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Fate offered Peter Strzok a abode in history that he never sought. The son of an Army officer, Strzok additionally served in the United States aggressive afore abutting the FBI’s counterintelligence operation in 1996. He excelled at his job: In 2001, he was allotment of the aggregation that tracked and arrested a arrangement of Russian “illegals” who had been alive in the U.S. for abounding years below abysmal cover. But those were not the cases that brought him into the limelight. Notoriety came later, aback Strzok, as the bureau’s arch of counterespionage, led investigations aboriginal into Hillary Clinton’s use of a clandestine email server and afresh into Russian arrest in the 2016 American acclamation campaign.

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Strzok has consistently argued that he, James Comey, and the blow of the FBI tried, from the beginning, to amusement both of these cases apolitically: They were focused on afterward the law. But afterwards the Department of Amends arise some clandestine texts in which he was analytical of Admiral Donald Trump, he was accused not aloof of bias, but of gluttonous to advisedly discredit the president. Strzok, who additionally formed on Appropriate Counsel Robert Mueller’s aggregation in its aboriginal months, became a abhorrence amount for anybody who approved to abstract the accessible from the facts about Russia’s action and the Trump team’s acquisitive embrace of it. “I accept adherent my developed action to arresting the United States, our Constitution, our government and all our citizens,” Strzok writes in the addition to Compromised: Counterintelligence and the Threat of Donald J. Trump. “I never would accept imagined—could not accept imagined—that the admiral of the United States, the best able man in the world, would distinct me out with afresh attacks of treason, accusing me of acute a accomplishment adjoin our government.”

As I apprehend Strzok’s book, I begin myself accidentally angry, because his anecdotal exposes an amazing failure: Despite assorted investigations by the FBI, Congress, and Mueller’s team, Americans accept still never abstruse the abounding adventure about the Trump campaign’s accord with Russia or Trump’s own decades-long banking ties with Russia. Four years accept anesthetized aback the analysis began. Abounding bodies accept been bedevilled of crimes. Nevertheless, portions of letters produced by Mueller, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and others abide redacted. Investigations are allegedly ongoing. Details abide secret. Meanwhile, admired FBI time and money were spent investigating which email server Hillary Clinton used—a catechism that, as it angry out, had no implications for U.S. aegis whatsoever.

Strzok himself was not absolutely reassuring: He does not accept that Trump’s accurate accord with Russia was anytime revealed, and he now worries that it won’t anytime be. It’s not bright that anyone anytime followed up on the leads he had, or completed the counterintelligence analysis he began. He doesn’t say this himself, but afterwards speaking with him I began to admiration if this is the absolute acumen the Department of Amends bankrupt with antecedent in his case by not aloof battlefront a well-respected FBI abettor but about abrasive him too: Strzok was accepting too abutting to the truth.

This is the aboriginal account he has accustomed aback he larboard the FBI. It has been edited for breadth and clarity.

Anne Applebaum: Peter, your book is called Compromised: Counterintelligence and the Threat of Donald J. Trump. That appellation implies that you do believe Trump has a compromised accord with Russia. What is your affirmation for that claim?

Peter Strzok: In counterintelligence, aback we say somebody is “compromised,” that doesn’t necessarily beggarly they are a Manchurian applicant or a spy who has been advisedly recruited. I don’t anticipate that Trump, aback he meets with Putin, receives a assignment account for the abutting quarter. But I do anticipate the admiral is compromised, that he is clumsy to put the interests of our nation first, that he acts from hidden motives, because there is advantage over him, captivated accurately by the Russians but potentially others as well. For example, aback he is on the attack aisle saying I accept no banking relationships with Russia, while at the actual aforementioned time, his advocate Michael Cohen is in Moscow negotiating a accord for a Trump Tower, there are bodies who apperceive that. Vladimir Putin knows that. As it happened, the FBI knew it. But cipher in the American accessible knew it. So the moment that he says it, everybody who knows about that lie has advantage over him.

[Conor Friedersdorf: Donald Trump gave Russia advantage over his presidency]

But that one adventure is allotment of a common arrangement of conduct. Attending at Trump’s abortion to acknowledge his taxes, attending at the adventure of his blast alarm with the admiral of Ukraine. Time and time again, Trump is angry tooth and attach to abstain things acceptable public. If you’re a adopted intelligence account and you are able to use all of your accoutrement to aggregate information—to ambush emails, ambush buzz calls, recruit bodies or abode bodies in the president’s apogee who can accumulation information—you are action to acquisition out about the things that Trump is aggravating so adamantine to burrow because they would be damaging to him. That gives you arrogant leverage. And that begins to explain why he has time and time afresh done these baffling things that accept no absolute aftereffect for U.S. civic interests.

Applebaum: For example?

Strzok: Like, for example, why did he not booty stronger action adjoin the Russians for agreement bounties on American soldiers in Afghanistan? Why has he, for no credible reason, confused 11,000 American troops out of Germany? Or here’s an abstruse one: Why did he parrot Russian advertising and call Montenegro a “very aggressive” nation aback that country had aloof abutting NATO? Everybody knows abuse able-bodied that Donald Trump couldn’t acquisition Montenegro on a map. Who’s putting these account in his head?

Applebaum: Or why doesn’t he allege out adjoin the contagion of the Russian action baton Alexei Navalny, or why hasn’t he announced up for the capitalism movement in Belarus? Do you anticipate that there are added means in which Trump is bound to adopted powers?

Strzok: It seems bright to me from accessible advertisement that there are more.

Applebaum: And why haven’t they been advised or alike addressed by any official sources? The FBI? The Department of Justice? Congress?

Strzok: I don’t appetite to animadversion accurately on any of them. There are consistently a array of affidavit why you don’t acknowledge something: because it’s classified, because it’s the accountable of an advancing investigation, or alike because it was advised and begin to be afterwards merit. Or conceivably because it should accept been pursued and was not, because of abnormal political influence.

Applebaum: The affair in your book that agitated me the best was the alterity of assets and absorption in 2016 to the FBI’s counterintelligence analysis of Trump, and the FBI’s analysis of Clinton’s email. In your book, you accomplish a arresting observation: “If Clinton’s email had been housed on a Accompaniment Department system, it would accept been below defended and apparently abundant added accessible to hacking than it was on her clandestine server.” Yet you additionally say that the case circuitous dozens of accomplished bodies who could accept been alive on other, added important cases—like, for example, the analysis into the Trump campaign. It looks to me like the FBI gave this case such a aerial antecedence because of burden from Congress.

Strzok: Once we opened that investigation, which I anticipate was a condonable decision, it was bounden on us to do a absolute job. That’s accurate of every investigation. But in this case, we were attractive at the presumptive Democratic appointee for the admiral of the United States, and we all knew this was action to be unpacked and disassembled, looked at up and bottomward and aback and forth.

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Applebaum: Exactly. You spent months focused on a accessory botheration with no absolute national-security implications, because you knew that there would be analysis from the Republican media and the Republican Congress.

Strzok: I don’t anticipate we had any added choice, and I don’t apperceive that I would accede that this afflicted the way we did the investigation. There was absolutely, I think, a faculty of frustration, as I abode in the book, that we had this arresting team, yet we were, at the end of the day, administering a adored email-mishandling case. But that didn’t change our behavior.

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Applebaum: While Republicans in Congress and abroad were aboveboard putting huge burden on the agency to investigate the Clinton case and acquisition commodity criminal, the Obama administering was actual careful not to arise to apply any access and not to allocution about Russian action in the election. That charge accept had an aftereffect on how bodies were investigating that case.

Strzok: We angled over backwards to abstain advice the actuality that we were investigating bodies affiliated with the Trump campaign. That’s the antic irony abaft all these notions of a “deep-state coup.” Aggregate we did in the summer and abatement of 2016 was advised with the primary ambition of not having the analysis aperture out, absolutely because we didn’t appetite to become allotment of the political process. This angle that we were all out to attenuate Trump’s attack aloof flies in the face of every distinct actuality from the arena in 2016—as able-bodied as some that still aren’t known. Also, to be clear: There was never a time aback I or anybody on the aggregation acquainted any burden from the Obama White House about any of the cases we were investigating.

Applebaum: Yes, that’s what I’m allurement about. There was burden from one side, but not from the other.

Strzok: In general, I anticipate they feared any louder statements would be pitched as a accessory attack to amplitude the election. And of course, Trump was authoritative this a talking point on the attack trail: The elections are rigged. They’re out to get me. They’ll stop at annihilation to accident me. I additionally think, frankly, whether carefully or subconsciously, the administration’s acceptance was: Clinton’s action to win this thing. So why accompany on this added accident when, in the end, it’s action to be okay?

I bethink at some point talking to the FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and he said, Look, you charge to get as abundant advice as you can, as fast as you can, and as agilely as you can. But there is inherent astriction amid those goals. So aback chief how aggressively we were investigating, who to put on the team, what consistently won, if there was a conflict, was: Keep it quiet. We don’t appetite this analysis accepting out. And of course, that was frustrating.

Because in the affliction case, we knew we were adverse the anticipation that the applicant of a above affair for the admiral of the United States is in a acquainted intelligence accord with a adverse adopted power, and that’s horrifying. For anybody, it should be horrifying; for counterintelligence professionals, that’s unprecedented. Simply the actuality that we couldn’t annihilate that achievability was horrifying. As the months and weeks and canicule ticked bottomward appear November, that fear, forth with the burden on us not to let any of it get out, was extraordinary.

Applebaum: Was the FBI absolutely aloof throughout this process? You acknowledgment in the book one abettor who said, “I achievement you get that bitch,” apropos to the Hillary Clinton case.

Strzok: Almost everybody in the FBI has a political opinion. And about everybody in the FBI, absolutely on the abettor side, tends adjoin bourgeois Republican. The abstraction of civic security, of law and order, is advanced and centermost for best agents.

But in my career, I never saw an instance in which the aperture or closing of a case, or any accommodation about the analysis of a case, was fabricated based on annihilation added than cold facts. I never heard anyone say “Make commodity up” or “Cut corners” or “Don’t accommodate this fact.” That was aloof not allotment of the culture. That sounds a little Boy Scout–ish, but that is the authoritative appearance that I saw day in and day out. Every abettor has an opinion; I accept an opinion. And every distinct day aback bodies airing in the door, they leave that assessment outside.

Applebaum: And yet you yourself were acclimated by the FBI and the Department of Amends as a scapegoat. You accept said that the absolution of your claimed texts was not aloof unlawful, but “deliberate.” That implies that there were some backroom abaft that decision.

Strzok: Look, I anticipate it was illegal. I’m suing the FBI and DOJ appropriate now, arguing that my battlefront and the absolution of my texts were actionable and abandoned the Constitution as able-bodied as the Privacy Act. It absolutely was political. I anticipate there is aural DOJ and the FBI the action not to get on the amiss ancillary of a antagonistic president.

[Read: The aberrant account of Peter Strzok]

Applebaum: What does it feel like to accept your claimed action fabricated public, to have private letters aback become the topic of a civic political debate?

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Strzok: It’s been horrible. I apperceive my accomplishments played a allotment in that. Still, it’s been horrible, and I wouldn’t ambition it on anyone.

Applebaum: Do you anticipate that the president’s acutely claimed attacks on you, McCabe, Alexander Vindman, and others will alarm accessible agents in the future? Will they be added cautious, below acceptable to investigate able people?

Strzok: I apperceive from bodies I accumulate in blow with that the claimed attacks accept had a air-conditioned aftereffect on advisers in the government and, I accept to imagine, on those because accessible service. There’s no way it couldn’t. That’s the goal.

It’s not that government agents abridgement adventuresomeness or don’t appetite to do the appropriate thing. It’s that Trump has burst the norms of presidential behavior in a way that impacts not aloof individuals, but authoritative organizations themselves. Neither can assure themselves in means that accept formed in the past. The analytic adeptness of the FBI is below astringent stress, but I anticipate it’s holding. I anguish four added years of Trump threatens significant, abiding harm.

It’s not aloof Trump. It’s partisans in Congress and in the media, and the online aggravation and alike absolute afterlife threats they inspire. Remember, Trump told [Ukrainian President Volodymyr] Zelensky that [U.S. Agent Marie] Yovanovitch was “going to go through some things.” Now Trump darkly crows about the analysis of the investigators, with a alarming burden of “We’ll see what happens.” Annihilation is off-limits. This is the behavior of authoritarians.

Applebaum: Let’s allocution about Russia, your breadth of speciality. You abode that 2016 was the year that the FBI aboriginal accomplished that amusing media can be acclimated as a accoutrement in adopted access campaigns. Had the agency not run into that botheration before?

Strzok: We were apathetic to aces up on the change of what the Russians alarm “active measures.” The Russians, and the Soviets afore them, had consistently acclimated disinformation, whether burying affected abstracts or gluttonous to use advice that is either skewed or absolute inaccurate to access perceptions.

What we didn’t acknowledge was the abolitionist way that the internet and the change of amusing media would advance their adeptness and the capability of alive measures. Association on the counterterrorism ancillary saw aboriginal on how Islamic extremists were application videos online to account acquaintance self-radicalization aural the United States and elsewhere. They were acquainted of it, and knew that it was absolutely effective. I bethink attractive at that and thinking, That’s a absolutely boxy problem, and Good luck. What I didn’t do, what none of us did, was say: “If a abolitionist Islamic agitator can do this, what could a accompaniment amateur do?” We additionally didn’t apprehend that the Russians were already accomplishing this at home and in their actual adjacency able-bodied afore 2016.

Thoughtful journalists, anxious Accompaniment Department officers, CIA admiral saw this. And yet none of us took the abutting footfall and said, “Okay, so what about our elections?”

Applebaum: How do you see Russian approach changing?

[Read: Putin is able-bodied on his way to burglary the abutting election]

Strzok: The Russians accept become abundant added accomplished at accustomed out operations that can’t calmly be attributed to them. If, aback in the canicule of the Politburo, there was a hierarchical alignment blueprint that had the Ministry of Defense and the intelligence casework and the Ministry of Adopted Affairs, anniversary of which played their accommodating role in active Russian adopted policy, now we accept a blowzy process, apprenticed added by money. You accept bodies aural the academic accompaniment accoutrement interacting with oligarchs, with assorted elements in organized crime, additional bodies aural the intelligence association amphibian in and out of all of these altered sources of power.

Once, the FBI was absorbed in conversations that American admiral had with identifiable KGB agents aural a known, authentic authoritative authoritative chart. But now, what if somebody in the presidential administering is affair with an absolutist on a yacht in Sochi? How do you ambition that? There’s not some beat of that affair sitting in Moscow. There’s not some classified email that’s advertisement the after-effects of the meeting.

We’re accepting better, but we’re not area we charge to be to abode the absoluteness of the Russian exercise of accompaniment power.

Applebaum: One of abounding things that balked me about the Mueller address was that it seemed to avoid absolutely that aspect of avant-garde Russian access operations. The actuality is that Mueller decided not to attending at Donald Trump’s assorted Russian connections, action aback three decades. He didn’t accommodate the abiding relationships with Russian businessmen. He didn’t accommodate the oligarch who bought one of Trump’s houses at a abundant aggrandized price—a action that looks an abominable lot like a bribe—or the Russians who accept been shoring up Trump’s businesses through anonymous purchases of apartments. This meant that the analysis absent the best axiological allotment of the Trump-Russia relationship, which is the one that preceded 2015. I apperceive that you weren’t allotment of the analysis to the end, but maybe conceivably as an abreast outsider, you could advice me accept why this allotment of the adventure was not told.

Strzok: Mueller’s analysis was never action to accord with those issues. The special-counsel regulations are centered about violations of angled law. They don’t beset any array of intelligence activity. Secondly, Mueller’s arrangement adjustment was really, absolutely limited. It talks about access with the Russian government. It doesn’t say “Russians.” From a legal, definitional context, those are two radically altered things. Thirdly, although Mueller understands counterintelligence, his history is as an attorney. I anticipate he saw his role as a prosecutor attractive at violations of law; he did not anticipate he was tasked with compassionate the national-security vulnerabilities of Trump, his campaign, or his administration.

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A counterintelligence analysis looks above whether laws accept been broken, to how bodies can be pressured. With Trump, the actual affair that leaps out are his banking entanglements. Are some of them improper? Does somebody accordingly authority advantage over him? But Trump, at the actual alpha of the Mueller investigation, had already fatigued a red line, saying, My and my family’s banking affairs are off-limits. And if you go there, he implied, I’m action to blaze you.

When the appropriate counsel’s appointment was set up, I told both Director Mueller and the chief association in his aggregation that, while I accepted that they weren’t allowable to conduct a counterintelligence investigation, addition at the FBI bare to do it. At the time I larboard the team, we hadn’t apparent this botheration of who and how to conduct all of the counterintelligence work. My anguish is that it wasn’t anytime finer done.

Applebaum: A recent New York Times report suggests that the Amends Department secretly took accomplish in 2017 to attenuated the investigation, absolutely so that it would not blow on the president’s abiding accord with Russia.

Strzok: During the time I formed at the Appropriate Counsel’s Office, I didn’t feel such a limitation. Aback I discussed this with Mueller and others, it was agreed that FBI cadre absorbed to the Appropriate Counsel’s Appointment would do the counterintelligence work, which necessarily included the president. But that’s an abnormally circuitous task, one of the best difficult counterintelligence investigations in the FBI’s history.

[David A. Graham: America is accomplished with collusion]

Perhaps the FBI is somehow accustomed out a absolute survey, with the abounding captivation of the CIA and NSA and the absolute U.S. intelligence community. But the New York Times article reinforces my anguish that it abundantly died on the vine, and no wonder: Aback you’ve got an advocate accepted who is saying, day in and day out, that there was no account to barrage such an analysis in the aboriginal place, afresh it’s appealing absurd that anybody in the chief administration of the FBI, not to acknowledgment any abettor or analyst at a lower level, is action to accompany it in a able-bodied way.

Applebaum: Let me ask you about one actual ambagious aspect of this story, namely the dossier provided by the British above abettor Christopher Steele. You accept said abounding times that this abstracts was not the acumen you opened the analysis into the Trump campaign. By the time it emerged, the analysis had already begun, based on added kinds of stories, including that of the Australian aerial abettor in London, who heard George Papadopoulos aloof about his links to Russia in a wine bar. But what appulse did the Steele address accept on your investigation?

Strzok: The Steele address was a botheration for the investigation, because it beatific bodies off on a alternation of wild-goose chases. That botheration got worse afterwards it was appear by BuzzFeed. Aback it became public, it was salacious, it had specific detail, and it actual abundant became about a dispositive test: Here’s what’s declared to accept happened, and if it happened, boy, it’s horrible—we’ve got a traitor in the White House. But if it isn’t true, well, afresh aggregate is fine. It affected the agitation in a way that was absolutely harmful.

The address was actual archetypal of advice that the FBI generally receives. It comes from several sources, including some doubtable sources. Some of it is bullshit, and some of it is rumor, and some of it is disinformation. From our perspective, some of it was a distraction: It didn’t allocution about George Papadopoulos, or abundant about Paul Manafort or Michael Flynn, or all the things action on in the social-media environment, and these were the things we were focused on. There was a lot about Carter Page, who in the end fabricated up, I think, seven pages of Mueller's accomplished report. Carter Page was a tiny little allotment of this accomplished huge host of activity.

So some bodies accept approved to use the weaknesses of the Steele advertisement to try and casting aspersions adjoin the absoluteness of the FBI’s massive investigation. These efforts accept been actual disingenuous, actual distorting, and actual successful.

Applebaum: Tell me what you anticipate of the contempo efforts to absolve Accepted Flynn. Do those accept merit?

Strzok: No. What the Department of Amends is accomplishing now, walking aback his accusable plea, is an arrant abortion of justice.

Look, I don’t apperceive what is in Accepted Flynn’s head. What I do apperceive is that aback we interviewed him—and this is declared in the book—just alfresco the Oval Office, he again told us things that were not the truth. We were allurement him about buzz calls he had had with Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador, calls area he had discussed the Russian acknowledgment to the sanctions that the U.S. had aloof applied. We had listened to the calls; he knew we had listened to them. We approved to activate his memory, assorted times, by application phrases he’d acclimated in those conversations. And yet he kept abstinent that he had anytime discussed them. He afresh didn’t acquaint the accuracy to two judges, and to the carnality president.

Why? I don’t know. I will agenda that the Mueller analysis asked Trump, in accounting questions, whether he had discussed those conversations with Flynn. And he aloof didn’t answer.

We additionally baldheaded acutely apropos assignment Flynn had done for the government of Turkey, and of advance [Barack] Obama fabricated a point of admonishing Trump that his superiors had begin some of his behavior troubling. But the axiological catechism ambuscade below all that is: Did Flynn lie to us in adjustment to awning up for Trump, conceivably for instructions Trump gave him to allege to Kislyak?

Applebaum: Do you anticipate that Flynn is compromised in the aforementioned faculty that you anticipate Trump is compromised?

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Strzok: I don’t apperceive the admeasurement to which consecutive analysis baldheaded things that were not known. My faculty at the time was that Flynn was a affectionate American, was a busy career Army administrator who served his country well. But I still can’t accept his statements to us in the West Wing.

This commodity was originally appear in The Atlantic. Sign up for their newsletter. 

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