Friday, October 31, 2014

Forked Meat Thermometer w/ Smart, Instant Read, Back Lit Display ~ #MasterTheGrill

Smart-Instant Read-Meat Thermometer
My Stunning Abode

Smart Instant Read Meat Thermometer w/ Dual Probe. Four taste settings let you cook or grill made-to-order beef, pork, chicken, lamb, turkey or other meats to impress everyone at the table. Whether your guests prefer well-done or rare, you'll know exactly when their entree is ready.
- Saves money with less meat ending up in the trash
- Celsius/Fahrenheit selector for use in any country
- Two AA batteries included
- Backed by our 100% money-back guarantee
- Auto shut-off saves battery life
- Easy-clean, dual stainless steel prongs

Setting up your meat thermometer is as easy as removing the back battery panel and inserting 2 AAA batteries (included with purchase). Once you have the batteries inserted, you press the left button on the front of the handle that reads MEAT ON/OFF. You will hear a beep. You then press the button again until the desired meat indicator light comes on. The choices listed are Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken and Turkey.

The next step after you have selected your meat, is to set the taste level. The taste level will depend on how you want your meat prepared. Such as rare, med rare, med or well done. The taste level is selected by programing the meat thermometer to light up the taste indicator light when your meat reaches the desired level of heat you have selected.

You can choose to have your readings done in Fahrenheit or Celsius by simply choosing the option of choice on the back of the handle. Above the back battery compartment is a button that is labeled C/F. When you press this button it will display on the screen which setting you are using.

Once I had the thermometer set up and ready to use, I couldn't help but notice the length. I am a short lady with short arms. When I am grilling or even baking in the oven, my reach is not as far away from my body as it is for my husband or some others. When I use the shorter meat thermometers it makes it hard sometimes because the heat can become a little much to keep the prongs in long enough. That is the first bonus.

What I realized after actually using the meat thermometer is the instant read. You don't have to hold the thermometer in for 20-30 seconds to get an accurate reading, this smart instant read thermometer is exactly that. From the moment the dual forked prongs entered the interior, the display immediately gave a readout. I kept the thermometer in the meat for an additional 20-30 seconds just to see if it would change. It did not. Once you remove the thermometer it is supposed to return to room temperature within 2 seconds. I can not tell you if this is true or not, as I never even paid attention to that part.

The display is large enough and illuminates nicely for you to read the numbers easily. The back lit display also makes it easy to read when using in a dark oven or later in the evening on the grill. There is no guess work with this thermometer and I am looking forward to using this over and over!

Makes cooking multiple meats at different levels (rare, med, well) for different people much easier. When I am cooking burgers for the family, I like mine well done and don't mind a little burnt to make sure there's no pink, the hubby likes his med rare. So unless we cut everything open and lose all the juices in the process, when I cook, his are always over done and when he cooks, mine are always under done. This will help us a lot  and make BBQ's much easier as well!

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Julienne and Veggie Peeler #deisskitchenware PLUS 10% OFF!!

Dual Julienne and Vegetable Peeler
Deiss Kitchenware

The Deiss Dual Julienne & Vegetable peeler allows you to peel, julienne, slice and shred vegetables of any shape and size. It's not four different tools - just a single peeler that makes cooking fun. Decorate your dishes with delicious-looking garnishes. Work miracles in the kitchen with a single motion. Wow your friends with your restaurant-quality presentation! Replace a variety of culinary utensils with a single Deiss julienne peeler. Always ready for use and easy to clean, this stylish peeler is like an artist's brush in your hands. Free your creativity to invent new entertaining dishes!

The julienne peeler lets you create noodles from your favorite vegetables! Carrot, parsnip, sweet potato, cucumber, orange, radish, squash, apple, cheese… you name it!
Ever tried to make zucchini noodles? Now you can!

Cook healthy, raw veggie dishes for your family with ease!
Decorate your dishes with delicious-looking garnishes.
Replace a variety of culinary utensils with a single Deiss julienne peeler.
Free your creativity to invent new dishes.
The stainless steel peeler will serve you for years and is dishwasher-safe!

10% Off, Expires 11/21/2014 Use Code: DEISS010

The first thing I want to mention about this peeler is the size. Not only the size as a whole. It's probably close to 7in in length, lightweight. The head of the peeler, the part with the blades, is about 3in side and another inch thick. One side has a traditional looking peeler edge, while the other side as an edge that creates julienne strips.

Each side of the width of the head has what looks to be a soldered on loop. One loop has a rounded edge and create more of a tubed shaped strip, while the other is more pointed and creates more of a triangle shaped strip. These loops work great for pulling out the eyes in potatoes and other bad spots on other fruits and veggies. It also lets you create veggie noodles by using long strokes when cutting your strips. Makes prep time much faster and your dishes more appealing to look at it. These loops are not as sharp as the blades but they do not have a problem penetrating even the toughest skins.

Another one of my favorite features of this peeler is the soft rubber grip. There is nothing worse than peeling vegetables and having the peeler slip right out of your hands and cut your finger. My daughter does this all the time. At the base of the handle is another loop. This one makes it easy to hang your gadget when not in use. It's a great added benefit.

As mentioned above, this peeler is extremely sharp! I love that. It makes peeling extremely easy. Peelings from the fruits and veggies do not get caught up in the blades. It doesn't seem to matter the shape (or misshape) of the food you are using this peeler with, it just glides across the contour of the food smoothly and precise.I like that it creates straight, consistent slices and strips. If you have dreams of cooking like a culinary pro (or at least making your food look that way), but lack the grace and consistency in your food display, this peeler will definitely make you feel like a top chef.

The only con I have is I usually let my kids help me with peeling (or make them I should say) but the blades on this peeler are super sharp. If they are not paying attention or distracted while using, there is potential for deep cuts. I would suggest not letting a child use this without supervision.

Learn More About Deiss Kitchenware on their website!
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The #Book "Men Are Like a Box of Chocolates" by @ellyklein Is A Must Have Gift for Women! #HGG

Elly Klein
Men Are Like a Box of Chocolates

Men Are Like a Box of ChocolatesThe most delicious relationship advice book ever. Oh, we’re gonna have some fun! Men Are Like a Box of Chocolates is a physical gift book (not an e-book) and FREE interactive experience that offers sound relationship advice in a unique, humorous and mouth-watering way – by using chocolate as a metaphor for men. For instance, a drunken larrikin? He’s a Rum Ball. A beach babe? He’s a Coconut Chocolate. A sweet, but slightly chubby, foodie? He’s a Chocolate-Covered Marshmallow. You get the idea! There are over 30 ‘flavors’ altogether.

Perfect for any woman who has ever turned to chocolate during a romantic crisis, it’s more than just a book – it’s an experience. Take the Men Are Like a Box of Chocolates quiz (it’s free!) to determine which chocolate your man (or ex) is, and join the Men Are Like a Box of Chocolates Facebook group (also free!) and share your dating & relationship experiences with like-minded women. Like a box of chocolates, this book is meant to be shared. That’s why you’ll enjoy FREE SHIPPING* when you purchase 10 or more copies of Men Are Like a Box of Chocolates!

When I was first introduced to Elly Klein's book "Men Are Like a Box of Chocolates" I can honestly say I kind of turned my nose up at it and almost didn't even check it out further. Why? Well to begin with it's pink. I don't know what my problem with pink is, maybe the fact that it automatically means feminine. Which I am, but still. As far as judging the book by it's cover my first thought was, I will not be able to relate to this book and I don't really like chocolate. But.. It was a slow day and I clicked over to the website to check it out and I instantly fell in love with this book, so much so, that I have a copy for each of my sisters!

I'm so glad I didn't let my first judgement keep me from learning more about "Men Are Like a Box of Chocolates" because from the moment I went to her website I was drawn in by her witty humor! One of the best features included with her book is the interactive quiz/questionnaire.

She starts out by telling you to check off every quality the man you are thinking of possesses (in your eyes). Once you have done that, she has you go back and pick just the top 3 that represent him the most. After you have completed these steps she gives a list of chocolates that correspond with the numbers you have chosen, each has a type of chocolate and offers you a mini explanation of why. What cracks me up the most is she is pretty spot on. Whether your taking the test with a spouse or partner in mind, an ex or another, the results will leave you in awe! In order to get a more in-depth analysis you need to buy the book!

I knew as soon as I was done taking her mini questionnaire, (more than once!) I had to have a copy of this book for each of my sisters. I can picture us sitting around at the family Christmas party, eating chocolates, taking the quiz for all the guys and just laughing the night away. Without telling the guys of course!

If you have a ladies night, book club, a group of girlfriends or sisters, this book is a must have!
Matched with delicious chocolates, Elly Klein's book "Men Are Like a Box of Chocolates" makes the perfect gift!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

50% Off Rubber Duckie & Friends Bath Wands! ~ Create BathTime Fun for Your Little Ones!! #DealAlert!!

Rubber Duckie and Friends Bath Wands
~ Save 50% w/ Code!! ~

Rubber Duckie & Friends bath and shower wands for kids make bath time Good Clean Fun! The soft, spray won't sting and is gentle enough to bathe infants and toddlers. Your kids will love the bath. Then, as they grow Rubber Duckie & Friends become their first very-own shower head.
 Fun Bath & Shower Wand for Kids

- Soft 1.5 gpm spray pattern gentle enough for infants and toddlers.

- Attaches easily to your current shower arm or included 2-way diverter.

- Diverter switches water-flow from mom & dad's shower to kid's.

- Extra-long 6-foot hose reaches back of any standard tub.

- Rubber suction cups makes wand mount completely moveable.

- Goes anywhere in the tub or shower.

- Perfect for kids ages 6 months & older.

- Makes a great baby shower gift.

Save 50% on any Rubber Duckie & Friends bath &shower wand with code PNMAG

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mattress Pad, 3-piece Towel Set and 400 TC Sheets ~ @eLuxurySupply Sampler Pack #Giveaway

eLuxurySupply Sampler Pack Giveaway
Sponsored By:
Coordinated By: Inside My Head.. is a United States Veteran Owned and Operated company operating out of Evansville, Indiana. Countless hours of hard work and determination, as well as a little luck, have helped to become one of the Internets most trusted and successful specialty linen providers.

Their products include Egyptian cotton bed sheet sets, duvet covers and pillow cases, as well as mattress toppers, goose down comforters, 5-Star Egyptian cotton bath robes and Egyptian cotton bath towel sets. In addition to their Egyptian Cotton products, they are now offering an entire line of bamboo sheet sets and bath towel sets to add to their ever-expanding inventory to give customers the largest selection of any luxury linen retailer anywhere online.

In a market that is often crowded with knockoffs and sub-par products, they provide guaranteed first-class luxury items to make sure consumers are getting a 100% authentic product with the most helpful customer service available!

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(10/28 - 11/15)
 Enter via the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win and Sampler Pack!
Sampler Pack Includes:
5 Star Mattress Pad (Choice of Size)
400 Thread Count Sheet Set (Choice of Size and Color)

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