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Fall Pest Control from @VictorPest #CleanKillMouseTrap Review + #Giveaway

Clean-Kill™ Mouse Trap

The Victor® Clean-Kill™ Mouse Trap is unlike other traps in that it offers a no-see, no-touch experience with easy, stress-free baiting and setting. The covered rodent traps look like a perfectly innocent little tunnel for unsuspecting mice. Once the mouse enters the trap to take the bait, however, it’s in the perfect position for the Kill-Gate™ to produce a quick, humane Clean-Kill™. The unique tunnel design increases mouse interaction, and since the bait trough is located at the back of the trap, bait theft is a thing of the past.

I found the Victor Clean Kill Mouse Trap easy to use and the instructions were clear. Not only does the packaging include instructions for set up and disposal, the mouse trap also has instruction imprinted on it.

I like that the bait is stuck in the far back end of the trap to entice the mice to venture further into the tunnel. This also helps you stay "ignorant" to the dead creature inside. Although I hate the idea of mouse traps and have tried many other alternatives to eliminate them, it is almost impossible when you live in the country.

I have gotten to the point that I just let my husband do what needs to be done. Doing it  my way with live traps that we would release into the woods resulted in chewed wires, and stolen dog food. I eventually gave in to the idea that the only way to eliminate them was to unfortunately "eliminate" them.

The Victor Clean Kill Mouse Trap was created to produce a quick, humane Clean-Kill, while also keeping the dirty job out of view. The press and pull locking system not only allows for easy set up, this same feature makes disposal simple as well.

Easy-to-use instructions for setting the Clean-Kill™

How it works:
  1. Open the bait door located on the back of the trap.
  2. Using a Q-tip, toothpick or other tool to mask your scent, bait the trap by placing peanut butter or anything high in protein like chocolate or hazelnut spread in the bait trough.
  3. Close the bait door.
  4. Hold down the setting button while pulling up on the Kill-Gate™ to set the trap.
  5. Place the trap wherever you’ve seen signs of rodent activity, or along the wall where rodents primarily travel. Two traps should be used and placed back-to-back lengthwise against the wall.
  6. After the mouse is caught, properly dispose of the dead rodent. The trap can either be discarded or reused.

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Start New #FamilyTraditions w/ "Momma’s Christmas Cookbook" #HGG

Momma’s Christmas Cookbook
Classic Italian Recipes

With my daughter recently turning eighteen years old along with one of my nieces and nephews it has me thinking a lot more about the time when they will be venturing off to put their own mark on this world. I go from visualizing many fun adventures and traveling, to settling down and having their own families and the nostalgia often times turns to panic.

What if I haven't done enough. What if we haven't taught them all they need to know. Their children will starve! Oh My Gosh!! What have I done.. I let my child down.. etc etc Okay, maybe I don't go that far, but you know what I mean. My daughter has never shown much interest in cooking. She does like to help bake during the holidays and has a couple candy dishes she likes to make as well as Oreo Truffles, but when it comes to dinners, she is not the least bit interested.

Lately I have been slowly starting to collect recipe books, kitchen gadgets and other neat items for a hope chest we are putting together for when she has her first apartment. With the Holidays right around the corner what better recipe book than....
Momma’s Christmas Cookbook: More than a convenient collection of classic Italian recipes, Momma’s Christmas Cookbook is a tribute to the traditions that keep families together! Especially for the cook who remembers what her mother or grandmother put on the table to celebrate the holidays, this cookbook contains all the recipes you want to prepare for your family at Christmas…or any day of the year! 

The real-life “Momma,” Lucia Franco (1911 – 1974) engaged all her senses—her vision, her taste buds, her listening and her delicate touch, never needing recipes to create the perfect meal (she never learned to read). Fortunately, we are able to share in the rich, family-centered traditions she left us. It is my purpose to share with you those dishes she served with such love and care, so that your holiday gatherings will always be special.
Author: Arlene Franco-laquinto
ISBN: 978-0990421108

I can see her making something sweet the first time she uses Momma’s Christmas Cookbook and I hope she sends some my way! 

Momma’s Christmas Cookbook is a paperback book. The images are large at sometimes half and full page with a glossy look while the recipe is on a white background paper page. I love this because I like to write in my recipes books. If I double, halve or some how alter the recipe in anyway, I like to make notes of it for the next time. While I also love hardbound glossy paged recipe cooks it's hard to write in pencil and when using pen it's not easy to erase. Being able to write on the recipe page with pencil until I know I want the notes to be permanent, is a huge bonus in my book.

The images are excellent quality in size and color. You know exactly what your looking at and can see some of the spices and juicy flavors pop off the page. Drool worthy photography definitely makes a recipe seem more inviting. Not only are the images visually appealing, the text in the cookbook is larger font and easily readable. The recipes are laid out well with detailed measurements and step by step instructions.

Throughout Momma’s Christmas Cookbook there are little stories and details revealed about Momma and her family. Leaving you feeling as if you already know them. This book is more than a cookbook is a tribute to a woman full of love for her family.

Struffoli Recipe from “Momma’s Christmas Cookbook”

Thin Headphones for #Sleeping W/ Thin Memory Wire for Custom Fit! ~ #Bedphones #Earbuds

Headphones Designed for Sleep

Bedphones are headphones designed for sleep. At less than 1/4" total thickness, you can barely feel the foam-covered speakers lying flat against your ears. Ear-hooks made from soft, rubber-coated moldable memory wire provide a custom fit. Features optional in-line microphone with single button remote to answer phone calls, play, pause, and skip music tracks without touching your phone. Satin eye mask, sturdy-sided travel case, and two pairs of replacement foams included. Free Downloadable Music Controller App to shut off your music automatically when you fall asleep.

At less than 1/4" thick, these soft, foam-covered bedphones are thought to be the tiniest in the world. The on-ear design lies flat, practically disappearing between your ears and the pillow.

I started a bad habit when my kids were little of listening to music while we slept. I did this as a calm for them because it worked for us. But now I go back and forth and some days I want soundless sleep and I like no noise and no light. My kids however still listen to music as they sleep, and can not fall asleep without some kind of background noise. They are constantly going through ear-buds from sleeping with them. After a while the wires get stretched and eventually break from the tossing and turning. Plus some of them are just to bulky. 

I know bulky seems like a big word for an item that's already small or tiny, but some ear buds just are. When you go to put them in your ear and you're having to press really hard, causing air pressure and discomfort or where they just stick out way to far, which is really annoying when trying to sleep. 

These Bedphones are super thin and fit inside the ear, comfortably covering the canal, but not to big around to cause discomfort. They lay flat inside the ear so as to be parallel to the outer ear. This feature is perfect for sleeping with the bedphones in. 

Another feature that makes the bedphones different than other ear-buds is the memory wire. Pliable and maneuverable, the memory wire cords easily adjust around your ear and create a snug, secure fit. Also thin, but sturdy for reinforced rubber material to keep the bedphones from tearing away from the ear piece. 

As I mentioned above, sometimes I like listening to music while I sleep and other times I just need to sleep with no noise. I have a tendencies to stay up for hours after I lay down just listening to music. If I do happen to fall asleep or start to and a song I love comes one, I am fully awake singing away in my head. I love that the Bedphones includes a downloadable app that shuts your music off for you at a specified time. This way I can enjoy music as I fall asleep, but stay asleep because the music stops. Great Feature!!

The ear-hooks are made from gentle, rubber-coated memory wire, adjustable for a custom fit. Wear the cable down your back and tighten with the cable slider to keep your headphones secure all night.

These bedphones are great for travel and easily tuck away in any small space. Keep them safe on-the-go with the included sturdy travel case and one year manufacturer's warranty. They also come with a comfy satin eye mask. The bedphones now come with inline microphone and remote, for those who use their bedphones as their everyday headphones. The single-button remote is compatible with most smartphones.

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Eco-Friendly Guide to Living Guilt Free! "all you need is less"~@vivaeditions #Books #HGG

all you need is less...
Madeleine Somerville

"all you need is less", is a book written by Madeleine Somerville expressing her tips and tricks to living a guilt-free lifestyle with stress-free simplicity!

I was looking forward to reading this book to learn a few tips and tricks to save a little green in my wallet and the environment at the same time. I was not disappointed in the least.

The first thing I liked about the book was the way they laid out the table of contents. It list each chapter as a category. Such as Home, Body, Gardening, Pets and Holiday to name a few. This makes searching for a specific tip much easier.

The first section I looked under was Holiday! Why? Probably because the holidays are fast approaching and I am open to any new tips and tricks to make my holidays not only guilt-free, but mostly I was interested in the stress-free simplicity she mentions on the cover of the book.

What I found as I was thumbing through the Holiday section included alternative ideas for gift wrapping, gift giving and even a few tips on how to adjust your mental thinking. One part she stresses that I actually love is the idea of doing Want/Need/Wear/Read gift to help reduce excessive gift giving.

I have no idea where the idea came that your children NEED a tree full of gifts to make their Christmas morning a memorable, successful event. Why even use the word successful? Isn't memorable enough?

I am actually implementing her idea with my kids this year. I told them both I need a category list. I told them to make me a list with at least three items under each category. I added one more to her list and that was GIVE.

Every year we adopt a family or pick from giving tree. I usually let the kids decide how we do this every year. One year we did a huge Christmas party for one of the local detention centers. This center is for teens who do not interact well with their families or the public. They learn how to cope with life and how to become self sufficient as well as earn their high school diplomas. I have volunteered for many different functions and this particular group is close to my heart.

Another year we simply chose Angels off of the giving tree from a local store, and each adopted a child for Christmas. The neat thing about the Angel Tree is it is kind of set up the way she describes gifting. They usually have the child's first name only, age and gender. Under that they give you a list of wants, clothing sizes and a little personal information such as likes, needs, interests, small family background without to many details. This helps you find stuff they need and add in a little something they want.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this new mindset will alter or effect our holiday this year. Personally I think it gives them a chance to realize the different areas of your life and really make a decision on what is important to you and what is not.

After reading through the holiday section I then skimmed through the other categories. The next one that caught my attention was the Home category. I skipped right to the Make It section. She has included tips and tricks to help with laundry from homemade soap and fabric softener alternatives to cleaning solutions and even a silver polish for your flatware!

I am extremely intrigued by this book and I love the tone she writes in. As I am reading through the different sections I can't help but feel like I'm having an actual real conversation. Cute little anecdotes that make you smile and simple little nudges that make you feel guilty. She writes with a passion that shows she not only uses these tips and tricks in her own home and life, but also believes in everything she wrote.

She has a way of making you see things the way she does with facts. She offers tips and tricks, reasons why she loves and uses them, explains the benefits as well as the cons.

If your looking for a way to start implementing the idea of "all you need is less" in your life, this book is worth picking up. Not only for the tips and tricks, but also for the benefit of knowing you are not alone.

MADELEINE SOMERVILLE adores writing in all its incarnations — dramatic exclamation-filled diary entries, pseudo-journalistic endeavors for small town weeklies, and the disfigured, bastard child of the above, blogging. She has a B.A. in sociology and is addicted to commas and soft cheeses. She became an unrepentant, tree-hugging hippie after moving to British Columbia eight years ago, and her husband, daughter, and dog suffer the effects of this metamorphosis on a daily basis. This is her first book.

All You Need is Less
The Eco-friendly Guide to Guilt-Free Green Living and Stress-Free Simplicity
Madeleine Somerville

Green Your Life and Your Wallet:

Did you know that wool dryer balls work like magic to keep your laundry fluffy, without coating your clothes in animal fat that store-bought dryer sheets leave behind? They’re simple to make and a fun craft project for kids, too. And did you know 7 million trees are cut down annually for the paper cups your coffee is served in? Recycle a jelly container from home and you will save an entire forest while getting lots of compliments on your coffee jar.

Top eco-blogger and new parent Madeleine Somerville has gathered completely original ideas on how to save money and the planet, and have fun in the process, in All You Need Is Less. Learn how to create and not just consume! This guide to the guilt-free green life is packed with dozens of DIY ideas for shampoo and eco-cleaners, worm compost your garden will love, yummy recipes and even homemade holiday gifts and décor. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without this book!

Creative ideas inside:
  • Eco-friendly baby solutions, from recipes for rash cream to biodegradable wipes
  • Dog and kitty care, including make-it-yourself litter and flea spray
  • Simplicity is sexy: whip up your own moisturizer and body scrub
Trade Paper
ISBN 978-1-936740-79-6
7 1/4 x 7 1/4, 288 pages 

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ISBN 978-1-936740-55-0
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