Thursday, December 5, 2013

SuperCuts #Franchising ~ Part 2: What's in it for you?? ~ @RegisCorp

SuperCuts Franchising
What's in it for you??

SuperCuts Franchising has the easiest, fully functioning, tried and true system out there. If you have ambition and determination to own your own business, but don't have the "know how" then SuperCuts may be just what your looking for!

Operational Support:
Regis Corporation has one singular focus ~ To help franchisees continually improve quality and increase profitability.
They accomplish this goal by offering you a dedicated Franchise Business Consultant who visits your salons regularly to analyze, coach or assist in key objectives. Easy Salon Management Software to keep and track appointments, monitor revenue and inventory, print comprehensive reports and it even updates automatically with sales and promotions. They offer Robust grand-opening programs and you will always have ongoing support from your Regional Marketing Manager!

Training and Education:
The training infrastructure developed by Regis Corporation has made it the global leader in hair care and they provide unparalleled opportunities to accelerate improvements and growth with World-class training modules and they even have an Annual Regis Franchise Convention for all Regis franchisees. This convention is an extraordinary opportunity to network, learn, and adopt proven strategies for growing your salon

The key to driving strong lifetime sales is a strong marketing plan that starts before a salon opens its doors. Regis shares a wealth of marketing knowledge with every franchisees, assigning a dedicated Regional Marketing Manager who creates a unique strategy for each salon. Each Supercuts salon also gets its own web page and employee recruitment materials.

Finance & Accounting Support:
As the leader in hair care, Regis Corporation understands the value of maintaining a financially healthy salon, and provides comprehensive support to all Supercuts franchisees. assist owners throughout the life of their business with Quick Books and general ledger setup, Financial audits and business reviews, Payroll planning, Sales and inventory analysis, and Budgeting and goal setting just to name a few.

If you have a dream or goal to open your own business or become a Franchisee, but lack the knowledge on where to begin, request information from SuperCuts and you'll be a step ahead of the game!


  1. Thanks for sharing this info, it sure does help those who are in franchising business

  2. A salon is a booming business so franchising from a reliable source will surely benefit the franchiser.

  3. Franchises are a nice way to enter the world of business ownership because they provide a structure, goal plan and procedures for operations.

  4. this is a very nice franchise for a starter.

  5. Franchising is a great business move. i've thought of doing it someday.

  6. I wish someone would open one up near where I am located at. I am not cut out for owning a business and dealing with employees or I would consider it.

  7. Nice start for those who are planning to do franchising.


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