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The Sili Squeeze #Review ~ "It's not a bottle. It's a Squeeze"

The Sili Squeeze!! I am not sure where to start with this review. Usually I like a product and just explain it, and the process, but I am IN LOVE with this product. I wish I had known about it years ago, or that it had been around years ago. It resembles a bottle/sippy  cup.  But it's neither. It's exactly what it's called a Squeeze. It is made of a food-safe silicone for the body and nipple, which I love. How many times has your child smacked themselves in the head with a bottle, or dropped it on their toes or yours, or lets face it, threw a fit and threw it at you? With the soft material it definitely doesn't hurt as much. The silicone in the Sili Squeeze is naturally UV repellent so you don't have to worry about the chemical breakdown of the Sili Squeeze if left in a car. That alone is a great aspect of this product. When you are out running errands, bringing home grocery's, trying to remember everything. Hours later after your home, it dawns on you that your left the bottle in the smoldering hot car. Great! Now it's garbage. NOT ANYMORE!! You bring it and clean it, and you don't have to worry about all those harmful chemicals leaking into your childs food. And because the Sili Squeeze is made of silicone, you can conveniently wash your Squeeze by hand or on the top rack of your dishwasher.The Sili Squeeze is intended for pureed foods such as applesauce, blended berries and veggie blends.

The Sili Squeeze was developed out of the desire to feed growing babies nutritious food on the go whether in the car seat, stroller, or shopping cart. The squeeze is “mommy hands free”, so your little ones can squeeze themselves silly, without the mess and wastefulness of a disposable squeeze. Sili Squeezers can emerge as young as six months, their individual ability to squeeze will vary from month to month as they grow. Once they have found their ‘squeeze’, the yummy possibilities are limitless. Like any new feeding utensil or product on the market, it can take little ones a few tries before they have the Sili Squeeze figured out completely. Every child is different and learns new things at his or her own pace. My little niece (1 years old) had this process down pat in less than five minutes. She has been off the bottle for months now, and uses the straw style sippy cups. This was so natural for her. I was concerned she would reject it, as it had the added step of having to squeeze the nipple with your mouth, but she just went off with it, and of course it's spill proof!! That made me extremely happy. The straw cups and even the disposable squeezes I have bought from the super market are not spill proof, no matter how many times it says it is on the packaging. It isn't. The Sili Squeeze on the other hand is 100% Spill proof.  The hardness of the nipple, makes you believe their is no way a small child will figure this out, but you would be wrong. It is definitely a natural process for them, and that natural process is what makes this product so uniques and work the way it does. The resistance in the valve of the nipple is part of Sili Squeeze patent-pending, spill-proof design. The nipple valve of the Sili Squeeze is a "purge valve" (this is part of the spill-proof design you will appreciate). Your child will soon discover that by gumming/pinching the nipple valve with their mouth, while simultaneously squeezing the soft, silicon body of the Sili Squeeze will give them the results they want: FOOD!

For first-time squeezers, The makers of Sili Squeeze recommend putting your child’s favorite puree (applesauce, yogurt, berry blend etc.) inside the Sili Squeeze to make your child’s first experience a fun learning process. Your little ones’ natural instinct will be to squeeze and suck at the same time, allowing the food to squeeze into their mouth. Once your child discovers ‘their squeeze,’ snack time will be transformed for you! Another bonus is the Sili Squeeze is a  reusable product that encourages the elimination of single-use, disposable products. It eliminates waste, which helps the environment. The reusable dispenser is eco-friendly and healthful giving parents one less thing to worry about in this world.

More About the Sili Squeeze.
Detachable, clear, plastic cap keeps the nipple protected while storing your Sili Squeeze
Silicone nipple with built-in plastic base attaches smoothly to the Sili Squeeze 'home' ring, locking in place, completing the squeeze-controlled/spill-proof, patent pending design
Silicone body is soft, easy-to-squeeze and easy-to-clean due to the naturally non-stick quality of the silicone. The wide opening makes it easy to fill with your homemade purees and smoothies.

The makers of Sili Squeeze has offered to giveaway one 4oz Sili Squeeze to a lucky reader. All you need to do, is follow the directions on the Rafflecopter form below.  If you can't wait to see if you will win one, you can buy one now!!

The Sili Squeeze is available in :

4oz Sili Squeeze
6oz Sili Squeeze
Combo Pack- (1) 4oz Sili Squeeze and (1) 6oz Sili Squeeze

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