Best Dining Room Buffet Ideas

Dining Room Buffet Ideas

Designers apperceive that applicant requests can ambit from the banal to the outrageous. While anniversary activity consistently presents its own set of demands, actuality we’ve asked designers to allotment their best arduous or abrupt applicant requests and how they accomplished (or, in some cases, affably mitigated) the aerial idea.

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Kulapat Yantrasast tackled CalArts' Steve's Café with a authorization to architecture a amplitude that didn't feel “designed.” 

Kulapat Yantrasast, wHY Architecture

“We consistently coact with artists on museums and arcade projects, but the befalling to actualize a new cafeteria for CalArts opened a accomplished new set of challenges. The ambition was to architecture a amplitude which didn’t assume ‘designed’ for a accumulation of the best analytical artists, alums, and art acceptance who said that, whatever we designed, they’d abhorrence and drudge it anyway. Turns out that the café, which is now called Steve's Café afterwards above admiral Steven Lavine, is one of the best accepted areas on campus and serves as a abode area acceptance and agents can relax, bandy ideas, and affix on according terms.”

Suburbs Mama: Dining Area (Third times the charm?)  Dining room

A Michelle Nussbaumer activity congenital a 20-foot taxidermied alligator.

Michelle Nussbaumer, Michelle Nussbaumer Design

“We’re based in Texas, so we're abominably sometimes asked to adhere asleep animals on the wall. I actually had a applicant alarm me from the marshes of Louisiana and said that he had dead an alligator that was 20 anxiety long. He capital to apperceive how I would fit it into his decor. His abstraction was to accept it pond over an 18th-century Georgian cafe in the dining room, but I talked him into putting it in his loft. 

Ana White  Dining Room Buffet - DIY Projects  Diy dining room

I was additionally asked to do an Indian Lake Palace auberge all on stilts, and I was activity to be amenable to acquisition the architect that could accomplish abiding the apartment backward dry during the cloudburst season. And I had a applicant that requested a moat, but that’s addition story.” 

A roof accouter in Brooklyn by Laurie Blumenfeld Russo airish a cardinal of architecture challenges. 

Laurie Blumenfeld-Russo, Laurie Blumenfeld Design

How to Style Dining Room Buffet Like A Pro - Home with Keki

“My best arduous activity was architecture an all-encompassing alfresco active amplitude with garden and alfresco kitchen complete with appliances, electricity, water…all on the roof of a 200-year-old Brooklyn brownstone!” 

A artificial representation of the Roman god Janus makes an actualization in one of William Cullum's projects. 

William Cullum, Jayne Architecture Studio

12 Inspiring Dining Room Buffet Decor Ideas - PIMPHOMEE

“Our applicant purchased a abode busy by David Easton, and one of her alone mandates was that we had to accumulate a rather amusing abstruse aperture absolutely intact. The jib aperture has a [Roman god] Janus herm—made of plastic!—decorated to resemble porphyry bedrock army on top. 

This hidden aperture conceals a absolutely bound access aloof above and is the abortion of an battery of rooms. Janus makes a acceptable impression, and absolutely makes you beam afterwards you apprehend he’s plastic.”

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