Friday, November 21, 2014

NEW KISS InstaWave Creates Salon Quality Curls at Home! ~ @KISSProducts #HGG

Achieve Salon Quality Curls At Home!!
KISS InstaWave

The KISS InstaWave creates salon quality curls at home. The first day it arrived, my 18yr old daughter spent hours playing around with it. Not because it took hours to create perfectly bouncy curls, but because of the versatility of the InstaWave. She wanted to see how big and small of curls she could create, as well as how tight or bouncy they could be. Every 10 - 15 minutes she would come out and show us a new curl or tell us something she absolutely loved about the InstaWave.

The KISS InstaWave is extremely easy to use ONCE you get the hang of it, but can be a little daunting at first. At least for me. When I finally got the chance to try the InstaWave for myself, I found myself getting just as excited as my daughter. It's amazing the way the InstaWave creates curls in what seems like seconds. 

The hardest part of getting used to the InstaWave, is the angle you use. I have a habit of tilting my curler towards my head when curling my hair. I don't know why. Just always have. With the InstaWave that is not necessary and actually creates a tightening of the curl and I found myself hitting my head with the rod bar. Once I finally got it down, and quite tilting the rod, I was able to work the Kiss InstaWave easily. After a while I even realized I could do it one handed. When I had read that you could do this one handed, I thought, Yeah right! BUT... It actually is pretty easy. By simply keeping the InstaWave vertically perpendicular to your head, you can use a sweeping motion to pull the hair from the front of from behind the barrel of the curler. Then press the button to start the curling process. Allow the hair to wind up and pull straight down. Continue on, as if brushing your hair. It can be kind of hard to explain in words, so please watch the video below to see the Kiss InstaWave in action.

The revolutionary Kiss InstaWaveis a fully automatic tangle-free curler that instantly creates beautiful, long-lasting curls with ease. KISS InstaWave is a fully automatic tangle-free curler that instantly creates beautiful curls. Easy for anyone to use, from any angle, with any hand. Features a Curl Dial with left/right curl directions. Automatically shuts off after 90 minutes. 2 heat settings with a low/high switch with maximum temperature of 420.

How-to Instructions:
1. Hold the InstaWave vertically near the area you are wanting to create curls.
2. Place section of hair against the front or backside of the InstaWave curling rod, depending on the direction you are wanting your curl.
3. Touch the Curl Dial either left or right, and the InstaWave instantly and automatically catches and curls the hair by pulling it in closer to the rod without tangling or extra effort on your part.
4. Once all the hair has wrapped up and around the rod, hold for 5-10 seconds.
*Hold longer for tighter curls and less for waves
5. Pull the InstaWave straight down vertically to release your curl.
**Tip: Switch between curling right and curling left to create the most natural looking curls

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Aqua Fusion Steam Mop ~ Dirt and grime don't stand a chance! @AnvidProducts #HGG #Giveaway!

Aqua Fusion Steam Mop

The Aqua Fusion Steam Mop is available in four vibrant colors. Whether in Lime Green, Caribbean Sea Blue Green, Coral or Dazzling Blue, the Aqua Fusion puts you in total control of your cleaning with its many essential features. Including trigger driven Steam Control to clean most sealed floor surfaces including wood, vinyl and tile,  the Aqua Fusion produces 1500 watts of steam power that heats water up to 212F in seconds.

The New Ultra Low Profile triangular swivel cleaning head is designed to access tight spaces, clean, and sanitize a variety of floor surfaces easily. The heavy duty self attaching microfiber pads go on and off easily and absorb large quantities of dirt and grime.

Aqua Fusion easily switches from steaming hard floors to freshening and sanitizing carpets using the included carpet glider accessory. Environmentally safe, no chemicals required, uses only water. Easy Fill removable 18.9 fl oz water tank fills at the sink. Built in filter helps ensure a long life for the steamer. Foldable handle reduces the unit to half its size for convenient storage. The unit includes a carpet glider kit and 2 durable reusable microfiber absorbent cleaning pads.

Additional Features:
Aqua Fusion has a unique new extremely low profile triangular steam head that swivels for easy access in tight corners
One-touch compact storage, folds to half its size
Deodorizes, sanitizes, and cleans bare floors with 1500 watts of superheated steam
Built in filter to ensure long life for the steamer
Uses only water to clean, no chemicals needed, environmentally safe
Easy removable 18.9 fl oz water tank
Steam on demand with no waiting time
Durable microfiber cloth pads & carpet glider included
Safe on all sealed hard floor surfaces

More Specs: Voltage: 120V/ Power: 1500W/ Operation Time: 20 Minutes/ Tank Size: 18.9 fl oz./ Unit Weight: 6.6 lbs./ Shipping Weight:8.6 lbs./ Cord Length: 16.4 ft

Giveaway Time!
11/21 - 12/17
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Propane Tank Digital Scale Indicates When Your Tank Is Getting Low!! ~ @GasWatch02

GasWatch Digital Scale

The new GasWatch Digital Scale provides peace of mind with a digital display of how much gas remains in the propane tank, a real time calculation of remaining cooking time, and convenient audible alerts at the 20%, 15% and 10% remaining fuel levels. Since the GasWatch Digita l Scale simply measures tank weight, it is very accurate and safe to use.

“We designed the new Smart GasWatch Scale to fit into most grill cabinets and patio heaters, and it is built to withstand ever changing weather conditions. The new GasWatch is easy to set up and requires no tools. Simply place the tank on the scale, select the tank weight and the scale is ready to go,” said North Carolina technology entrepreneur Shaliendra Suman, who first introduced an analog version of GasWatch product ten years ago. The original GasWatch Model TVL212, which is still available, uses an analog gauge to estimate remaining fuel in a propane tank..

The new GasWatch Scale resembles a large plastic “doughnut” that sits under the propane tank and is available in two different models. The basic Model TVL 216 features a digital readout fixed to the circular baseplate and is available at a suggested retail price of $24.95. Model TVL 214 includes a 4.5 foot wire to connect the baseplate to a remote digital readout (allowing display placement closer to the cooking area) and carries a suggested retail price of $29.95.

Available now on Amazon.comand at

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Liztek HB7-3200 USB 3.0 7- #PortHubwith2FastChargingPort Review

Liztek HB7-3200
USB 3.0 ~ 7 Port Hub

The Liztek HB7-3200is a 7 port fast charging hub for all of your media devices, a driver free, plug-n-play USB 3.0 hub. It instantly adds 7 x USB 3.0 Ports to an existing USB 3.0/2.0 port on your windows, linux or Mac computer.

Everything you need to start using this fast charging hub is included in the box. They took great care in packaging the hub. Each piece is individually wrapped before being put into the box. The 7 port hub also had an extra layer of film over the surface of the hub, as well as covering the ports. This is great as it keeps any debris from getting into the port openings.

The Liztek 7 Port Hub is very eye appealing. It has a sleek black design, thin and long, about the size of a standard tv remote. The power cord is heavy duty and feels like it will withstand lots of use. It's pretty much the same type you see with laptops. The hub can be powered via and electric outlet or your computer. With so many power options available and at your disposal, the Liztek Power Hub is the perfect accessory for all your electronic needs. 

Two exclusive smart FAST charging ports will automatically adjust output currents for smartphones/tablets, keeping multiple gadgets powered up better than ever.

Add Cricket Refillable Butane Lighters to Your Holiday Prep! @CricketLighters #HGG

Light Up Your Holidays!
Cricket Refillable Butane Lighters

Product Description: Reliable, versatile, and easy to use; Cricket Candle Lighters are also refillable! Get a Holiday Bonus! Introducing the Cricket Candle Lighter PLUS bonus lighter stand! It keeps the candle lighter on display, where and when you need it. Perfect for all your seasonal celebrations. Comes in a holiday-themed package. Brighten up your own occasions, or give as a gift!

Paired with a beautiful or festive holiday candle set, the Cricket refillable lighter makes the perfect holiday accessory or gift. 

Light It with a Cricket
Designed to be the most reliable, versatile, and easy to use candle lighter on the market. The sleek style of the new Cricket Candle Lighter blends with any decor. Paired with a beautiful holiday candle the Cricket Holiday Lighter makes the perfect gift!

Elegant design
Easy to use
Electronic ignition
Keeps hands away from flame
Safety mechanism automatically resets

Directions for Use
1. Point nozzle at object to be lit.
2. Ignite by first pushing down safety latch and sliding forward, then press activation lever slowly.
3. Release the activation lever to extinguish.

To Refill
1. Remove cap from refill.
2. Hold lighter with refill valve facing up.
3. Fit the butane refill nozzle onto the valve and press firmly.
4. A slight hiss indicates fuel is transferring properly.
5. Withdraw nozzle as soon as spray back occurs which indicates lighter is full.
6. After refilling, wait two (2) minutes before igniting.
7. Refills the lighter three times.

Available at Bed Bath & Beyond stores Nationwide

(11/21 - 12/19)
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