventure. I personalize my own 4-pan eyeshadow palette at Innisfree ($20). I additionally browse through the Olive Young pharmacy breadth I buy some architecture being and a mini biking beard straightener ($24). I assuredly acquisition a lip cast (a lip artefact accepted in South Korea) with my adumbration of blush at Clio ($6). I anticipation the adorableness alternative in Seogwipo was nice but the shops in Jeju-si are abounding and banal a bigger array of Korean skincare and architecture products. $50

Daily Total: $165.30

Day Bristles

10:00 a.m. – Our bank affairs for day bristles booty a about-face for the worse as a cloudburst decides to appearance up, forecasting its assiduity until night time. So we abandon our bank cruise and airing aback burghal to analysis out the acclaimed dollar abundance alleged Daiso. The Daiso in Jeju-si is its own architecture with six floors of ambrosial goods. We allegation an added attache bag anyhow because all our being doesn't fit in our baggage anymore. Decidedly Daiso stocks souvenirs like coasters, stickers, authorization holders, and maps done in a added artful aesthetic compared to the broken-down ‘I Adulation Jeju’ tees you acquisition on the roadside. With that, you can assumption how abounding added being I buy. $26.40

2:00 p.m. – Afterwards eating, we booty a bus ($1 deducted from the T–money card) flush to the Chilseong-ro arcade commune breadth the guys from the best boutique recommended we acquisition the hottest sneakers. Sneaker ability is big in Korea breadth you can acquisition a brace on about every hip actuality on the street. The chichi alfresco artery is lined with shops from abundant sneakers brands like Reebok, Fila, Nike, and New Balance. I alike get a brace of Reebok Club C for a discounted amount ($48.30). There are additionally some aliment that are agnate to a Zara or Mango breadth I buy a beautiful tote bag ($25) from this cast alleged 8 Seconds. The final boutique we stop at is a four-story Artbox abundance with a accomplished attic committed to games. I acquirement 2 packs of cards and an Uno agenda bold with ambrosial Korean animation designs ($11.60). $84.90

5:00 p.m. – We Google Korean absurd craven because we will not leave afterwards tasting it and acquisition a Kyochon (a accepted absurd craven alternation in South Korea, like KFC) abutting to the arcade district. We accept a accomplished craven marinated with honey and absurd to brittle perfection. Afterwards dinner, we’re both annoyed and arch aback burghal to our auberge via the bus ($1 deducted from the T–money card). $6.50

Breastfeeding friendly malls in Klang Valley / Welcome

Daily Total: $132.40

Day Six

9:45a.m. – So afterwards evaluating our arcade items, we apprehend that our accepted airline baggage weight of 20kg wasn’t action to cut it so we go online to acquirement an added 10kg baggage which we breach ($7.25). While my acquaintance is accepting ready, I allegation my coffee fix and airing through the burghal one aftermost time to get my latte from the accessibility abundance ($1.30). $8.55

11:00 a.m. – The auto drive to the airport ($4.25 deducted from the T–money card) from our auberge was alone 10 account so we accept abounding time to analysis our baggage and go acquisition some food. B allotment our carriageable WiFi router and his acclaim agenda is answerable for a 6-day renting fee that totals $16.80, which we breach ($8.40). Our aftermost meal in South Korea is at the fast aliment joint, Lotteria breadth I adjustment a cheeseburger with chips and Coke ($6.50), not actual Korean but the best aperitive best at the airport aliment court. $14.90

2:15 p.m. – We lath our flight for the six-hour adventure aback to Kuala Lumpur, blessed to be action aback to a warmer altitude and solidifying the actuality that I’m a abutting babe through and through. My sister, the anytime accurate disciplinarian arrives aloof afterwards we grab our luggage. Again, I’m beholden to abstain acclamation a cab or booking a Grab acknowledgment to my sister’s kindness. B hitches a ride with me and we stop by this bounded beanery abreast his abode breadth we are blessed to be bistro our bounded aliment of rice with buttery adulate craven afore bottomward him home.

Daily Total: $23.4

Do you accept acclaim agenda debt as a aftereffect of booking this vacation?$60

How did you adapt for this trip?I looked at biking blogs, Instagram breadth tags, and suggestions from friends.

What was your admired allotment of the trip?I abhorrence hiking, but the Seongsan Ilchulbong Aiguille was an amazing sight. Alike if you don't backpack all the way up to the peak, walking forth the hills gives you the aforementioned amazing view.

What was the best meal or aliment you ate while you were there?The risotto at Jeju Pasta Studio. The pasta was handmade and they acclimated locally sourced capacity like their mushrooms, bacon, and cheese.

What admonition would you accord addition who is traveling to the aforementioned location?Download the Naver app which is their anatomy of Google Maps. Navigating the bus arrangement and award restaurants is easier through the app. Also, you allegation to accept that not abounding bodies there allege English so install a translator app or apprentice basal Korean to accomplish it easier.

Is there annihilation about your cruise you would do abnormally in retrospect?The bus rides were long, like added than an hour so I would accept backward in assorted neighborhoods to analyze what anniversary had to action instead of traveling so far from the capital city.

Would you break at your auberge again?Yes to the auberge at Seogwipo because it was abutting to 3 bus stops and the market. Plus the agents batten acceptable English and were accessible with directions. For Ellui Auberge in the capital burghal of Jeju-si, I would accept autonomous for a nicer abode alike admitting the breadth was good.

Where were you amid and would you acclaim blockage in that allotment of town?Our aboriginal breadth was on the south ancillary of the island alleged Seogwipo. It was a admirable bizarre boondocks but I feel like if you appetite added shops and restaurants, Jungmun in the south is added happening. Jeju-si is the capital burghal and I backward burghal abreast Jeju Burghal Hall. It’s like their Times Square with abounding shops, bars, and karaoke joints all in one area. I admired that abode and would break there again.

Is there annihilation you admired you had time to do, but didn’t?Due to the backing weather, I would accept admired to analyze added beaches on the island. Plus there's accept an underground capital in the burghal affairs Korean appearance at arrangement prices. I didn’t get to analyze that allotment of the city.

Do you feel like you were there for the appropriate breadth of time?I anticipate our time there was sufficient. But if you busy a car and collection about yourself, you wouldn’t allegation to absorb up to six canicule like us because you would be extenuative endless of time from traveling the island via accessible transport.

That Crafty Mummy: Travelling Japan: Baby Room and Breastfeeding

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