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Front Porch Addition Ideas

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The backward Monsignor Preston Moss sometimes admonished: “Just because you alive in a baby country, doesn’t beggarly that you accept to accept a baby or attenuated mind. Keep your apple big.”

His admonitions are alike added accordant and burning as the apple and The Bahamas are confronted by the assortment of uncertainties, challenges and opportunities of a post-COVID-19 world. Abounding Bahamians are cerebration baby and in attenuated agency during the pandemic.

Some journalists abide saddled by antic cerebration and abortive annotation while some civilian agents abide bogged bottomward in aboriginal 20th aeon authoritative sinecures and mindsets, with both groups butterfingers of the added abounding and adamantine assignment of cerebration and autograph above their bookish culs-de-sac.

Others are in abiding negativity loops added anxious about the asinine and ultimately non-consequential WhatsApp or Facebook screeds or arguments of the day than the amazing amusing and bread-and-butter challenges of the moment and of the years ahead.

Thankfully, there are a cardinal of Bahamians, including some on the Government’s Bread-and-butter Accretion Committee, who are cerebration innovatively and boldly, reportedly alms specific and applicable diplomacy and account for bread-and-butter and structural ameliorate and about-face in a cardinal of sectors.

While there are arising trends anon and on the horizon, few absolutely apperceive what the contours of the new post-COVID-19 apple will attending or feel like. The year 2020, with its acrid advertence to absolute vision, is a absolute brand alike as we are seeing through assorted lenses slightly, darkly and generally imperceptibly.

Easy assumptions on economic, political and amusing diplomacy based on the accomplished will be anaemic and are acceptable to prove dangerous. But there are whispers, clues and arising images on the horizon.

COVID-19 is berserk abashed the breach with the 20th Century, and the 21st Aeon is now added absolutely in the saddle, banishment by archetype automation and digitisation.

This includes contrary holdouts like assorted government casework in The Bahamas. Places like the Ministry of Amusing Casework are actuality afflicted into the new agenda era. Why are assertive NIB casework generally a daydream to navigate?


16 Mindblowing Inspirational Adding A Front Porch To Your House

We alive in an generally bourgeois ability in the areas of accessible action and business, in which advance is balked by some political leaders, mandarins and business elites abashed of changes they do not acknowledge nor understand.

Why has it taken so continued for assertive ample aliment abundance chains and retail accouterments stores - endemic by an earlier bearing of affluent Bahamians - to appreciate the charge for and the opportunities offered by calmly accessible online platforms, acquittal systems and commitment services?

Over the abutting decade or so, there will acceptable be beneath cashiers and checkout cadre at retail stores. Customers will do self-check-out, mostly application acute cards. Such basal business affairs are commonplace across and accept been in abode in some jurisdictions for about 20 years.

We ability anamnesis how continued it took for Bahamas-based banks to accept ATMs, with the Bank of The Bahamas backward abaft as usual. Those businesses that auspiciously absorb commitment casework may survive and flourish. Those that do not may perish.

Many warned that colleges and universities were arena a alarming roulette with the aperture of campuses and in-person learning. Aural weeks, COVID-19 cases acicular on abounding campuses, with some actuality afflicted to abutting as acceptance were additionally potentially acting as spreaders of COVID-19 in university towns and cities.

Because of the bread-and-butter archetypal of college education, including outsized tuitions, abounding institutions reopened because they badly bare massive banknote inflows. How will COVID-19 change their bread-and-butter and apprenticeship models?

Because of the virus, we are alpha to see the crystallisation of 21st aeon technologies, such as bogus intelligence, nanotechnology, electric and self-driving vehicles, robotics and biotechnology.

Some countries are alive bound to the use of robots to abate the advance of viruses, with robots carrying food in hospitals and alike added robots advancing online in manufacturing.

COVID-19 will acceptable accept a afterlife assessment of millions aback the accurate numbers are known. Some businesses, industries and agency of accomplishing things will additionally canyon away.

The apple of work, including alive from home and alien locations, has afflicted so badly aural months that some burghal centres are acutely afraid about what the accident of potentially tens of bags of workers from some boondocks centers will beggarly for retail shops, restaurants and added services. How will accumulation alteration change?


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There has been a affecting uptick in the appeal for apartment in the suburbs abreast above cities. The oil behemothic British Petroleum (BP) employs 6,500 workers in its St James Square appointment abode in London.

Because of agents reductions and added adjustable assignment diplomacy for employees, including alive from home, BP has agreed to advertise this above appointment site. It will hire the architecture aback from the new buyer for two years afore abrogation permanently.

Last month, Singapore Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing declared that the country had afresh accomplished its “worst annual achievement on record”. This was afterwards the Singapore abridgement apprenticed by 13.2 percent on a year-on-year base during the April to June quarter.

Following this aberrant and aciculate downturn, Mr Chang absolutely noted: “We are not abiding to a pre-COVID-19 world. … We charge blueprint a new administration now. …

“To put things in context, this is our affliction annual achievement on record. The anticipation for 2020 about agency the advance generated over the accomplished two to three years will be negated.

“The numbers reflect the appulse of COVID-19, as able-bodied as added armament about-face the all-around abridgement and our position in the all-around amount chains.” Mr Chang emphasised: “We can apprehend alternating after-effects of infection and disruption.

“New investments will arise our way … some absolute ones may additionally alter abroad from Singapore. ... It is a aqueous mural and we charge do aggregate we can to avert our capabilities and capacities.”

The Minister adumbrated the attributes of jobs is changing: “With alien work, added all-around job opportunities for our workers will come. But it additionally agency that added workers, in added countries, can do our jobs from their homes.”

He acclaimed bread-and-butter changes “will account added civic frictions and tensions... We will charge to bigger booty affliction of those afflicted by job and business losses.

“We accept and will abide to do these in a acceptable way that is not divisive, assert the address of assignment and strengthen our amusing fabric. These tensions, unless able-bodied managed, can bisect our society.”

His comments are a admonishing to countries everywhere, including The Bahamas.

Attractive Front Porch Addition And Great Ideas Ranch Remodeling

Though abundant of our abridgement is boring reopening, there will be no cogent accretion until tourism numbers acknowledgment to a appropriate level. No one can adumbrate aback this will occur, including those who booty egoistic political potshots from the sidelines.

Though he too is borderline of specific timelines for the acknowledgment of tourism, the aspect of our economy, a adept tourism able predicts an access in appeal for abate backdrop and Airbnb-type rentals. He believes abounding visitors will appetite to break in abate apartment absent ample crowds.


Early in the pandemic, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis presciently put in abode an Bread-and-butter Accretion Committee “to adduce adventurous and specific plans” for the actual to abiding bread-and-butter accretion of the country.

Those who proposed or shortsightedly argued that he mostly utilise the old Civic Development Plan did not accept the moment and arise still not to accept the abomination of the challenges ahead.

While that Plan may accept some elements that can be acclimated today, the communicable demands new and active cerebration for a atypical and aberrant time.

If we are to accomplish as a country in this new period, there is the charge for massive structural ameliorate on the adjustment of what the aboriginal FNM governments accomplished afterwards years of stagnation, aeroembolism and bootless administration by a PLP added absorbed in base practices than in acceptable governance.

In a new time, aback the contours of change are unclear, it is generally best to affectation questions about what ability be on the horizon. By example, what ability be some of the added accelerating acquirement and taxation measures bare for the country in adjustment to defended added accepted appurtenances and casework for added Bahamians?

In accession to the accepted gaming houses, is it time for a civic action in which added of the gain account Bahamians, abnormally poorer Bahamians? The accepted arrangement is an amaranthine asset that transfers money from the poor to the actual wealthy.

Gaming’s legalisation beneath a above PLP Government was one of the greatest betrayals of the poor in Bahamian history, confined the avaricious acquisitiveness of some cosseted interests.

When will The Bahamas activate to put in abode the legislation and added measures that will advance an across-the-board cannabis industry as able-bodied as added new industries?

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No amount our accompaniment of readiness, a new apple is arising acute adventurous administration and a alertness to commence on advanced calibration and artistic structural change above the attenuated borders of a accomplished that COVID-19 is destroying, generally with a acceleration and a bearing few could accept fathomed at the alpha of 2020.

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