Monday, September 29, 2014

1965 VW Camper Van Play Tent for Kids from The Monster Factory ~ @MonsterFactry #HGG

The Monster Factory
Play Tent for Kids

1965 VW Camper Van Play Tent: A great way for parents to bring a little “California Dreamin’” to their kids year round! A big hit in the U.K., the 1965 VW Camper Van Play Tent is new to the U.S. and made to the exact specs of the iconic Hippie Mobile…only smaller and without the motor or metal. Parents love its easy set-up, durability and convenient “wheelie” carrying case and kids love it because, well, kids love forts and tents! This VW-licensed tent is large enough for three children to “take a road trip” on the beach, at the campground, in the backyard or in the living room.
MSRP: $59.95

Even after to watching the video below and viewing many pictures on their site, I was still a little shocked at how big the VW Camper Van Play Tent actually was. I liked the included storage bag shaped like a tire wheel. Has easy carry handles with double stitching for use over a long period of time.

Opening the VW Play Tent was a breeze. We simply pulled it out of the carrying bag and it flopped completely open. The next step was to take out the tent post and position them into the provided slots at the top and bottom of each end of the play tent.

The kids tent has a side door entrance flap and rear entrance flap. The front of the VW Camper Van has another flap that can be rolled up and secured at the top to allow the camper to peer out the "windshield". The windshield is a see through breathable mesh material that allows air circulation and a view!

The Monster Factory Play Tent was definitely created with great care in replicating the VW Camper Van. They are super cute and kids will go nuts over them. One of my favorite features of this particular kids play tent is that is has a base. Most kids tents that I have seen and purchased in the past are just a top and sides. The Camper Van Play Tent has a well constructed base material to keep your child (and their treasures) off the ground when camping outside. There's plenty of room inside to lay out a small sleeping bag and pillow for a night under the stars or a night in the family room.

The one thing that can be tricky is getting your tent packed back up. Trying to figure out how the heck they got it there to begin with. The VW Camper Van Play Tent has included instructions to show you how to pack it back up. Mystery no more! 

Watch how you can have your VW Camper Van Play Tent set up in less than a minute!

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Who's been naughty? The @RoamingReindeer, Sam & Gus, are on the case! ~ #HGG #Books #Giveaway

Roaming Reindeer
Gus and Sam

The Roaming Reindeer Book Set is adorable. I could see this for wide age range. The keepsake box opens like a book with a fold over flap for security. When you first open the box you will see the Roaming Reindeer storybook immediately. Once you remove the storybook from the keepsake box you will find two plush reindeer hidden below in their own little compartment. 

One of the reindeer has a red band around it's middle with the number 1 and the other a green band with the number 2. Each reindeer has felt antlers, a stitched smiley face mouth, eyes and eyebrows and a little bead nose. The band around each Reindeer is removable and not stitched on. Each plush is packed full of stuffing. They are plump and do not flatten when you squeeze them.

The storybook is a hardbound book with a paper cover. The pages are thick and glossy and allow for easy page turning. The colors are bright and vivid and the illustration is very creative and follow along the story very well. The reindeer in the story look very similar to the reindeer plush giving a more believable feel to the whole idea.

About the story...
For parents who forget to hide their Elf daily or whose children have spotted the Christmas toy in stores to only have the tradition spoiled, there is a fresh and exciting Christmas keepsake making its debut this holiday season.

Angela Meju’s Christmas keepsake and children’s book, Roaming Reindeer™, is a touching tale celebrating teamwork, good manners and the holiday season, and will serve as a fresh, new Christmas tradition for families and classrooms around the country. 

The book comes in a keepsake box which includes a Reindeer 1 and Reindeer 2. Children and siblings will keep a close eye to make sure their reindeer stay together until Christmas Eve, when they leave to help Santa deliver presents—until returning next year to keep watch!

Author Angela Meju is a nurse who currently lives in Austin, TX with her husband and two children. She was inspired to write Roaming Reindeer™ to create her own Christmas tradition with her children, whose excitement and anticipation of Santa’s arrival grows every year.

Gus and Sam are two of Santa’s reindeer. They decide to visit girls and boys to help Santa see who’s being naughty or nice. Sam gets sad whenever he sees a child who is naughty and ends up telling Santa. Gus sticks around to keep watch.

When the two realize that there isn’t enough time to visit all of the children before Christmas, they call on their friends for help. They send their friends off in pairs of two, and assign each pair to a home. Reindeer 1 will disappear to tell Santa any time someone has been naughty. Reindeer 2 will always stick around to keep watch.

On Christmas Eve, the reindeer disappear to help Santa deliver the gifts.
They will return again next year during the Christmas season!

Kit includes: One Storybook and Two Plush Reindeer.

(9/28 - 10/28)
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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Stainless Steel Straws ~ Reusable, Sustainable Products from Eco At Heart

Jumbo Stainless Steel Straws

Premium Jumbo Stainless Steel Drinking Straw 5pk from Eco At Heart

The Eco At Heart straws measure 3/8" Wide by 8.5" Long. They are BPA free, reusable & environmentally friendly. giant, silver, drinking straws are ideal for smoothies or soda - The extra large, straight metal straws are a great alternative to plastic and they're dishwasher safe, They have even included a cleaning brush that fits snugly to get all inner surfaces, yet glides easily, for quick cleaning!

I originally purchased these with intentions of gifting them to my sister in-law. She enjoys anything eco friendly and sustainable. The reduce and reuse factor these straws represent would be something she would go nuts over. However when they arrived, I was astonished at the quality. They are amazing.

After I had ordered them, I must have missed the part about the included cleaning brush, because I kept thinking they would be hard to wash. Even being dishwasher safe, its still a straw. I was pleasantly surprised when the package arrived with the included cleaning brush. The cleaning brush is a thin wire brush that fits perfectly inside the stainless steel straws and included a looped end, so you are not losing your cleaning brush through the straw while trying to brush away the residue left behind from your beverage of choice.

The next feature I loved, and the reason I decided to keep these for myself and most likely order another set for the sister in-law, is the width. I don't eat ice cream very often because my teeth are way to sensitive. I do like milkshakes and smoothies though, but I like chunks of fruit in them. I always hate ordering milkshakes that have chunks of fruit but I can get them to come up through the straw. The straw either gets clogged up or just collapses when you suck through them. The 3/8 in width of these straws make it super easy to enjoy a smoothie without the hassle of collapsing straw.

A couple tips to mention:
They recommend (as do I) not to use these metal straws for hot beverages. Metal is a heat conductor. If kept in a hot beverage long enough, the metal straw could get to hot to place against your lips or mouth. Use caution when using the metal straws until you get used to them, if you use straws all the time like I do. The reason I say this is because, most people (myself included) are used to just shoving a straw into your mouth, knowing it's plastic most of the time, it's not an issue if it hits your teeth or lips etc cause it will bend away. These metal straws will not. It could hurt if you rush to take a drink and hit your teeth with the straw. If your a straw biter, again that would be me, I don't recommend it. Its a subconscious action.

Sticky Suction Stand #CarMount Gadget from @iGotTechLLC Makes a Great #HandsFree Baking Accessory?!?

Sticky Suction Car Mount
Cellphone Holder Accessory

I love this car mount! Except I haven't even used it as a car mount. When this little gadget arrived in the mail, I opened it up right away, as I always do with my mail, and proceeded to check it all out. My husband happened to be home at the time and he was pretty intrigued with it as well, and proceeded to ask me a million questions that I obviously didn't know yet because I had just taken it out of the box.

Due to his persistent questioning, I handed it over to him and watched him check it all out. He proceeded to take the protective plastic coverings off the suction cup base and the sticky pad. He kept trying to place it in different spots but the suction wouldn't stay. Finally he noticed there was a button on the top of the base of the suction cup part of the car mount and opened it. Assessed that it didn't really have a functioning purpose, closed it back up and proceeded to play with it.

I then suggested that perhaps that "purposeless" tab helped to seal the suction, which resulted in a light bulb moment for him where he decided he should see if there was more to this little tab, because why would they put it on there if it didn't have a purpose.. ahem.. Cough.. I believe that's what I just said...

Anyways.. annoyance over.. I continued to watch him play around with the car mount, that was now securely suctioned to the kitchen table by use of  what we have now labeled the "locking" tab. He put his phone on the sticky pad and rotated the mount every which way he could to see if it would fall off. At this point he picked up the box that the iGotTech gadget was packaged in and noticed it said NO SIZE LIMIT!

He immediately went and grabbed his work tablet and replaced the cell phone that was attached to the sticky pad with his 7 inch tablet. He was saying he didn't believe it could hold his tablet and still be able to move around, that eventually it would probably slide off. It didn't.

I then came across this video of the car mount, and minus the music, was astonished at all of the objects the sticky pad was capable of "holding" on to.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Alpine Forest Musical Snow Globe ~ #ReedandBarton #HGG Review and #Giveaway

Alpine Forest
Musical Snow Globe

For more than 190 years, Reed & Barton has enjoyed a longstanding reputation as one of the country's foremost marketers of fine tableware and giftware. Reed & Barton products are renowned for their superb design and superior craftsmanship. In addition to flatware, stemware and dinnerware, the Reed & Barton name also graces a full complement of unique giftware including picture frames, children's gifts, crystal and metal serveware, Christmas ornaments, and hardwood chests. For stylish entertaining, cherished gifts or simply making everyday a little more beautiful, Reed & Barton is the choice for those with discriminating taste.

Alpine Forest Christmas Snow Globe:
Two delicate silver deer are poised quietly in the snow-hushed stillness of the forest against a backdrop of snow encrusted trees in Reed & Barton's Alpine Forest Musical Snow Globe. Glittering snow quietly falls to the strands of "Silent Night". A young deer foraging in the snow amidst the starlit forest is depicted in the masterfully sculpted silverplate base. Elegantly packaged for gift-giving and storage.
Plays: Silent Night
H. 6"

The Alpine Forest Snow Globe is beautiful. I love how heavy and sturdy it is and feel I don't have to worry about it toppling over. The glass of the globe is crystal clear to view the scene inside. The base silverplate color is eye catching and stunning to look at. The bottom of the base has 3 post to set on, which allows the music to play clearly. The base is secured with 3 philips head screws, not glued on.

The glass globe sits inside the base seamlessly. You do not see glue or other attachment product residue on this snow globe in anyway. The intricate detail of the Alpine Forest come through perfectly. The way the light hits the snow globe makes the glittery snow inside sparkle and the silverplate shine.

The scenery inside the Alpine Forest Musical Snow Globe depicts 3 pine trees completely covered in snow, with a silver buck and doe facing each other.When you turn the globe around, you will see a little bunny snuggled in the middle of the trees. The base of the snow globe, is also decorated with other trees, many pine trees, another bunny and two young deer playing and foraging in the snow.

Completely silverplate, the base of the Alpine Forest snow globe is texturally and visually appealing. You can see and feel all the different branches and limbs of the trees and one of the deers snouts actually protrude slightly from the base giving it more dimension.

The musical snow globes from Reed & Barton make exceptional holiday gifts!

As much as I love the Alpine Forest Musical Snow Globe, I have a feeling my kids Papa will love it more than me. He collects all things wildlife related with deer being his absolute love and passion. I can see him admiring this all year long, not just as Christmas time!

Giveaway Time!!
(9/24 - 10/22)
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