Monday, June 23, 2014

Tips On How To Get The Best #Gas Mileage Possible!

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During today’s unstable economy, motorists must strive to get the optimum gas mileage out of their vehicle. While there are some factors that are uncontrollable, the driver has the most influence over the vehicle’s overall fuel efficiency. Here are some tips to get the best gas mileage possible.

Do not drive at excessive speeds
Numerous studies have indicated that a vehicle’s fuel economy substantially decreases at speeds over 60 mph. In some instances, a car will get 30% less gas mileage when driving at a speed of 75 miles-per-hour. As the speed increases, the vehicle must use more gas to fight against the wind resistance.

Get a wheel alignment
Driving on an unaligned set of wheels can definitely decrease the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. A good rule of thumb is to get a wheel alignment every 12,000 miles. A pittsburgh wheel alignment will ensure that the vehicle drives as smooth as possible.

Easy acceleration
Some motorists tend to aggressively accelerate from a stop. Not only is this style of driving very inefficient, it also increases the amount of wear and tear on the vehicle. The best approach is to lightly press the throttle to put the car into motion.

Use the car’s momentum
Many drivers fail to take advantage of their vehicle’s momentum. When approaching a stoplight, allow the vehicle to gradually roll to a stop under its own momentum. This eliminates any wasteful idling. Use the brakes only when necessary.

What other tips or tricks do you know to keep fuel costs low and efficient?


  1. Thank you for these tips especially now that summer time is here, the gas [rice is also hiking up. We always do car maintenance before going on a road trip and stay on a speed limit.

  2. I love reading about any tip that helps me save on gas and my money. Things are so expensive now you have to be so careful. These are some good tips.

  3. These are great and true tips! My husband does all our mechanical work and he keeps up on all of these things so we get the best gas mileage from our car.

  4. Great tips and just in time for our road trip next week, thanks!


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